Thursday, February 2, 2017

January 2017 Expense Report

This is every penny that we have spent in the month of January. If there is an expense that you don't see mentioned here, you will find an explanation HERE .

Alarm Monitoring                                   $ 30.90

Cable TV, Internet & Tel.                          138.34

Gas & Electric                                         199.43

Netflix                                                       9.99

Medical                                                6320.85

Restaurants                                           195.20

Groceries                                              486.60

Non-Food Household Goods                    486.39

Office Supplies                                        16.19

Household Maintenance                         348.32

Gifts                                                      37.42

Cellphone                                             596.00

Wine & Liquor                                         23.82

B.J.'s Membership                                   54.37

Property Taxes                                    3350.98

Personal Care                                       110.00

Gasoline                                                57.60

Total Expenses for January             $ 12,462.40 

You did read that expense total correctly. I know I was kind of taken aback by it. This is probably the largest expense month in years. I had a larger one  in December 2013 when I spent almost $13,000. in dental on my bridge to be made and installed. 

As you can see, we had two very large expenses because of my dental problems this month. The root canal and post caused by my bridge being taken off yesterday cost me an additional $ 1428.  Add that to the $ 3838. that the rest of the work is costing me plus Hubby and my cleanings and my X rays and the grand total at the dentist this month was $ 5842. The rest of the medical was insurance, doctor co-pays, prescriptions, and medical equipment.

The restaurant expense was two dinners out with friends and family. Then we had take out of 2 fish frys, 1 beef on a weck, 1 fries and 1 onion rings. 

Groceries were high because of stocking up on large boxes of K cups and tea that were at a great price plus two B.J.s bulk orders.

Non-food household goods was cleaning products,
wrapping paper, a $20. discounted Subway gift card,
a new electric razor for Hubby for $64.79, 2 Origami shelving units for $ 215. 95, hand soap refills, laundry eggs, some miscellaneous hardware, batteries, and trash bags. 

Office supplies was my planner. Gifts was for my grandson's birthday.

Household maintenance was our annual bill for 2017 for fertilizer and other treatments for our lawn. They bill us in January or February and give us 5% off if we pay in full for the year.

The cellphone expense was for the entire year of 2017. We pay my son whose account it is under. He only charges us for the basic charges - nothing for internet or texting. 

The property taxes was for all of 2017. We pay the school taxes in September.

I think pretty much everything else is pretty easy to figure out.

We had quite a bit of money left after paying all of these bills with the exception of the large dental bills which I charged on a credit card that won't arrive until the end of February. The reason is that we didn't invest as much as we could have in December 2016. Instead as I told you, we held $ 4000. over into January because of the property taxes. We also had some money left from November 2016 because we always keep a bit for a buffer. I don't like the checking account going down to low.

So rather than make an investment this month, we have decided to hold the leftover money in our checking account until we get the dental credit card bill. There is no sense making the investment this month and then having to take the dental bill out of our expense account next month. It will just be a wash the end of February. So that is why I showed the dental expense this month. I hope I explained this so you can understand it. I know it is confusing but it is amazing what we will do to make $100. cash back using our credit card. I could have just paid cash. 

So if I ignore the dental bill and the property taxes, everything else was just about where we would like it.

How was your month? Did you have any bills pop up that you weren't expecting like my dental bills?   


  1. Thank you for sharing! I think you did pretty good considering all the good deals you scored. I hope you liked the new chicken. I know you mentioned you don't eat lots of beef for health reasons, but grass fed has less fat/ marbling so we had to adjust our cooking a little bit. You may experience something similar. We had a little bit spender of a month with the move. We depleted our fridge/ freezer stock so I had to spend an extra $100 on basics restock & learning new local stores best prices. I broke out a price book again until I learn what my best local price is in area for my local stores. We are still looking for local meat supplier that has pricing and standards we like. My neighbor has an abundance of eggs & is sharing two dozen a week with us so I will drop off the occasional baking as a thank you because she won't take money. Plus I have someone to learn from as I get my own chickens next year. I feel lucky we are settling into a nice new routine with wonderful community out in the country. Hopefully the rest of the dental work goes smoothly for you.

    1. Hi Aj,

      We loved the new chicken. The quarter of a grass fed cow should be perfect for us and for when we have company during a year. I am redoing my price book the same as you. UGH on having to restock. I remember how expensive that was when we moved here from AZ. I am happy that you are meeting your neighbors and getting some eggs. Yeah! I hope you love your new home in the country.

      Most of the painful dental work was completed yesterday. Thank God. My face and mouth are so sore. I just have to go back in two weeks for the permanent crowns and then to have the bridge permanently cemented back in. Right now it is in with glue mixed with vaseline to make it easy to get out next time. The next time should be pain free.

      I don't mind sharing my expense reports but this one was just awful with taxes and the dental. UGH! Not the way I wanted to start the year out.