Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My Grocery Shopping Haul

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. I hope you are having a great one!

Today I needed to go to the grocery store. It had been a while and our list was getting long.

This is what I purchased at Top's:

1 Extra Large Bag of Cooked Shrimp - $12.99 - $4./1
Top's coupon = $ 8.99

1 Harvestland Organic Whole Chicken on sale for $ 2.49 a lb. = $ 13.62 - $2./10. Tops Organic Coupon = $ 11.62

1 Bush's Chili Beans - $ 1.49 - $ .75/1 doubled = Free

8 oz. Pecan Halves and Pieces = $ 6.49

4 Pkgs. of Breakfast Sausage - $ 3.50 each = $ 14.00

5 pkgs. of Strawberries on B2G3F = $ 9.98 for all

1 bag of Birds Eye Sugar Snap Peas - $ 2.29

1 bag of Birds Eye Pearl Onions - $ 2.00

1 bag of Birds Eye Stir Fry Veggies (red, orange, green peppers and onions) = $ 2.00

Total OOP was $ 57.37.

This is the best price in our area that I have found on shrimp so I jumped right on that coupon.

I have been replacing poultry as we run out with organic poultry when I see it on sale. The beans were free and will get used in soup. Hubby is going to make Waldorf salad tommorrow so we needed pecans.

I buy the breakfast sausage whenever it goes on sale to replenish my Sunday morning company supply.

Hubby loves strawberries so they don't last long around here. This deal was too good to pass up.

I was out of the peppers that I froze last summer so these will have to suffice until we get local peppers here this summer. Hubby loves the pearl onions so I will surprise him one night. I love snap peas so I couldn't resist.

I doubt that I will go shopping for another 10 days or so. We are pretty much eating from the stockpile.

Since Hubby remembered that it was Valentine's Day this morning, I decided to get take out for lunch and surprise him. He thinks this is a treat because I don't get it very often. I had a coupon for Burger King for 2 Whopper Jr. sandwiches and 2 small fries for $ 3.99 so with tax it was $ 4.31. Of course I paid for it with one of the gift cards that I purchased on the Dollar General Deal last Fall. 

I will be putting my accountant hat on tomorrow. We finally got the last of our investment and other statements for taxes today. Our taxes are pretty complicated so I will be taking tomorrow off from posting to work on them.


  1. Happy Valentine's day! Great shopping trip with lots of good foods.
    Hope your taxes aren't too stressful tomorrow. Hope you have a good day.

    1. Hi Kathy,

      Thank you. You have a good day too!