Monday, December 19, 2016

2017 - A Year For Action

You all know the phrase "actions speak louder than words". You also all read my post: 

Every Dollar Counts .

I can tell you what I will do but if I take no action then it is all meaningless. We could read about frugal things every day but if we don't put them into action, we have wasted our time.

How many people see frugal things and say to themselves I am going to start to do those things and then move on and forget about them. How many people say "I don't have time to do these things. Yet, you spend endless hours surfing the internet or playing games on facebook that won't help your bottom line or net worth at all.

I believe that everyone can make the time to do some frugal things even if you work outside the home all day. Hubby and I did it when we worked. You just have to want to get ahead in life. It doesn't take that many hours to accomplish. You do one frugal thing a day until it becomes a habit, then add another habit. If you keep doing that it becomes a way of life for you that you barely have to think about. We have many habits ingrained in our every day life.

That said, we are going to spend a lot of time thinking about every little thing we do this year. We will ask ourselves: Is there a better way? What can we substitute? Do we really need to make this purchase? Can we borrow said item? How can we save on this today? Even after almost 50 years of frugality, I know that I can do better. And I will share those thought processes with you.

Do we really need to make this purchase is one that I am going to concentrate on in 2017. If every dollar counts, then every purchase must count. It will be my goal to NOT SPEND this year. I will take you along on this journey five days a week, Monday through Friday. Yes, everyone needs some downtime. I might do little posts on a weekend like I did yesterday and today depending on what needs to be said.

We believe that we have too much stuff. That stuff needs to be assessed and some of it donated. How much stuff is enough and how much is too much? These are questions we will look at as I go through every item in the house from basement to attic. If the item isn't part of our design plan, can we get rid of it? How much time is it taking us to hang onto it? Does it save us time? Does it save us money? Is it an heirloom that my children or grandchildren might like or will they just trash it when we are gone? Do we really need to hang onto all of this paperwork? Can we just scan it into the computer? So many questions to ask ourselves.

If we have too much stuff, why are we purchasing something else to add to our stuff. That question will be asked of every purchase except necessities like food, cleaning products, personal care items and medicines. But those items will also be looked at with a critical eye. How many of you have stuff tucked away that you haven't used in years? Make a decision and donate it or sell it. It's just cluttering up your way of life and your mind. 

Impulse buying hurts everyone's bottom line. we have all been guilty of it at one time or another. That's how I ended up with so much stuff. So there will be no impulse shopping in our lives in 2017. 

We will take action on everything whether it is a big item or a little item. We will take action on everything in our life. We will decide what we can do better that will help our bottom line. 

So why not join us for the ride. Don't you want to be dollars ahead by December of 2017? Or do you want to be in the same monetary position that you are in today? It's your choice!  

Bottom line: You will know the way I think and what we do every day. I will continue the expense reports each and every month because a few people have expressed an interest. I believe that even one person counts.


  1. Thank you for this! I have been reading for a couple of months but never commented. This is exactly how I think. I get my brain picked by friends for frugal ideas and I actually have to stop and think. Frugal loving is so ingrained in my brain it comes as natural as breathing to me, yet, I am constantly searching and reading for more frugal ideas. We are never to old to learn. I am preparing to become a full time stay at home wife in June of 2017, so this first half of the year will result in no wasteful spending.
    Thank you for your reminders and keep posting! I look forward to reading your blog everyday :)

    1. Hi Christie,

      Congratulations on preparing to be a stay at home wife. I remember when I first did that.

      I will keep blogging and thank you for your kindness.

      Pleas share with us while I am posting so that we can learn from you too.

  2. I feel much the same way. So many frugal habits of mine are so ingrained that I don't think about them anymore. But, like you said, there's always room for improvement. My goal is to drastically reduce spending in 2017 so that we can finish paying off the last of our debt (except mortgage) this year, then we can concentrate on getting out from under that pesky mortgage. The hardest part of my journey has been getting my husband on board. He is doing so much better as he faces the reality of retirement. We could have been so much farther ahead if he'd gotten on board twenty years ago, but he hasn't ever been one to plan ahead. Thankfully he is a willing worker and has never shirked his duty to provide for our family. I'm so grateful for a circle of encouraging blogger friends online to keep me going!

    1. Hi Rozy,

      I love your goals. Thanks for sharing with us. I wish you the best of luck in 2017 paying off your debt. It's the best thing you can do for you and your husband.

  3. I'm in. 'Stuff' is sucking the life out of me. And I'm NOT a hoarder...


    1. Hi Mindy,

      You made me laugh. Stuff has a way of doing that though.

  4. I'll join along. We are in the midst of planning a move (more details TBD), and no one should be accumulating when they are planning to move. Packing, paying to move, and then unpacking items you don't need? *shivers* When we moved to California, I'd estimate I donated, sold, or tossed 1/3 of our belongings. Which, is great, but also, why did I have those things I didn't need?

    I used to collect lots of baking items (unnecessary), & the boys have obviously been growing & growing out of items, but we can continue to do MUCH better. I try to think about our decisions & continue to improve.

    I'm thinking about my 2017 goals, and have many big goals, but I also like to tackle some smaller ones (reduce our usage of throw away storage - ziplocks, etc) for lunches.

    1. Hi Hawaii Planner,

      Thanks for sharing. I made two cross country moves that were very expensive. We thought we had gotten rid of everything we needed to but we made mistakes also.

      Usage of big and small is the way to go. It all adds up.

  5. We got rid of a lot of stuff this year, but we still have a lot more to do in 2017. I always look forward to a new year and a fresh start.

    1. Hi Gayle,

      Me too! I already got my bottle of champagne so I am ready to ring in 2017.