Wednesday, February 8, 2017

My Refrigerator Organization

I finally finished organizing my refrigerator yesterday. I like it neat so that I can easily lay my hands on what I want. That is not easy with Hubby who puts things back in the first open spot he sees. So I took the time to show him where everything goes.

Having told you before that he is the condiment king, I have given him one shelf for his treasures. The only exception is a shelf on the left hand side door which does have our salad dressings and a very large ketchup in the right hand side door. He can have any condiment he wants as long as they fit on that shelf. 

Let's start at the top of the fridge. On the left I always have one to two dozen eggs which I keep in these egg containers. They each hold 14 eggs. Next to it is our spreadable cream cheeses for bagels and our sour cream. On the right is a bottle of champagne always at the ready for a special occasion. 

The next shelf on the left is Hubby's condiment shelf. It has everything imaginable including jalapeno slices, pickles, mustards, our garlic, our jams, mayonaise, pickle relish, BBQ sauce, tartar sauce, pesto sauce, and taco sauce. When the large condiments such as mayonaise and ketchup are gone, I am only going to buy small bottles. They take up so much less room. I rarely use a condiment unless I am making a turkey sandwich. I do use the garlic and pesto sauce for cooking. This shelf also holds chocolate syrup to make my grandson chocolate milk or a sundae.

Below that shelf is our cool whip and a canned whip cream and some margarine. The bowl has hard boiled eggs which I occasionally eat for breakfast or for Hubby to make an egg salad which he loves. They will get used up today. I also keep any leftovers on this shelf. In the container is leftover shrimp dia fravolo which we ate last night for dinner.

To the right of those two shelves is where we keep our beverages. Right now we have half and half, milk, cranberry juice, and Crystal Light peach ice tea.

The bins underneath I use for fruit on the left and vegetables on the right. We only have a few cup up  fresh strawberries for fruit right now. Most of the winter we use frozen or canned fruit. Our vegetables are romaine lettuce, celery, any onion that is partially cut up, carrots and radishes. Sometimes I buy tomatoes and cucumbers for our salads when the price is right. 

The large bottom drawer is where I keep any deli meat we buy along with sandwich cheeses. They are in a tray inside the drawer on the left. The rest of the drawer has snacking cheeses, shredded cheeses, pepperoni for homemade pizza, parmesan cheeses for grating and a large swiss cheese that I slice for cordon bleu's and crockpot meals. 

The left hand door has maraschino cherries for my grandson's sundaes, cream cheese for cooking, salad dressings, beer and malt beverages for company. Once in a while we will have a beer or malt beverage but it is rare. 

The right hand door has our butter, lemon and lime juices, Parmesan cheese, stir fry sauces, maple syrups, Hubby's creamers, and that huge ketchup.

For now it is pretty well organized. I have some other ideas to make it even neater by using containers for our milk and creamers and squeeze containers for the condiments. However some of them are very expensive right now. I will keep my eye on the prices.

By keeping my fridge neat and clean, it is easy to maintain. I wipe up spills right away and wipe out all of the fridge the day before I grocery shop. Those two things prevent a huge clean up job. We also try to keep on top of leftovers so that we don't waste anything. 

I had an unbelievable amount of energy yesterday. So after the fridge was done, I started tackling our master bedroom closet. I either threw out or put in a donate bag a lot of clothes. Maybe I can get Hubby to go through his clothes sometime this week.

I am not done in the kitchen by any means. However Hubby was working in there yesterday afternoon so I switched gears for a bit. 

Have you been doing any organizing lately? 


  1. A clean and organized refrigerator is a thing of great beauty as the old saying goes...or if there isn't an old saying like that, there should be. LOL! Job well done!!

    1. Hi Florence,

      My grandmother was Florence. I love the name. Thanks.The kitchen seems to function so easily when things are neat and organized.

  2. Looks great! Love how you organized everything.
    What is it with guys and condiments? My dh likes bbq, so we have 4-5 various flavors open at once.
    So glad that you had more energy yesterday. Do hope that you are feeling better, but please don't overdo things.

    1. Hi Kathy,

      Thanks. Men just keep opening those bottles with no regard as to whether than is room or not.UGH!

      I am feeling much better and following doctor's orders.

  3. Thinking about keeping the refrigerator clean reminded me of a conversation. So many things have plastic lids, like oats. One person commented her grandmother put them under items in the cabinets and refrigerator to catch drips. CATCH DRIPS? I wipe off condiments, jelly and such, including the rims and caps before returning them to the refrigerator or cabinets. Any sort of drip gets cleaned immediately, not depending on plastic lids under them to contain drips.

    1. Hi Practical Parsimony,

      I do the same as you. It keeps everything very clean. No lids needed here either. I am pretty OCD about having a clean refrigerator and sinks.