Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Cloth Not Paper Is Always A Savings And More

In our quest to buy no household paper products except toilet paper, we are using the cloth napkins again this year. We are using our handkerchiefs too. The only thing we use paper towels for is one sheet on top of newspaper for draining bacon. We use microfiber cloths to clean almost everything. Our paper towel holder has the same roll on it that I put on it last January. Since I have about 12 rolls in my stockpile, I won't have to purchase any for about 12 years.

We have a diabetic in the house so we need some paper napkins for testing and shots. I always keep a package on the shelf but use as few as possible. That package will last for months especially because of what I got today. 

I had a 2 and 1/2 hour hair appointment at the salon for a cut, color of my roots, and highlights this morning. I promised Hubby that I would pick up a chicken sandwich at Burger King for him on the way home using one of our gift cards. I went to the drive-thru. In the picture of some of my cloth napkins, you see the stack of paper napkins they threw in the bag with that sandwich. I am glad I looked without throwing the bag out. This stack will last for weeks and weeks. So mine will last even longer than they normally do.

Toilet paper is a necessity here but I never pay more than $.02 a sq. ft. I always calculate that cost before I buy it. I refuse to pay more than that for something that just goes down the drain.

You can save a small fortune year after year if you give up buying so many paper products. We have and it has added up over all of these years.

Besides going to the hairdresser today, I stopped at Town Hall while I was out and paid my yearly property tax bill that came in the mail yesterday.  

I got my snack, cracker and liquor pantry cleaned yesterday. As you can see in the picture, there isn't  a whole lot of snacks in there. I gave up snacks weeks ago and Hubby eats very few. They are mainly on the second shelf from the top along with a bottle of juice that Hubby and my grandson drink on Sundays.  

All of the liquor and wines are on the bottom shelf and all of the crackers are on the top shelf in this picture. 

This picture shows what I have on the floor. My large box of tall kitchen garbage bags, a couple of brown paper bags from the grocery store which I keep for carrying things to others homes. My step stool which I need to get to the top two shelves in my cupboards because I am short.  A container for Hubby's diet sodas and a container that holds my large bottle of vinegar and large bottle of hot sauce. Lastly on the left is my garbage container that I bought solely for putting clean deposit bottles in. I just close up the bag in it when I take them to Fast Cash. 

There is one more shelf way up high in this closet that holds paper plates that we use when we eat outside, our fixings for ice cream sundaes and cones, and a box that holds extra condiments, forks, spoons, and other things that fast food places give us too much of. I go to that box for items when I am packing a lunch for travelling or if I am going to be out all day and need some food. It was too hard to take a picture of that shelf. 

I will continue tomorrow to work on organizing the kitchen. I am going to bed for the rest of the day because I am not feeling well. Hubby will heat up leftovers for his dinner.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening!      


  1. Oh I hope you feel better! Please get some rest!
    Thanks for the tips! I need to make or buy some cloth napkins since we go through too many paper products.

    1. Hi Kathy,

      Thanks. Look for the napkins at Goodwill or on clearance. I find a lot of my stores that I frequent clearance these.

  2. We too made the switch to cloth napkins and cleaning cloths years ago and it has saved us so much money!

    1. I am happy that they are saving you money.

  3. Love seeing how other people inventory & track things. We've also been using cloth napkins for a couple of years now & I haven't bought paper napkins in all of that time. I still have leftover paper from before we made the switch, and I use them when we pack picnics/coolers, etc. I haven't priced out the cost per unit of toilet paper, but this is a great reminder!

    Hope you feel better.

    1. Hi Hawaii Planner,

      Thanks for the good wishes and for sharing.

  4. I started using cloth napkins and "un paper" towels about 7 months ago and I could kick my self for not starting aooner. I have saved so much money doing this. This week I reorganized our pantry and put the open snacks, crackers, beverage packets ( hot chocolate and cider) in the front so that they are easy to see so that we can get those used up before anything else is opened and/or bought.
    On the rare occasion that we do go through a drive thru we wil ask for extra napkins to keep in the consoles of our vehicles. Mainly because you never know when you will need something to clean up a mess with, or to simply blow your nose on when a hankie isn't handy.

    1. Hi Christie,

      Nice way to organize. Thanks for sharing.