Monday, January 23, 2017

A Baking Day

Saturday was a baking day for me. My grandson's birthday celebration was yesterday. He was 7 last Thursday. The years have flown by. He was born a month after we moved to an apartment while we waited for our home to be built here. It seems like we just left Arizona.

Since my grandson loves my homemade banana bread, that is what I baked for breakfast. It was so moist and yummy. I served it with scrambled eggs and sausage. I have noticed that I could buy a loaf of banana bread in the market for $6.99. The size of the loaf is less than 2/3's the size of mine and probably a lot less yummy. I calculated that mine cost me using 3 bananas that I paid $ .27 for and all of the other ingredients under a $1.00. That is a good savings by doing it myself.

I had planned on having a Minion cake made at the bakery for his birthday celebration. But not when the price quoted to me was $49.99. So I made him  brownies with chocolate chip cookie dough on top.  There were only 5 of us to eat it so a 9x9 pan worked perfectly. I had a #7 candle. He loved it. He is not much of a cake eater but loves brownies and chocolate chips. The brownies with chocolate chip cookies cost me under $3.00 to make. I will keep $46.99 in my pocket any time by doing it myself. I looked for Pokeman or Minion figures at Dollar Tree but alas they had none. So we just went simple.

We got him his Wegman's prepared pizzas for our late lunch celebration and then had the brownies and ice cream. He loved all of his gifts including his brand new Fire HD Tablet that I paid $59.99 for and used a $10.00 gift card to help defray the cost.

That is when my savings went out the window! I broke what I think is a crown while eating the brownie. Since nothing hurt and I have a dental cleaning appointment on Monday, I am posting this while I am at the dentist. I will let you know how I make out but I am suspecting that the cleaning will get put off and a temporary crown will be made if the dentist has time. UGH!        


  1. I'm sorry about the tooth, dental work is just expensive. But I do like having teeth 😄

    I made banana nut bread today too and took half to my parents. I can't imagine bakery banana bread wound be nearly as good as homebaked either.

    And a birthday cake is not worth $50. Smart call!

    1. Hi Rhonda,

      I do like having teeth too. I never got to the dentist yesterday as my post today will tell you.

      The brownie cake was a winner. Everyone loved it. Since there were only 4 of us because my DIL was sick, my grandson got to take the extra home. He was very happy.

  2. Oh no, so sorry about the crown.
    Sounds like a great birthday celebration.

  3. Oh man sorry about the tooth but Inam glad your grandson loves the treat you got him. We went all out and got a big Cars cake for my little guys birthday party this year, but I got a massive discount from local bakery because I brought so much weekly corporate business to owner. I paid $20 for dozen cupcakes and big 10" double stacked decorated cars theme cake so it was worth it given time I had available. I will be decorating myself this year as we try to conserve and there are no similar bakeries by our new house. I don't want to pay $50+