Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Grocery Haul This Week

My son took Hubby to the Buffalo Sabres ice hockey game on Monday. It was an afternoon game so I had some time to myself which is a rarity. I chose to do my grocery shopping and then relaxed with some video watching.

I went to Top's and this is what I purchased:

1 jug of Vinegar - $3.49

2 Bags of Frozen Cooked Shrimp - $6.99 ea.= $ 13.98

10 Cans of Top's Vegetables - $.50 ea.= $5.00

3 cans of Muir Glen Organic Tomatoes - $2.00 ea. - $.50 Q Dbled = $ 1.00 ea.= $3.00

3 Kelloggs Special K Pastry Crisps - 3/$5.00 - $.75/1Q Dbled = $ .17 ea. = $ .51 

1 Good Table Plate To Freezer Meal- Marsala - $2.00 - $1./1Q = $1.00 and I will get $1.00 back from Saving Star =Free

1 Go Veggie Mozzarella Slices - $3.99 - $1./1 Q =
$2.99 and I submitted for a $1.00 rebate from Ibotta = $1.99

Lastly, I purchased 4- 12 packs of double rolls of Marcal toilet paper that were being discontinued. They were on clearance for $3.99 ea. and I used a $1./1Q on ea. so I paid $ 2.99 ea. or $11.96. I now have over a years worth of toilet paper so I won't be shopping for this until December of this year or January of 2018.

I also had a $1.00 off next shopping order Catalina so my OOP with tax was $41.89 and I will get back $2.00 in rebates. 

Hubby used up my jug of vinegar cleaning our Keurig K cup coffee maker. It was making noise. He was sure it was the pump. So he ran a full water tank of vinegar through the machine twice and then ran water through twice. It is very quiet now and working well. So the vinegar got added to the list. I thought I had another jug in the basement or I would have picked it up at B.J.'s when I was there because it is cheaper. 

I was so happy to see the shrimp on sale. It is only the 100 count little ones but I use them in a couple of skillet dishes(Shrimp dia Fravolo to name one) I make so they will work. We only use 1/3 of a bag for a meal so these 2 bags will last us 6 meals.

The Top's veggies were cheap. So I took stock of what I had in the basement before I left and decided that I could use some corn to throw in soups and some spinach which I love canned. I got a total of 10 cans which are not all pictured. 

The tomatoes were a good price and Hubby and I are trying to buy organic when we can. They were on sale, were needed, and I had coupons so I got three.

The pastry crisps were one great deal. I have to have these or granola bars in the house in case Hubby has a very low blood sugar. They taste good and raise blood sugar quickly. 

The Good Table product was a no brainer at free. We have tried other good table products and like them.

I will use the mozzarella slices in calzones or for hot meatball sandwiches. All in all it was a great trip.

The rest of the afternoon I watched videos on You Tube.  l love Big Homestead Family, Living on a Dime, and The Fundamental Home among others. I can't tell you the last time I watched TV. Do you watch any good channels that you could share with us?


  1. I watch Road to the Farm and April Holly Smith. Great coupon deals this week at Tops!!! Doesn't is just give you a "high"?

  2. Hi mamabeanof4,

    Thanks for sharing. I love Road to the Farm. I will check out April Holly Smith.

    It does give me a high to get a great deal.