Tuesday, February 21, 2017

My Organization Over The Last Week

Our master bathroom and closet needed desperate weeding out. The first thing I did was the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. It was an achy day for me so I decided to start small and see if I had the energy to keep going. I did. We don't keep much in there except for pain killers, antacids, deodorant, eye stuff and cleaner for eye glasses, and ear eye stuff.

The rest is in our master bedroom closet on a shelf above. We have a very small vanity with 2 sinks and not enough drawer space or cabinet space. You can see my side below. Hubby does not want his personal things shown.

 Here is the rest of our bathroom except for the shower which you can only see the top.
There is nothing better than taking a soak in that tub after a day of working around here.

The rest of the master closet is above.And below. Hubby is the clothes horse in our home. His clothes take up one short wall and 3/4's of the long wall. Me, I am a minimalist. Mine are on one short wall and less than 1/4 of the long wall. I have to tell you that the blue bag is my Samantha Brown carry on for traveling and I love it. It is the best suitcase that I have ever had.
I always keep an extra thing of toilet paper and about 10 boxes of Kleenex in here so that we are not constantly running to the basement.
I also keep a couple of sets of extra towels, my blood pressure machine and my liquid soap. I try to keep all of our clothes sorted by item and color.I just got done throwing out things that I didn't like or that were very old and one even had developed a hole in it.

Our master bedroom I keep very minimalist too.
Just a place to throw my purse and our change. The box you see on the floor to the right of the dresser has my spring clothes in it. I want to sort through them before I wash them. I am hoping to get rid of some them also. Then I will pack up my winter clothes into the same box and store them in the basement. 

My nightstand has just the necessities which are a lamp, my electric blanket controller, the telephone. tissues and my reading material. Of course, I take my water where ever I go in the house.

This is our chair to relax and read. It has a tall lamp behind it. Usually the 4 window shades are up but it is hard to take a picture when the sun is our bright. Hence they are drawn. We also have a California King size sleep number bed, two large dressers and another end table in this room. It is a very large room. 

Now back to the kitchen. This cupboard now holds my pyrex and corningware, some baking pans, and my garbage bowl and a couple of other bowls inside of it. Everything is neat and easy to use. This cupboard is near the oven.

My pots and collection of frypans are large. This is the only cupboard with the exception of my corner cabinet turntable that they will fit in. I have to stack the frypans so I put cardboard in between each of them. The drawer pulls out so it is easier than it looks to get one. As out stash of condiments goes down in the turntable cupboard, I may switch them into that so that I don't have to stack. 

I love my breadbox. I used to keep my bread in the pantry. However Hubby does not like it there. He wanted it on the counter where it was handy to get at for breakfasts and lunches. Men! That corner of the kitchen was always a mess. So I purchased this breadbox to hide it in. I am looking for a better utensil holder too. I haven't found one that I like yet. 

I keep my oils and spoon rest on a turntable next to the stove. I have brown oil containers too so I am going to switch them once the oil is gone in the yellow ones. The mustard containers clash with the yellow utensils. I like the pop of yellow of the utensils so they are staying.  

I keep my soaps and countertop cleaner on a tray next to the sink along with my jar of dishwasher tabs so that they are always handy. 

And this is where I write my blog posts to you every day. 

I would show you the rest of the kitchen but it is in a prior post so I would just be repeating myself. 

Besides doing all of this and posting I have been really busy getting ready for my family to visit. I had lots of errands to run, a list to make of things to do when they come. I also have been baking, washing and hanging laundry, going to appointments, and planning a Sunday breakfast for the entire family minus the two daughter in laws.  The one who lives closer has her brother visiting at the same time as my family is here.

After my family goes home, I will get back to organizing. I had to stop to do other things.

I hope you all have a terrific day! Talk to you again tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for sharing. Looks nice. I love your breadbox, so cute!!

    Enjoy, Janie

  2. Your home is really pretty, and organized.
    I really like your countertops in the kitchen and am wondering what material they are and if you would recommend them. I like our kitchen cabinets but the Formica is 17 years old and is looking 27 years old.

    1. Hi Rhonda,

      They are quartz which is so easy to take care of vs. granite. We love them. Good luck with deciding on what you are going to do and have fun with it.