Thursday, February 9, 2017

What We Have Done Frugally The Past Couple of Weeks

I wasn't sure I was going to be able to post today. It has been such a busy day. We had two lengthy appointments that took up most of the day. We are also dealing with lawyers on the sale of some property that we own. By the time we got done with all of that today, it was dinnertime. Neither of us had the energy to cook. So we went out for a wonderful seafood dinner consisting of broiled haddock, scallops, and shrimp, salad, potatoes, wine, and a yummy roll.

Now I am home enjoying a nice cup of coffee and writing to you. Then it will be an early bedtime. I am beat!

These are the things that we have done frugally the past couple of weeks:

- Hubby fixed the leak under the sink and caulked the entire sink area. Cost under $15. which is a whole lot less than calling a plumber.

- 90% of our meals were made at home.

-  I donated some clothing and got a receipt for federal taxes for 2017.

- I saved money by organizing the master bedroom closet, under the kitchen sink, and our coffee area. This way I can find things and won't end up buying a second when we don't need it. I continue to organize.

- For entertainment, Hubby and I have been playing Scrabble and we have also been playing Pokemon Monopoly with our son and grandson on Sundays.

- I had no time for coffee until noontime. I had a nice cup at the hair salon(free- provided by them) while I was getting my hair cut and colored. 

- Used the recumbent bike for 30 minutes a day Monday through Friday each week.

- I multi tasked and watched You Tube while I was doing the bike.

- Made 2 loaves of banana bread from scratch using overripe bananas.

- Baked a birthday cake for my grandson. It was a lot cheaper than ordering one at the bakery.

- We have purchased very few groceries this month because we are eating from the stockpile.

- Hubby cleaned our Keurig with vinegar. It was making a lot of noise. We were worried that it was going to bite the dust. But now the noise is gone and it is still going strong.

- We are using up all of the samples in the house.

- I made the grandchildren Valentine's gifts. I purchased peanut butter hearts that were dipped in chocolate and wrapped in red tinfoil. Then I purchased cute little white metal buckets with handles and filled them with the candy hearts. Each gift including a greeting card was under $10.00. They can reuse the buckets in their rooms for change, little things they collect, etc.

- I purchased 100 Forever stamps at a discount at BJ's before the price went up.

- I cashed in my free Gillette Razor coupon and free 12 pack of Diet Coke coupons for Hubby.

- Shopped at Top's for a couple of needed groceries on Tuesday when it was Senior Discount Day for 6% off the entire order.

- Filled our car up with gasoline at Noco to get $ .10 off a gallon with my Friends and Family Card. It ended up being cheaper than the cash station by $ .02 a gallon. Bonus: The two stations are less than a mile from home and almost across the road from each other. It was an off week for gasoline points at Top's so we had no points there.

- Went to the Dr. with Hubby to get a bunion removed from the bottom of his foot. The Dr. showed me how to do it at home if it comes back. It involves a Dremel sander which we own.

- Made homemade pizza the last two Fridays.

- Made homemade Buffalo wings and hummus with chips for the Superbowl. Stayed in and watched it.

- Made homemade granola.

- Cooked up pinto and navy beans from dry to put in the freezer for future meals. I buy them in 25 lb. bags.

- Stayed home most days which saved money and gasoline.

- I continue to meal plan.

- Hung in the basement all of our laundry except for a load of towels which I put in the dryer.

- Added air in our tires to bring them up to pressure. Properly inflated tires saves gasoline.

- Ordered a birthday gift for a family member that was free with a coupon code. I just had to pay a little bit for shipping.

- Anytime I go to a department store or Walmart, I am keeping my eye open for cute things in the clearance sections to put in gift baskets for future occasions.  One of them is pictured above. It has a magnet on the back.

What have you done frugally the past couple of weeks? Leave a comment and share with all of us.      


  1. Would you please share your granola recipe?

    1. Hi Becky,

      I use Brandy's recipe. It is the best one I have ever tried. I leave out the nuts and go a little lighter on the oil. I can't have nuts so Hubby just adds them when he has a bowl.

    2. I also use Brandy's recipe for granola. One batch will usually last a week for the two of us.

    3. I don't eat it as often as you. So I keep it in an air tight jar and it keeps until we can. It truly is so easy and delicious.

  2. I love the idea of the Valentine's buckets. I did the same with an old Easter basket that DS got from DMIL years ago. I keep my jewelry in there :) We've also been reusing an old Easter basket for years. I've saved all the grass, and plastic wrapping. I just fill it with new treats and gifts every year and DS is happy. No use in wasting money on a new basket every year.

    1. Hi Pubbler,

      I do the Easter Basket thing too. Thanks for sharing.