Monday, December 5, 2016

My December Shopping Plans

I have been keeping an eye on ham prices in both November and December. In November I was concentrating more on buying turkeys. I also stocked on baking ingredients like flour, sugar, butter, chocolate chips and evaporated milk. Evaporated milk was a tough one. Aldi's had it on sale for a few weeks for $ .59 a can. However, it would sell out very early on Sunday and they would not get any the rest of the week at my store. I could not get there on Sunday mornings. I was never able to get any there even with an entire month of looking for it. So I finally went to B.J.'s and purchased it in bulk using one of their monthly coupons.

I don't think I am going to find hams any lower this month than $ 1.09 a lb. for the butt portion. That is Appleton Farms price at Aldi's. We can slice our own ham so I can't see any reason to buy a spiral sliced at $ 1.89 to $ 3.00 a lb. If I want it glazed, I can do it myself. It is only for Hubby and I for the next couple of months. We will not be serving it for Christmas or New Year's dinners.

That said, I plan on buying two large ones this month. One for the refrigerator and one to freeze. I will cook the one in the refrigerator sometime in January depending on the expiration date. The other will get used before it gets warm again.

We love ham because it is so versatile. We will get anywhere from 30-38 servings from one ham depending on how much it weighs. We will have it the first three nights after I cook it with corn, asparagus and potatoes. Then I will make some ham and cheese pockets for the freezer. We will slice lots for cold sandwiches. Some will get used right away and some will be frozen for the future.

Some will be cut into dices for scrambled ham and eggs or ham, cheese, and egg quiches. I will make scalloped potatoes and ham, ham hash, and pasta, ham and green beans,  I will also make a huge pot of bean soup which is Hubby's favorite. I use northern beans that I cook up from dried. I buy these beans at Dollar Tree at 2 lbs. for $ 1.00 and always keep some cooked ready to use in the freezer. We gets lots of servings from this soup and it also freezes beautifully. 

We can't have ham without pineapple so I will be stocking on canned pineapple this month on the sales. If there is a great price on fresh I will consider that also. I already have some pineapple stockpiled but I would like to get another case of cans.

If Aldi's reduces the prices after Christmas on hams like they did last year, I may buy another ham if I have the room. 

So those are the two food items that I am most interested in this month. With the exception of ingredients for an appetizer for a party we are going to this month and things that we run out of, that is about all of the shopping that we will be doing for food this month.

We have one other purchase that we want to make this month. When we had our home built over 6 years ago, we only had our great room, master bedroom, and one guest bedroom wired for cable. We have always regretted not having cable run into our largest guest bedroom. Why we didn't do it back then, I don't know. So Hubby and my son looked at doing that and decided it would be easy to run it.

So besides the wire and cable jack that we will need, we need to buy a television. The television that is in our master bedroom will be mounted on the wall opposite the bed in that guest room. We will get a Roku stick for it.

I will be looking for a television for our master bedroom. We want a 55 inch Samsung or LG( the top rated brands per Consumer Reports) LED, 1080P with 120-240 HZ refresh rate. This is very important to Hubby. We don't want built in Roku for the main reason that you can't upgrade them when they are in the television. So we will buy a separate Roku. We don't want a curved TV nor do we care if it is a 4K.

My son found an LG yesterday on sale at Best Buy for under $500. this week. However it had only a 60 HZ refresh rate which is horrible. They don't advertise that of course so we had to do some research to find that out. 

So I will be searching this week online for a great price on this television that we want. If I don't find one this month, the old models will go on sale in January when the new models come in and I will find a good deal on one then.

Those will be our main purchases this month. Are you looking to purchase a food item in bulk this month or a large purchase like a television? Please feel free to share with us in comments.


  1. This might sound strange, but I stock up on the flavored coffee creamers and freeze them. They always go on sale in December in the flavors that I love and again in January. I will buy them when they are rock bottom prices and load up my freezer for later in the year while I continue to use others right away that I purchase. I try to buy cranberries and freeze them for use later in the year also.

    1. Hi Debbie,

      I am happy that you are able to get rock bottom prices on the creamers. Our prices are the same as always or I would be doing the same thing. I have lots of cranberries frozen too. I use them for muffins all year.