Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Little Of This And A Little Of That

Yesterday we went out with our best friends to celebrate the New Year. It was a new restaurant to us which is Lock34.

The restaurant was beautiful, the service was excellent, and the food was superior. We will be going back. I had the panko parmesan crusted chicken which was to die for. Hubby had a reuben sandwich. With drinks and peanut butter pie and coffee for dessert it wasn't exactly cheap but $60.00 with tip for the two of us was worth the celebration and spending time with good friends.

I spent some time yesterday going over my grocery list that I had made. I ended up crossing 6 items off of it that were really wants not needs. I need to spend $20.00 at Top's in order to use 2 free coupons. I think my needs will do it. However if the bill goes over $20.00, I will save some of the items to get at Aldi's where they are a little cheaper even after calculating the 6% off discount today at Top's. I'll let you know later how it goes. Sometimes I feel like I grocery shop just to shop and that has to stop. Do you do that?  We want to eat mainly from our stockpile so that nothing goes to waste or expires. So I will be looking at every purchase with a fine tooth comb.

I also plan on taking 2 bags of Hubby's soda bottles to Fast Cash to get the bottle deposit money back and add that to my Disney Funds.

While I am up there, I want to stop into Tater Cakes. It is a brand new bakery that recently opened owned by my neighbors. Jessica and Franklin are a wonderful family and we wish them the best of luck in their new business venture. Jessica had been baking out of her home for a few years and has built up quite a clientele. Let me tell you, her cookies are the best that I have ever had. I will treat West once in a while and I may get his birthday cake made there for his celebration here. But today, I just want to take a peek at her cinnamon rolls and perhaps buy a couple of her bagels to try for breakfast tomorrow. What I have always loved about a bakery is that you can buy just one or two of something instead of having to buy a package in the market. I love to bake these days but once in while you just have to treat yourself. The money for this will be included in our grocery budget. 

Later today I want to spend some time cleaning the area of the garage where I will be storing all of my small appliances. The area is just outside the door that is a few steps from my kitchen. This is going to be so much easier than going to the basement when I need to use one. I plan on putting each appliance in a tall kitchen garbage bag to keep them clean in between uses. I will label the bags so that Hubby can find what he needs when he is cooking. Then I will continue working to make my kitchen efficient.

I am off to take my navy shower, get dressed, curl my hair, and drink a smoothie for breakfast. Then I will go out the door to run the errands. I will add to this post later.

I'm back from running my errands. I now have $ 3.25 more in my Disney fund from the bottle returns.

I ended up purchasing two bagels at our friend's bakery - one cheese and one raisin cinnamon. These were so fresh and huge. Hubby and I decided to eat the cheese one and that a 1/2 of one is enough for us for a breakfast. It was delicious toasted with some butter. We will try the other one in the morning.

I have posted a picture above of my grocery trip to Top's. I ended up purchasing everything that we needed there because the majority of the food was  on sale. I spent $ 33.73 after sales, coupons, and 6% discount. Bacon(which I had none of) and the tortilla chips were B1G1F. We eat salsa with the tortilla chips for some lunches. We also use them for tortilla soup and other recipes. The yogurt and yogurt drink were free with Top's coupons. We had just 1/4 of a bag of shredded cheese left. They were on sale 2 for $5. before the senior discount. Hubby just opened a jar of jalapeno slices so when he does that I buy a new jar so that he doesn't run out. I only had a few pepperoni slices left for pizza and salads. They were on sale 2/$5. The one Knorr side dish was $.38 after coupon and will make a quick side for dinner on a rushed night.

Lastly, I have resorted to using Delmonico's pizza dough for our homemade pizzas. The dough is easy to work with and turns out a perfect crust just like  NY pizza parlor crust. It is so much better than my dough. Even my grandson will eat it. The other secret to making a great pizza is baking it at 500 degrees for less time. It turns out perfect! So I bought two to always have one in the freezer. I will be using one on Friday night. 

I am off to the garage to do some work. This evening I will again be watching some You Tube videos to learn more skills. I am learning to make yeast bread by hand.

Are you doing anything frugal today?  


  1. Glad you had a good New Year with friends.
    Great shopping and those bagels look delicious!
    I'm trying to do some cleaning and I am making some banana bread since we have a lot of ripe bananas. Also trying to deal with medical bills I think I am going to have to request a conference call between the dr office and my
    insurance company. It seems like we are paying higher and higher premiums for less and less of coverage. :(

    1. Hi Kathy,

      Yum, I love banana bread! I can smell yours here.
      I think you have the insurance company pegged. Our supplemental health insurance just went up $ 354. a year on January 1st. That doesn't even include the $3.00 increase per month for each of us from Medicare. And they spend a lot of time trying to get out of paying. But I fight them all the way. So stick with it.

  2. I did a little shopping today at Walmart and 1 thrift store. I got very nice pajamas for the grands for $2 a set and found other clothing items for them that were on my list for almost nothing at the thrift store.

  3. Great deals! The bakery bagels look delicious. I found several Target gift cards while packing for our move and decided to see how far Target is from our new house. It is out of the way and not somewhere I will drive often so I decided to use them to pay for basic household things we use for personal care to restart my stockpile. I was able to get $200 worth of items for $3.15 after sale price, boho deals, coupons, gift cards, bag discount, and red card discount. I happened to have to go to the new house to check on something and so I just left the items in my car and unloaded at the new house so we don't have to move. I continue to be inspired to use up what we have so it works for us to not have to shop for those items and will reduce our monthly budget going forward this year.

    1. Hi AJ,

      WOW! That is one heck of a Target haul. Congrats. We are also using up what we have so as not to waste.

  4. I'm so glad you were able to go out with friends and treat yourselves. We all need to do that once in awhile. :) Those bagel look so good. I have tried making them at home and so far I have not found a recipe that I really like so I end up buying them instead. Yeast bread is pretty easy to make. I just posted a recipe on my blog for the Whole Wheat Oatmeal Bread that I recently came up with while experimenting to find a bread that would stay moist longer and that was really good for us.

    1. Hi Debbie,

      I have not found a bagel recipe that I like either. I will check out your homemade bread. Thanks for sharing.