Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Last Stockpile Shop of 2016

Hubby finished jury duty last Friday. So things are getting back to normal again around here. So over the weekend, I got my lists together for my last stockpile shop.

Even though we got 6 inches of snow that day, I went shopping to 3 different stores, paid my water and sewer bill at town hall, and picked up two prescriptions. 

Here is what I bought:

Dollar Tree - 24 oz. spaghetti - $1.00


2 Appleton Farms butt portion hams $ 1.09 a lb.= $12.09 and $ 10.09 
15 lbs. of Russet baking potatoes - $ 3.49 

1 rye bread - $ 1.69

1 frozen corn - $ .95

4 bags of fresh cranberries - $ .99 each

2 stuffed tortellini - $ 1.99 each

2 sharp cheddar cheese - $ 1.49 each

4 brown gravy mixes - $ .35 each

1 can mushrooms - $ .59

6 cans of whole potatoes - $ .65 each

1 can organic diced tomatoes - $ 1.69

1 American cheese singles - $ 1.69

1 Canola oil - $ 1.85

Total $ 50.35 - $ 10.00/50.00 Aldi's cpn=$ 40.35


1 bag of baby carrots - $ 1.50 - got $ .25 Ibotta rebate( final cost: $ 1.25)

3 bananas - $ .33 - got $ .25 Ibotta rebate( final cost: $ .08)

2 Garden Fresh Gourmet Tortilla Soup on sale B1G1F= $ 5.99 - used $ 2.00/1 Q and submitted for $ 3.00 Ibotta rebate(final cost: $ .99 for both)

1 large eggs - $ .79

1 sour cream - $ 1.99 - $ .45Q dbld = $ 1.09

2 Thomas English muffins on sale B1G1F - $ 4.39

20 roll Tops toilet paper - $ 9.99 

4 panty liners - $ 1.29 - $ .50Q dbld = $ .29 each

6 - 32 oz. Swanson unsalted chicken stock - $ 3.00 each - 4 $.50Q dbld & 1 $1.00/2Q = $ 13.00( this gave me 200 gas points = $ .20 off per gallon)

Total Top's OOP = $ 37.13 with tax and I got $ 3.50 back from Ibotta 

Total OOP for all 3 stores was $ 78.48.

I always buy my spaghetti at Dollar Tree when there isn't a better deal because their packages are 24 ounces. 

I almost purchased those hams last week. I am so glad I waited since Aldi's had the $10.00 off coupon in Sunday's paper. $ 1.09 a lb. for these hams was the best price in my area. Hubby loves ham and bean soup. So that will be on the menu later in the week. The other one I froze.

Baking potatoes at $ .23 a lb. is a good price here. I am storing them in the basement. They were nice and fresh and hard so we will see how long they last.

Cranberries at $ .99 a bag is a terrific price for us so I bought 4 bags even though I have about 6 left from last year. They are used in muffins.

I have been stockpiling oil for a while now. I have about a 9 month supply.

I was hoping they would have loose carrots but they didn't so I got the bag which was the cheapest in the store. The bananas were $ .39 a lb. I usually get 2 carrots and 3 bananas to get those $ .25 rebates on each but I didn't luck out on the carrots this time. However I needed them.

I rarely buy soup but the girls in a Facebook group that I belong to have been raving about it. With such a good deal, Hubby and I will have two lunches totaling $ .99. 

The toilet paper was 2312.5 sq. ft. which works out to $ .004 a sq. ft. This is a great price. I always try to buy under $ .02 a sq.ft. So when I see a price like this I always pick up a package or two. I am pretty well stocked so one was enough this time.  

I always like to have chicken stock on the shelf so I buy it this time of the year. With the coupons and the gas points it was a no brainer. I right now have banked $ 1.00 off per gallon of gas. However we can continue to earn for a couple of weeks. So when I fill up next, it will be cheap gas.

It was a pretty good shopping and errand day. However I am looking forward to mainly eating from the stockpile now. My plan will be to buy necessities that I don't have in the stockpile, fresh produce, or free or just pennies items for a while. So my grocery shopping will be cut way back.       


  1. No butter? Aldis has it for $2.29 for a limit of 6. I had terrible luck with the last aldi ham so I will go to our local giant eagle and buy one for 99¢ a lb. Cheryl. Ps. Where is the coupon in the paper, thanks.

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      That's to o bad about your ham. The coupon was in the Buffalo News last Sunday.

  2. I can't remember but did you post at some point about making your own brown gravy from scratch when you had little kids to save money? I was thinking about it the other day and didn't like the price on the gravy packets at my stores down south.

  3. Also great job on the deals and maximizing gas points. We all know that has wont stay cheap for long so may as well get the best deal we can.

    1. Hi AJ,

      I don't think that was me. But I always make the brown gravy myself when I have a roast beef,. I just make it from the drippings and use a beef bouillon cube if it needs it. Just mix cornstarch or flour and cold water. I only use the packets when I don't have a roast for my gravy and FF's.

      With gas prices up here I am definitely taking a second look at gas point deals.