Friday, February 10, 2017

The Baking Cupboard

With all that is going on around here, I only had time to organize my baking cupboard today. I got tired of having to take things from different cupboards and drawers every time I wanted to bake something. So I have set up one cupboard with the things I need to easily bake things. 

Our flour, sugar, brown sugar, powdered milk, etc. has been put in the pantry where they belong. No canisters on my counter. I like my counters as free as possible from stuff unless it is used daily. 

The cupboard is pictured above right next to the stove area.  Ignore the hot mitts. They are temporarily hanging there until I can hang some Command hooks on the cupboard below the counter. 

The top shelf has my rolling pin and hand mixer with a basket holding the mixers blades.

The third shelf holds a basket with my necessary sifter, spatula, cookie scoops, and biscuit cutters. 

Also on the third shelf next to the basket are my measuring cups for dry ingredients.

On the second shelf is my mixing bowl and a basket with my sprinkles and flavorings for frostings.

On the first shelf  are my liquid measuring cups, my measuring spoons, toothpicks, Karo syrup, maple and almond flavorings, and vanilla. The jar holds my silicone and paper cups for muffins and cupcakes. Behind my jar is my yeast.

While organizing this today, I realized that my liquid measuring cups and spatula need replacing. So the next time I run errands, I will do that.

Hopefully this will be efficient for me when I need to bake something.

I hope that all of you and your families have a great weekend!

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