Friday, January 13, 2017

Warehouse Shop

I hadn't planned on going to B.J.'s until I got a notice that my membership was expiring soon. Since B.J.'s is near my bank and we needed cash, I did a B.J's shop on the way home. I have not made up my mind yet as to whether I am going to renew my membership or not.

Here is what I purchased:

25 lbs. of Carolina Rice - $11.49

Glad Quart Size Freezer Bags -$8.99

1 Gallon of Milk - $ 1.79

1 Pepperoncini - $4.99

2 jars of Olives - $8.99

1 Sea Salt Refill - $ 3.99

1 - 4lb. bag of Angus Meatballs - $ 14.49

3 Oscar Mayer Center Cut Bacon - $ 13.59

2.5lbs. of 93% Lean Ground Turkey - $ 6.99

3 lbs. of Onions - $ 1.59

1- 32 oz. Organic 100% Pure Maple Syrup - $ 10.99

16 Seeded Sandwich Rolls - $ 4.29

Total was $ 92.97 minus 2 B.J.'s coupons that totaled $5.00= $ 87.97 OOP.  I submitted to Ibotta for a $ .25 rebate on the onions and a $ .25 rebate on the milk. 

I always buy 25 lb. bags of rice. I just emptied my last one into my canister about 3 weeks ago so this was needed. I got home to find that the corner of the bag was open just a little bit. I don't think I lost much but I zip tied it as soon as I got home. The freezer bags were 192 for $ 8.99 - $ 2.00 off B.J.'s  coupon so only $ .04 a bag which is a great price for this area. The milk was really cheap. The pepperoncini we use in salads. They, the olives, and the sea salt refill were less than half the price of my market. 

The Angus meatballs are fully cooked and are Hubby's guilty pleasure. He loves them for quick meatball sandwiches on these seeded sandwich rolls that I purchased. Some of those will be put in the freezer. The price for the meatballs is reasonable for 4 lbs. The bacon was $10.59 after B.J.'s coupon which was a pretty good deal for center cut.

When I bought the ground turkey rolls at Top's the other day, Pubbler alerted me to the fact that her warehouse club was cheaper for ground turkey. So I checked and this Perdue ground turkey was only $ 2.80 a lb. for 93% lean. The sale price on the breakfast turkey the other day was $3.00 a lb. and Top's also had the Jennie-O ground turkey on sale for $2.88 a lb. So B.J.'s is cheaper and it is their regular price not sale price. Thanks Pubbler.

The onions were also a great price and not 1/2 rotten as most of my stores seem to sell them.

When I saw the price on the organic maple syrup, I took a double take. I pay about $ 5.00 - $8.00 more for the same amount elsewhere and it is not organic. I had a jug at home but I was not passing this up. 

B.J.'s sells discounted gift cards and 100 ct. packages of Forever stamps. Forever stamps are going up in price from $.47 to $ .49 each on January 22nd. Even though I had about 100 left here in the house, I purchased 100 more for $ 46.75.  One of the gift cards that I never found a deal on at Christmas time was Subway. So I picked up a $ 20.00 one for $ 19.49.

You all know that I have been saving my rebates, bottle cash, etc. for Disney gift cards for my trip in January 2018. I had a little more than $50.00 saved again, so I picked up this $50.00 gift card for $ 47.99. I now have $ 250.00 in gift cards for my spending money and I will continue to save all year.

All in all I think it was a successful trip! The reason I am considering not renewing my membership is that I have so many cheap options for groceries these days like Aldi's, Save- a Lot, Super Walmart and Wegman's which carries some bulk items, Dollar Tree and three market chains. I am going to have to look at all of my receipts for B.J's this past year and then check the prices elsewhere. Then I will decide. Have any of you given up your warehouse club memberships?


  1. My husband and I were given a Costco membership Christmas, 2015. Even though Costco is 45 minutes away, we make a day of it once a month (it's the only store DH will go into with me). We look forward to it and I know we're saving money. One of these days, I'll sit down and figure out how much! We were given another membership Christmas, 2016, from our youngest so we're looking forward to another year of shopping at Costco!

    1. Hi olderandwiser,

      Thanks for sharing. I am glad that your are saving money with your Costco shops. I miss Costco. We had them when we lived in Arizona. The closest one to me here is an hour and 1/2 away one way.

  2. We gave up our Costco membership but 2 of our kids still have them so they pick things up for us or I will go with my mom when I am visiting her in Montana and pay her for the items I buy there. We honestly were not using it enough to warrant renewing it since the nearest Costcos are an hour away from us.

    1. Hi Debbie,

      It wouldn't be worth driving away for me either. You are lucky to have your kids pick things up.

  3. You're welcome. I pay $2.59/lb for Jennie O ground turkey at Sams. That's the lowest price. I love my Sams membership. I do the bulk of my shopping there. Their prices are way lower than my local grocery stores (I always calculate unit cost). I shop at Target and Kroger too. Our Aldi is very small and doesn't carry much that I need, so I normally give it a miss. We have a local fruit/veg market with unbelievably low prices. I can fill a cart for $20 there. We eat lots of fresh produce, so that place is perfect for us.

    Great job on the gift cards. I love discounted gift cards.

    1. Hi Pubbler,

      Nice price. We do have a produce market. I should check their prices again.

      Thanks for sharing.

  4. I have never been to BJ's, but it looks like you found some good deals.
    I loved Costco when we lived in norhern VA. I liked their diapers and scuh. We had a Sam's membership briefly, but we didn't renew since I didn't think we were saving that much since the nearest Sam's was about an hour away.

    1. Hi Kathy,

      We were in the same boat as you with Sam's Club. It is about 30 minutes away in an area with heavy traffic. B,J's is closer and the traffic isn't bad so that worked better for us.

  5. Hi AD, this is Chris. Costco is raising the price of their membership to $60 starting June 1. I am not sure if we are going to renew it. I like Costco, but not sure it is saving us enough to make it worth it since I don't use it to buy gas regularly and we have a lot of other stores nearby that I can work the deals.

    1. Hi Chris,

      I hear you. I was going back and forth about renewing but we finally did.