Friday, January 20, 2017

Just a Short Post Today

Today I am going to speak from my heart. At noon today our new President, Donald J. Trump, will be sworn into office. I pray that the Lord helps him to do the right thing for all of us Americans during his term of office. I hope and pray that he will be able to get this country back on the path of paying back the national debt. I pray that he will incentivize the private sector to create jobs and that he will fix the tax system in this country. There are many more things I hope he will do but I won't bore you.

We have not had a great economy for the past 8+ years. There are so many millions of people who are hurting and barely making ends meet. Millions of people have lost their jobs and have quit looking for work. The government has told us for the past few years that things are great. Being an accountant, I don't believe it. Our economy is in horrible shape and needs all the help this new President can give it.

I also pray that the Lord will bring all Americans together because we all want the same things. We want our country to be safe, secure, and strong. I  love my neighbor whether they are white, black,  hispanic or any other race. I love my neighbor whether they are Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives, Libertarians, Independents or the Green Party. I am praying that all Americans will love their neighbors too and that every person will come together for the sake of our country.

I have seen Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, G.H.W. Bush, Clinton, G.W. Bush and Obama sworn into office.  Today, I will see the 20th Presidential Inauguration in my lifetime if I counted it right. 

I am beyond excited! Every President has been different and I have been excited every time watching them get sworn in. But this President really makes me feel so much better than most of the others that have come before him with the exception of Ronald Reagan. It is because he is not your typical career politician. I have gotten kind of tired of the same old, same old. Politicians who promise the world and then do nothing but spend, spend, and spend our children's and grandchildren's future. I am praying and hoping that our new President Trump  does his best to get our country back on track. 

That said, Hubby and I will be watching the inauguration today. We will watch all of the news coverage from 9AM on and we are ready with a bottle of chilled champagne to toast the President at 12:01PM and wish him the best. Don't judge! It will be afternoon and I have waited for this for a very long time.  

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I will be back posting on Monday.     


  1. I love your optimism! I am a history buff and Reagan is my favorite. I had the pleasure of meeting Nancy several times through the DAR, and she left a lasting impression on me as young woman. The dignity, caring, and classy way that she approached all our interactions was admirable to me. As someone who came out of college almost directly into the start of the last recession I have studied & researched the economics of our nation closely. It has been in steady decline which doesn't match the news that's been shared. I am hopeful that a business approach will create change, balance budgets, and start to improve our economy. I want to see tax reform, job creation, & fat trimmed from areas that are not necessary. I don't hold out much hope for reform of Obamacare- I have never had to use it, but have heard from those that do how difficult it is sometimes to find a provider to accept it and there are many delays in response times. Career politicians make me nervous as I feel like at some point there is a transition from making decisions to actively create change for the publics benefit to trying to guarantee re-election. I have excitedly been meeting our new neighbors and looking forward to settling into our new community. Enjoy your time with hubby. We wish our new leader the best of luck in his tenure.

  2. I agree with you! I feel like a heavy weight has been taken off my shoulders.

  3. I have prayed the prayer that never fails...Thy will be done!

  4. Great post! I did not get a chance to watch the Inauguration as I was still doing round two of my prep for a colonoscopy later that day. I too am praying that some much needed changes will be made and that we can get this country back on track. I have never in all my 54 years on this earth ever seen our country so divided or the amount of hatred being spewed. May God help bring us all together again.

    1. Thanks for sharing Debbie. I hope and pray too.