Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February Expense Report

After the huge spending month in January, I am happy to see this lower one in February. This is every penny we spent this month. If there is something you don't see, it is HERE . 

Gas and Electric              $   210.13

CableTV, Tel., Int.                 138.34

Alarm Monitoring                   30.90

Netflix                                    9.99

Household Goods                 287.43

Groceries                            187.14

Gasoline                               22.90

Car Wash                               8.00

Clothing                               62.21

Rest&Take-Out                     45.50

Liquor                                 28.07

Medical                              380.51

Personal Care                     105.00

Gifts                                    61.68

Total Expenses                $1577.80 

Household goods this month was a couple of kitchen and bathroom organizers, glass containers for leftovers, a keyboard, microfiber cloths, light bulbs, silicone sealer, and foodsaver bag rolls, etc.

Groceries was low because we are eating from the pantry and freezers.

I purchased 3 pairs of shoes for me from DSW on clearance this month. I now have a pair of black flats so that I don't have to borrow them from my DIL. I also got a pair of red flats and a pair of loafers.

Restaurants and take out was submarines( $2.00 after using a gift card and trying a new sub place)  and frozen yogurt. We went out with our family to Applebee's but that was all paid with a giftcard I got a deal on last year. We also had a couple of Burger King lunches also paid with a giftcard gotten on a deal last year.

Liquor was to replenish Hubby's Southern Comfort.

Medical was our health insurance, 4 prescriptions co-pays, and 1 doctor appointment co-pay. It was a good month because of very few appointments.

Personal care was haircuts for us and color for me.

Gifts were for Valentines Day and another occasion.

It was a very good month so we were able to invest $5,000. into our index funds.

Did you keep your spending low this month and invest some money or pay off debt?


  1. Fabulous results! We kept all of our spending low, EXCEPT for our house spending. We are in the process of doing some updates before we move in, that are very difficult once you are actually occupying a house. That means a condensed period of lots of work & expenses.

    1. Hi Hawaii Planner,

      Good job! House expenses are always huge when you have just moved into a home.

  2. Dang Feb. WAS a good spending month for y'all!
    Congrats on tucking $5K into investments. Hubs must have a really good pension. ;-)

    No debt here and Feb. is looking to be a pretty good savings month, with a caveat, which I'll post about tomorrow.

  3. Hi Slugmama,

    Thanks! Congrats to you on your good savings month.

    The pension is just a small part of our monthly income. We have about 9 other "items" that make up our monthly income.