Thursday, December 29, 2016

Gift Cards For 2017

This has been another fantastic month or two for gift card deals. If you remember, I bought a lot of these deals in December 2015. I talked about it Here. 

Well, I took advantage of some great gift card deals the past two months that will be used for both shopping and going out to restaurants in 2017.

Our Top's supermarket had a deal where if you spent $50.00 all in one grocery trip, you got $10.00 off a $50.00 gift card. They had a limited number of cards that you could use this $10.00 off of. I would have liked it if there had been a better choice of cards. But I made it work for us. As I told you in my 2015 post, I only buy gift cards for places that are close to home and that we don't have to drive 25-50 miles to get to. So I was limited to J.C. Penney's, Applebee's and Panera Bread gift cards on this deal. They are all places that will work for us.

Dollar General also had a deal where if you purchased 2 gift cards, you got $10.00 off. The only gift card they had that interested me was Burger King.

So I wanted to disclose to you just what gift cards we are starting 2017 with and the amounts:

J.C. Penney's              $50.00

Kohls                           44.72

Old Navy or Gap         10.00

Russell's                     100.00

Applebee's                 250.00

Tom's Diner                 21.00

Panera Bread             244.97

Burger King                70.00

These gift cards total $ 790.69.  I paid  a total out of my pocket of
$ 519.69 for these cards. That is a savings of $ 271.00 for us. We also purchased these gift cards using our 2% back rewards credit card. One gift card was gifted to us. Not all gift cards are pictured because some are e-gift certificates.

The Kohl's and Old Navy or Gap will be used for clothing purchases through out 2017 if needed. We will also use a sale and coupon to make the money go further. The J.C. Penney's may be used for clothing or as a birthday gift. 

Russell's is our very favorite steakhouse. They have exceptional food and service. However they are so expensive that we only go there once or twice a year. This gift card from our son and his wife will defray the cost of dinner for us. With dinner, drinks and tip our bill will run from $150. to $200. for the two of us. This gift certificate will defray the cost for us. Here is their menu: Russell's
which is outstanding.

Applebee's is very close to our home. We will use the gift cards to go out for a few dinners, lunches, or get take out. We love being in the comfort of our home, so we do order their take out to go more often. We also belong to their Golden Apple Club for seniors so our entree's are always 10% off. If they have an appetizer or dessert coupon, we will use those too.

Tom's Diner and Burger King will be used for breakfasts. Burger King may also be used when my grandson is staying overnight for a dinner treat. Sometimes when we travel on the Thruway, we stop at Burger King for lunch.

Panera Bread is a favorite. We love their Tuesday deal of 13 bagels for $ 6.99. As you can see, I have already used one of these cards to get the deal. We do this about once every two months. I bring them home and freeze them. When we feel like a bagel they just need to be thawed. We also love their soup and sandwich deal. So we will either do take out or eat in.

We will not be limited to these places. If we want to go elsewhere we will. We will actually be celebrating the New Year sometime next month with friends of ours at a new to us restaurant.  But knowing we have these gift cards will certainly help us decide where to go or get take out from when the urge hits us. These should be a great savings for us in 2017.

How about you? Did you get some great gift card deals during the holiday shopping season? 


  1. Great deals on gift cards!
    The only deal that I used was a 20% off ecoupon at kroger for outback steakhouse gift cards. I was able to purchase $150 worth of gift cards for $120, and I got 4x fuel points, so that saved .60 off each gallon of gas. Every little bit helps, doesn't it.

    1. Very nice. Thanks for sharing. Yes! Every little bit does help.

  2. I did Taco Bell, Domino's and Burger King at the DG w/the buy 2 get $10 off Deal. I also bought some gift cards at Rite-Aid during the Holidays and got between $5 and $8 back in Plenti Points per card.
    We cashed in some c/c reward points for Lowe's and Target gift cards as well as a Barnes & Noble card for Hubs' Xmas gift.

    1. Hi slugmama,

      Nice job! We have to love those gift cards when we can get them at such a great discount.

  3. Do any of your local restaurants or the new to you one participate in Groupon or certificates? We have done it before and paid $4 for a $25 certificate. They have coupon codes for discounts at We haven't done this in a few years since we prefer to eat at home with our little guy.

    1. Hi Aj,

      We do use groupons. Matter of fact the Toms Diner are groupons.

  4. What a great deal! Our local Family Fare had a deal where you buy 100.00 in GC and get 20.00 off the total, limit two. I bought my two and borrowed a friend's card to get two more deals. I'm headed to Fl. in several weeks and these will be good for eating on the road. We don't have a Family General or i would've used that deal, too. Our Holiday gas station had a deal where you bought a GC and got a 5$$ card for their gas. I bought an amazon card. I may use that for myself. I've bought a lot of GC from carpool, in the past. I love their deals!

    1. Wow! You made out very well too. I wish our gas stations would have a gift card deal. Those are valuable with gas prices sky rocketing again. Thanks for the heads up on carpool.

  5. I purchased the following at discounts this year: AMC (movies), Subway, Panera, Target, Nike, & Applebees (gifts). I've now counted those cards towards our budgets in each category, to ensure I properly budget for this spend.