Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas Clearance

I am glad that I hadn't posted my December expense report yet because I did do some Christmas clearance shopping this morning.

The one 100 sq. ft.  gift wrap I found at Top's for $ 1.64. That was all I needed to replenish my stockpile. I also got the Whitman's chocolates there for $ 4.99. Everything else was $.50 each at Dollar Tree. I desperately needed the tags. The bows are for decorating. I purchased those two gift bags only. One for each of our adult families next year. The pails I can fill up for the grandchildren. The cookie tins are for goodies for my neighbors next year. 

But the best bargain in my estimation was the spools of beautiful wired red ribbon. I love making bows with wired ribbon for my gift baskets.

I never go the day after Christmas because I hate the crowds. So I hope that the next day I can find what I need. I lucked out today.  

Did you get what you needed on clearance?


  1. Just followed you here from Sluggy's blog and have been reading your posts.
    Thanks for the heads up on the tomato powder. I just ordered it since I never need an entire can of tomato paste anymore.

  2. Welcome Anne!

    You are welcome. I can't eat spaghetti sauce anymore because it bothers my stomach. But this does not bother me.

  3. I found some things at Walmart. I stocked up on tissue paper, Ziplock bags and some gift bags for the most past. Those are items that I use year round!