Thursday, February 23, 2017

Frugality The Past Few Weeks

It's been a good frugal few weeks. Here are the things that we have done to save money:

- We filed our income taxes for free. I prepared them and we did not pay for turbo tax or any other software to file them.

- We aren't getting a huge refund which is what we aim for each year. We can make money investing our money rather than letting the government use it for free each year.

- We continue to use cold water for washing our laundry and then hang it to dry.

- I needed a keyboard since we seem to go through them around here quickly. Whether we pay $60. or $15. for them, they never last. So I purchased a Logitech for $9.94 at Super Walmart yesterday. I can type capital P's and ? marks now. Yeah! If I had ordered it from them online the same keyboard was $13.94. For a moment I did consider buying more than one since the price was so good. But I figured if I did that this keyboard would never break. Maybe I should have for cheap insurance. 

- We got the car washed to get the grime and salt off since the weather has been so nice. Spending a few dollars in the winter for car washes keeps the rust away. Your car is a huge investment of money so take good care of it and it will last you a long time.

- I was really tired one evening so we ignored the menu plan for that evening and got take out - submarines from Subway and paid with a gift card. 

- I shampooed two bedrooms of carpeting with our own carpet shampooer. We have owned this shampooer for almost 20 years and it still works beautifully. We don't pay for services or rentals to do this. 

- We are getting rid of the clutter little by little which will save us money, make us a little money selling some items, and give us peace of mind.

- I found a better price on my Skinny(sugar free) coffee syrups. I had been buying the small bottles that I showed you at Bed, Bath and Beyond with a coupon. My sister mentioned to me that Amazon carried the syrups. I was able to buy the really large bottles (25.4 oz) of Jordan's for far less than BBB. The bonus was that Amazon offered a $8.63 discount off $50. yesterday so I was able to get 5 bottles plus 2 bottle pumps for $44.12 shipped. They had many more flavors than I was able to find at my BBB so I will be trying raspberry. It will be at least a year before I will need to purchase any more. The pumps will make it easier to get just a couple of drops in a cup of coffee rather than trying to pour it. This works out to be a lot cheaper than buying flavored creamers.

- I received $40. in rebates in the mail.

- I filled our car up with gasoline getting $ .50 off a gallon and then paid the bill with a Visa Debit card that I got as a rebate.

- Instead of using the recumbent bike for exercise, I have been walking in the neighborhood while the weather has been so warm the past 10 days or so.

- We have been doing as little grocery shopping as possible and eating from our stockpile. 

So what have you been doing frugally to save some money? Please feel free to share with us by leaving a comment.

I will be enjoying my son and granddaughter for the
next three days. Their short visit is very precious to us so we will be spending every moment with them. I am excited for them to arrive. So I will be back on Monday. I hope you all have a great weekend.       


  1. Have a great visit with your family!

  2. Hope you have a wonderful visit with your family!

  3. Lots of great frugal wins! We've been doing our normal stuff, plus lots of work on our house before we move in. LOTS of physical labor. You forget how hard it is. ;-)

    Enjoy your family time!

  4. Hi Hawaii Planner,

    Thanks for sharing. Good luck with the house.