Monday, January 2, 2017

This Week's Menu +

I hope everyone had a great time ringing in the New Year. We actually stayed awake long enough to toast the New Year with a glass of champagne.Here is a reminder of our goals for 2017.

As you will see in my menu below, we are not exactly dieting yet. We usually start on the 1st but this year we had plans for the 1st and 2nd so the dieting will commence on the 3rd.

Hubby wanted wings for dinner last night because he was watching football. Since I had a box of TGI Fridays in the freezer that I wanted to get rid of(last bit of junk), I acquiesced. We also had some au gratin potatoes and green beans.

Here is the rest of the menu for this week:

Monday - Early dinner out with friends
Tuesday - Baked Haddock, Coleslaw
Wednesday - Chef's salad, peaches I canned last summer
Thursday - Leftovers
Friday - Homemade Pizza - Veggies and Pepperoni
Saturday - Pork Chops, Baked Potato, Asparagus

Besides watching what we eat and making sure we have the proper portions, I have given up snacking in between meals. Hubby isn't planning on that at the moment. 

I spent a bit of time yesterday cleaning out my coupon binder to get rid of all of 2016 coupons. I want to be prepared to save the most amount of money on foods and non food items that I can this year.

I also cleaned out and organized four folders that I keep by my computer in the kitchen. The folders are for e-gift certificates, follow up on things I am working on, telephone calls that need to be done, etc., our food plan and diet information, and my  coupon( restaurant, etc.) and restaurant menu folder.

I had planned on adding the 2017 pages to my Franklin planner but I was in for a surprise. I forgot to order them. So I decided to see if there was a planner online that I could order that would work for me and be cheaper than the Franklin planner.  I found the perfect one for $ 14.99 but it is back ordered. I can use a calendar and to do lists until it arrives. The Franklin planner would have been $30.95 plus shipping. I have been using this planner since the early 1990's and I felt it was time to step out of my comfort zone to save about $16.00. 

While I was watching some of the Buffalo Bills football game which was just awful, I was continuing to clean all of the small appliances out of my cupboards and pantries. For the moment, they are piled in a guest bedroom. We made a decision on how we are going to store them over the weekend and placed an order to help us do that. I am really excited about this and will show you when it comes and we do it. I will be reorganizing my kitchen this week now that I have more room to spread things out. I want my kitchen to end up being so efficient that it is easy to prepare a meal or bake and clean up. 

When I made my menu plan, I made my grocery list for this week also. I will go on Tuesday since it is 6% off Senior Discount day at Top's.

Besides all of that, I did two loads of wash in the HE's with cold water and hung them to dry in the basement. It was a sunny day so all lights were off until it was dark. The only thing that was on was the TV for football. I rarely watch TV anymore. When I have time in the evenings now, I have been learning new skills on You Tube via my tablet. I am loving every minute of it!

I am ready and raring to go in this New Year to not spend and to save as much money as possible. Are you? 

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