Monday, February 6, 2017

My Organized Coffee Area

Before I get into showing you what I did to organize my coffee and semi- beverage area, I want to remind everyone that organizing your home does save you money. Angela was nice enough to remind me of that yesterday. 

How many times have you bought something because you couldn't find the one you thought you had? I have done it. A good example was my rolling pin. I hunted high and low for that and then finally bought a new one. Of course a couple of months later, I found the original one.

By organizing your home the way you want it, you make it easy to find what you are looking for and don't have to spend extra money for things that you already have but can't find. So in the spirit of saving money and organizing my home for efficiency, I started with my coffee area last Friday. Now I can find everything without having to move anything. Of course, I still have to get out the step stool to reach the items on the top shelves. But I keep it close in a pantry.

This cupboard that you see above is over my coffee maker and Vitamix. It is also close to the sink. The Vitamix gets used almost every morning to make me a smoothie for breakfast. My refrigerator is directly across from this counter so I can grab my frozen fruits, juice, yogurt, milk or whatever else I need to make one easily. 

My coffeemaker is also near this cupboard. Next to my coffeemaker I keep 3 coffee syrups that I use every morning. They are vanilla, salted caramel, and mocha. I use a little of whatever flavor I want along with some half and half in my coffee. I love these because they are 0 sugar and 0 calories.They are the Skinny Girl brand. The drawers under the K cup machine holds our coffees, teas, and some Swiss Miss hot cocoas.

The first shelf in my cupboard has my glasses and straws that we use for smoothies or for our Crystal Light. It also has my protein powder that I use in my smoothies. Then our coffee mugs and travel mugs. I have 3 more mugs that I keep in case we have company. However, they are in the dishwasher right now. 

The second shelf holds our Crystal Lights to make pitchers full and our To Go's. Hubby drinks a lot of Crystal Light so he keeps the pitcher in the fridge full. I use the To Go's in the summer when I run errands. I usually drink ice water all day. I had these containers already so I did not have to buy them nor the basket you see above. 

The third shelf has some green teas and other teas along with my lemon honey spoons for tea. The basket on the right has extra hot cocoas that we just pour into a mug and then use the K cup machine for the hot water. We do the same for these teas.

The top shelf holds things that we don't use very often. There are Splenda and Equal packets and Stevia. It also has our matches up nice and high to keep out of the hands of our grandchildren. We have family and friends that ask for these sugar substitutes when they visit. We have others that ask for sugar. However that is so rare, that I only fill our sugar bowl when they ask for it. When they leave, it gets emptied and put back with our dishes.

This area will not only keep me organized but happy when I get up in the morning. I am a very early riser so I need my one cup of coffee in the morning to fully wake me up. I can lay my hands on whatever I need quickly and efficiently. Most of the time I am drinking that one cup of coffee while I am writing to you.

Did you organize any area or your home over the weekend? If so share with us in comments.


  1. Wow, very nice! Love how you organized everything.

  2. It looks great - super organized! I've had the flu, so I took things pretty easy over the weekend. I packed a few boxes, and called it a win. I've been continuing to whittle down our belongings & organize what we do have, in advance of our move. I'm also hoping that I will be similarly inspired when we unpack in a few weeks.

    1. Hi Hawaii Planner,

      Thanks. Sorry you have the flu. I sure hope you are feeling better.

      From someone who has done a cross country move, get rid of whatever you can that you don't like, is old or is a duplicate. Good luck with the move and the organizing afterward.