Wednesday, December 28, 2016

December 2016 Expense Report

This is every penny that we have spent in the month of December. We will not be going anywhere or spending anything for the rest of the month. If there is an expense you don't see, it is explained HERE .

Netflix                                          $  9.99
Alarm System                                 30.90
CableTV,Internet, Tel.                     138.34
Nat. Gas & Electric                         127.27
Water & Sewer                                55.92
Personal Care                                  72.30
Gifts                                             153.95
Auto Insurance                              924.00 
Medical                                         317.35
Clothing                                          13.19
Gasoline                                          11.70
Liquor,Wine&Beer                             91.95
Household Goods(non-food)            245.61
Giftcards                                       208.98
Groceries                                      477.99
Restaurant Take Out                        13.98

Total Expenses                         $ 2893.42

We were able to invest $3,000.00 this month bringing our total investments to $ 51,200.00 for the year. Since our goal for the year was $ 50,000.00, we are happy that we exceeded it. We actually had another $ 4000.00 that we could of invested but we decided to keep that income available to help pay our hefty property taxes in January. 

We also usually pay our son the yearly amount for our cellphone bill during December. However, his lease is up in January so he doesn't know what the renewal will be or if he will stay with the same carrier.
So that expense has been pushed off until January.

Considering our yearly automobile insurance was due for the next year, I feel we did pretty good with expenses this month.

The personal care was makeup and a cut for me at the salon which is my one guilty pleasure these days. It also included a cash gift for my hairdresser for Christmas.

Gifts was a gift for my grandson for his birthday in January. It was also $150.00 in gift cards for our son and his wife for Christmas. I almost forgot to buy these. I thought I had all of my shopping done but I had forgotten to pick these up until this month.

Our medical was low this month. Most of the expense was our health insurance premium.

Clothing was two pajama bottoms for Hubby. This was such a great deal that I was not passing it up.

Gasoline was low due to the fact that I had $ 1.30 off per gallon from our grocery stores reward points. 

The liquor, beer and wine was to restock and take advantage of that great Smirnoff rebate that I told you about.

Household goods was many things including rachet ties, bottle stoppers, Christmas clearance, freezer bags, toilet paper, a bowl and food storage container for the party we went to, 24 rolls of scotch tape for our dispenser, humidifier pads, 100 stamps, and a waffle maker and electric frypan.

Gift cards was what I actually spent out of pocket doing the Top's gift card deal a few times. This was where I got $10.00 off $50.00 gift cards. Most of these cards will be used in 2017. It also included the expense to buy 3 Amazon Anytime cards.

Groceries was for goodies for Christmas, our normal groceries and a little stockpiling.

And lastly, the category that I am most proud of - Restaurant and Takeout. The $ 13.98 was for one trip for takeout at KFC. Considering how busy we were this month, I am thrilled that we only relied on take out once.  

Well, it is on to 2017. I hope you all reached your goals this year or did extremely well trying. Sometimes things beyond our control pop up and you don't make the goal. But I will bet that you are much farther ahead than you were in December of 2015. Congratulations to everyone whose net worth is larger this past year!  


  1. Congratulations on reaching your goal for 2016!
    I am so proud of you.
    I started working on my goals for 2017 (as I had none for 2016 I didn't achieve much this year)
    It is amazing how just having the lust of goals helps me. Thank you again for the inspiration I found in your blog this year!!!

    1. Hi Veronika,

      Thanks. I am feeling pretty good about it.

      You are welcome and work hard and your 2017 goals could come true.

  2. Way to go! I love seeing this, and great job on your rebates!

  3. Congratulations on meeting your goal! That is awesome!
    We did ok, but there is definitely room for improvement by cutting expenses and saving more. You are inspiring, so I hope we can do better in 2017.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Kathy,

      Thanks. We will be striving to reach our goals in 2017 too. What I love about the New Year is that we get to start over.

  4. Congratulations on reaching your goal for 2016 - ambitious & you overachieved! Nicely done.