Monday, December 12, 2016

The Deals That Really Get Me Excited

UPDATE: Just noticed in the address where you send for the rebate, my form says NY ONLY. Whether there are different forms in other states, I don't know.

 As you all know, there are deals on something every day. Some are okay, some are good and some are excellent. It's the excellent ones that get my heart racing. They are the ones I get if they meet certain criteria. They have to be something we need and something that fits into our spending plan.

For example, if I see 50% or more off a television that would fit into my good category. But if I see 60% or more off a television, that would be excellent. But I must need the television.

Another example was when turkeys were on sale for Thanksgiving for $ .48 a lb. Knowing that we love turkey, that it is very healthy, and that this was a rock bottom price, I stocked on cheap meat for the winter and spring. That to me was an excellent deal.

If Hubby's soda goes on sale for $ 1.00 a bottle, that is an okay deal because my beverage center sells it for $.99 every day. I don't need to stock more than a week at that price. But if it goes on sale for less and I have a coupon, then I will get some. I try not to have too much in my home because I prefer he drinks water. It is much healthier.

But when I need alcohol for the Holidays and I see a deal like this, it is the Deal of The Century. I need it for not only when company comes to our home but to gift when we celebrate at someone else's home. 

Be sure to look for a great deal like this one in your liquor store, beverage center, or grocery store. 

Last Friday I went to our Consumer's Beverage Center and purchased 2 - 12 packs of Smirnoff Ice Premium Malt Beverage and 2 - 12 packs of Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzer. They were $ 13.99 each. There is a $10.00 rebate on a 12 pack. You are limited to 4 rebates per household. There is also an Ibotta rebate on one 12 pack for $3.00 which I submitted for. So lets do the math:

4 - 12 packs = $ 55.96 - $40.00 in rebates = $ 15.96
- $3.00 Ibotta rebate = $ 12.96.

So I spent after rebates $ 12.96 for 48 bottles/cans or $ .27 each. I can't remember a time when I got alcohol so cheap. 

So if you can use these drinks for your holidays or the Super Bowl, be sure to check out the price at your store and ask for the $10.00 rebate form. I had them give me four forms and four receipts so that I could submit separately if I needed to. However, checking the forms when I got home, you can submit for all 4 rebates on one form. The rebate expires on 2/05/17. As always read the fine print for any restrictions.

You have to pay attention when these deals come along which is something I did not do on another deal recently. Take a look at the retail shop that one of our local bloggers did HERE . $156.00 worth of clothing and beauty products is amazing. I got these same coupons in a mailer from BonTon. I hung on to them for a while and then decided my shopping for the year was all done. So I put them in the recylclable bin. Then Suzy posted this deal. I ran to the recyclable barrel to see if I could find them but alas the garbage men had picked it up the day before. So I missed out because I didn't give those coupons any thought. I guess the next time I get department store coupons in the mail I will pay more attention. I will check them out and see if I can get something free or close to free using them. 

In 2017, I will post more of these kinds of deals that I jump on in the hopes that you will need that deal and can benefit from it.          


  1. Nice! Deals on alcohol are rare, but very appreciated around our house. :-) Costco occasionally clears out my favorite wine at the end of the "season" (I drink it year round) for $5/bottle. It's normally $9/bottle. I buy whatever they have on the floor when that happens. We typically go through a couple of bottles a month, so it's a big savings.

    Cheers! ;-)

    1. Hi Hawaii Planner,

      I wish my liquor store would clearance but alas they don't. It's a very nice way for you to save.

  2. Many liquor rebates are not valid here in PA unfortunately for me.
    No one here drinks those malt beverage things but it would still be great for when company comes or if you need to bring something to a party.
    Well done.

    1. Slugmama,

      There was no state restriction in the fine print; however I just went to fill out the forms and it is in the address. It says NY only.