Thursday, December 8, 2016

My Little of This and Little of That Day

I have a very busy day today so I wasn't going to post. But then I thought well maybe I will post about my day. You may or not be interested. So if not you can just stop reading.

I was up bright and early at 5AM. I took my navy shower saving the water while it heated up. After making my one cup of coffee, I proceeded to plan breakfast and dinner. Lunch will be a small plate of cheese, pepperoni and crackers for me while Hubby is at jury duty. Dinner will be spaghetti and meatballs, a small salad and garlic and butter breadsticks. 

Then it was time to make sure that Hubby got up because he has a tendency to sleep through alarms.

After making the bed and a breakfast of oatmeal with cranberries and walnuts, I quickly read the news of the day online. 

After taking care of the breakfast dishes, I went out into the garage to break down all of the cardboard boxes stacked out there so that I could put them out with the recyclables. Hubby put the garbage out last night and the recyclable can but these wouldn't fit in the can. He felt it was too windy last night to put them out next to the can. This morning it is calmer so I did it.

Then it was time to clean up all of the paperwork and odds and ends that have been sitting next to my computer in the kitchen. As you can see it is quite the mess. UGH! 

I checked all of those gift cards to make sure the money was on them. I put those in my gift card box. Then entered all of the receipts that had been piling up into Personal Capital online. While I was online I checked my investment accounts to see how they are doing. What a great stock market it has been.

Next I dealt with the Amazon Anytime Cards that I ordered a while ago for $.99 which was a great deal. I got a box of three Amazon gift cards in three Christmas cards. I added $10. to each of those three cards online. Not needing the cards for gifts, I added the $30.00 to my account. I got my confirmations that I was given a $2.00 promotional credit for each card. Six dollars for buying these cards and loading them, gave me a $ 5.01 profit. These are the kind of deals that I jump on. We order from Amazon a lot. So if they want to give me money for a few minutes of work, I will gladly accept it. I just put that $ 5.01 in my Disney stash since I earned it.

Sorting all the rest of the paperwork into piles, some went into my follow up folder and some went into my folder for restaurant coupons. The food coupons got filed in my coupon binder. While I was filing in my follow up and restaurant folders, I pitched anything that got taken care of or anything expired.

Hubby's Coke codes got entered. The bluetooth headphones got put with my laptop in the master bedroom. I had started a Top's list and decided I was not going this week, so that got pitched. Every flyer except Aldi's got pitched. I am still thinking about those hams. Now it is all neat the way I like it.

Now it is time for my lunch and a little reading. Next was a mile walk in the neighborhood so that I could get my exercise today.

I am now headed to the basement to find and bring up some Christmas decorations. I also need to find a saved red bow to put on a bottle of wine for a hostess gift for a party we are going to this month. When Hubby gets home, we will put up the tree and decorate it.

For the rest of the afternoon, I will be going through all of the cupboards in my kitchen and pulling out all of the small appliances. Hubby is building me some shelves in the garage to put them all on. The garage is very close to the kitchen. They take up way too much space in my cupboards so I want them out. That way I can organize the kitchen to work better for me. I hate things when they are stacked.

I stopped to make dinner. Hubby was hungry when he came in.

Tonight, Hubby and I will decorate the tree. We are a little late doing it this year. But it hasn't been the normal month with him on jury duty. We will pick out a movie on Netflix to watch and make a cup of hot chocolate for each of us to enjoy while we decorate it. Yes, we multi-task alot. 

I hope I didn't bore you. My day is no different than anyone else's. It's just the regular things that we all do when we are home. I have many days where I don't leave the house. Hence I spend no money. I hope you all have a wonderful evening.


  1. Your day sounds perfect to me! Throw in some yoga and baking, & I'd be thrilled. :-)

    It's been a crazy, crazy week at our house, but we're in the home stretch. Hopefully tomorrow's work day will be slower. Both boys will be at sleepovers tomorrow (I think this is the first time in 10 years!), so we will probably have a glass of wine & celebrate my bonus. It's all soccer on Saturday & Sunday, with hopefully some cooking for the week ahead.

    Enjoy your tree decorating time with your husband. :-)

    1. Hi Hawaii Planner,

      Oh do enjoy your free evening without the boys. They will have a good time and you should too. Congratulations on your bonus. Spccer games bring back memories. Enjoy!

  2. Hope you have a wonderful evening decorating the tree and relaxing.
    We haven't decorated our tree yet, hopefully this weekend.