Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Our First Healthy Chicken Purchase and Our Menu This Week

Since we have decided to replace meat that we buy with organic or natural meat, we bought our first chicken early last week. We only had one large package of chicken thighs left. I was struggling to find chicken that was organic or at least natural. I have not had time to go to Dash's. It is quite a distance from our home. Then I noticed that Top's had Perdue Harvestland Chicken on sale last week at 25% off. The Harvestland was no antibiotics, no steroids, fed all vegetarian diet, fed no animal parts, and were raised cage free. For now, it is the best I can find so far.

So the morning before I went to the E.R., I went shopping. I got four packages and then used a $2.00/10.00 Top's organic coupon that they allowed me to use. So I spent $ 20.27 after the coupon for 5.23 lbs. of thin sliced chicken breasts. When Hubby went to B.J.'s for me I had him look to see what they had. He said they had no organic meat except some packaged ground beef and they also had this Harvestland. The same chicken breasts were $ 4.25 a lb. regular price. So now I know to buy them at B.J.'s unless someone has a better sale. Top's with the coupon did work out cheaper this time. Hubby used some for the chicken piccata and then used the food saver to package up the rest for the freezer. I think he said we have enough for 6 more meals. We already ate two meals of it. BTW, this chicken was so tender and flavorful. But it did show me that buying meat this way is going to be so much more expensive. However it is worth it if it keeps us healthy and allergy free(I hope). 

I also purchased bananas, cooking onions, baby carrots, 2 cucumbers, and a package of radishes for a total of $ 5.32. Besides Hubby's B.J.'s trip that was all that was spent on food last week.

Our menu this week:

Monday - Homemade Pizza, side salad

Tuesday - Roast Turkey dinner with gravy and stuffing, cranberry sauce and green beans

Wednesday - Leftover Turkey Dinner

Thursday - Turkey Club Sandwiches, pears

Friday - Homemade Turkey Soup

Saturday - Leftover Turkey Soup

Sunday - Chef's Salads

So what is on your menu this week? 

Quick Update on My Dental Situation: The dentist was able to to remove my bridge yesterday. It took two hours because he did not want it to break. It came out in one piece. However, I had two teeth supporting the bridge inside of it. One of them broke at the gum line. So I had to have a root canal and a post put in. I paid for that and all of the work yesterday. You will see the cost reflected in my January Expense report tomorrow.        


  1. Wegmans always has organic chicken. They carry whole chicken, just the cutlets, breasts with bones/skin on, chicken thighs, etc. Expensive but worth it. Sherri

    1. Hi Sherri,

      Thanks so much for letting me know. I haven't been there yet.

  2. Sometimes I like to go to the Weis Markets west of my town. That Weis is much bigger than the one here and I often find more meats marked down there. Last year I got quite a few packages of Perdue Harvest Land chicken there on markdown.
    Be looking out for Perdue Qs on coupons dotcom. They had them for the Harvest Land variety last year.

    1. Hi Slugmama,

      Thanks for letting me know about the coupons. I will keep an eye out for them.

  3. I order our chicken breasts from Zaycon Foods. It's an online ordering company and then you pick it up at a certain location on a certain date. Their 93/7 ground beef is awesome! There is no grease to drain at all. You can see if they stop in your area. Dental work is time consuming and expensive so I hope that it gets completed fast and will last for a very long time.


    1. Hi Rebecca,

      Thanks for sharing. I do belong to Zaycon but they rarely come to my area.

      Thanks for the good wishes.

  4. Oh man sorry about the extra dental work. Hopefully you are not uncomfortable. We don't but a lot of meat in store but when I do I buy it on markdown which happens more frequently because so many people think it's more expensive so don't buy them I freeze or cook and freeze it when I get home. The markdown brings it down to conventional meat prices usually if not cheaper. Just a thought- my store does markdowns in the morning 7-8am so I go at 9 am to get them

    1. Hi Aj,

      Thanks for the tip. I will have to keep my eye open for marked down organic or natural meat.