Friday, March 10, 2017

Frugal Things The Past Few Weeks

We have had a frugal few weeks. This is what we have done:

- Received $11.81 in Amazon rewards. That will be saved for something we truly need.

- We have basically been on a Spending Fast which means buying as little as we need with the exception of necessities.

- We have spent very little on groceries and have been eating from our huge stockpile.

- We sold some property surface rights. We did not blow that money, not even a dime of it. It has been invested for our grandchildren.

- I have already started a special folder for everything we need to file 2017 income taxes. So when I need to do them, everything is at my fingertips. Everything in the folder has been also put on the computer for a backup.

- I have already researched how to show the sale of our property for taxes. I knew things would be different when only selling surface rights and not mineral rights. So I have put notes about it into my folder. 

- We have been cooking at home with just a few exceptions. We have gotten some fast food but we have paid for it with gift cards. We did the same when we took our son and granddaughter out for a restaurant meal. 

-  We researched rates on our homeowners policy and decided to stay with the company we have. Savings to switch was minimal.

- Hubby is researching maintenance costs for taking care of our yard, gardens and trees. He is in the process of dickering with the company we used last summer. They do excellent work. But he is  also getting estimates from other companies some of which he has already gotten.

- I have been watering down our shampoo, dish soap, body wash, etc. Most of them are so thick that you can add at least 1/3 water.

- We have purchased no clothing.

- We get our entertainment at home playing board games, reading, watching TV or You Tube, watching Netflix or Amazon movies.
We also have a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle that we are working on.

- I chatted with my sister this week and Hubby chatted with his using free long distance.

-  I did laundry using the HE washer with my eco eggs and cold water using the express cycle. Everything was hung to dry.

- My son needed a couple of things at Harbor Freight while he was here on Sunday. We had two flyers with coupons for a free screwdriver set. He went and got me a free set for each of us by just purchasing the things he was going to get anyhow doing two separate orders. He has no problem doing one order, putting it in the car and going back in for another. These are cheap screwdrivers but are handy for keeping a set in the car which he will do. Or in my case, I like an extra set in my kitchen for when I need to tighten something. That way I don't have to run to the garage or basement. Plus Hubby has been known to not put his tools back where they belong and I hate to have to waste time looking for something I need to use. 

- We are planning on having two meatless meals a week now.

- Makeup, especially foundation, is so expensive and I am almost out. I am hearing that Neutrogena Hydro Boost is as good as some of the more expensive ones. I may give it a try. I am planning a trip to see what the Dollar Tree sells. Perhaps I can find something there. Does anyone here buy Neutrogena or buy at the Dollar store? I would appreciate any advice you can give me.

- I have made all of our desserts when we crave them. Thankfully it is not too often.

- We have been conserving as much water as we can. We were very happy when our quarterly water and sewer bill came this week. It was one of the lowest we have had in a year.

- I make enough rice for two meals when I cook it. We used the last servings of it for shrimp dia fravolo for Wednesday's dinner.

- We have been eating oatmeal for most breakfasts with the exception of pancakes yesterday and today and eggs and sausage last Sunday. I have 25 lbs. in a food grade bucket. It is cheap and delicious. We throw fruit, nuts, cinnamon and brown sugar or whatever we want that morning in it.

- I have decided to only plant herbs and peppers in my container garden this year. I have a produce store that is relatively cheap for local vegetables when they are in season. Herbs and peppers are expensive around here.

- I cut open the toothpaste tube this week to use up all of the extra that was in there. It lasted us 4 days.

- We have turned the heat down one degree. Baby steps! I am hoping Spring will arrive soon and warm things up so that we can turn the heat off. But I am sure that won't happen until May. Wishful thinking!

- I have been using my tablet as much as possible to save on electricity especially when watching You Tube videos.

- I have been using scrap paper for grocery lists. We have also been printing on both sides of the paper when we need to print something. The only exception has been coupons.

- We continue to use cloth napkins, microfiber cloths and handkerchiefs. We are using up our last batch of paper plates for lunches.

What have you been doing frugally the past couple of weeks? Please share with us so that everyone can learn from your knowledge. 


  1. Hi AD this is Chris. I am slowly working my way through the past posts of your blog, but I am thinking some of my comments aren't showing up to you? I am trying to comment this time using my desktop instead of the ipad and seeing if it makes any difference. I had some questions about some of your earlier posts.

    We have been doing the same as you and your hubby by eating out of our stockpile and only buying what we need, like fresh things, at the grocery. Our utility bills have been pretty good with the weather here. Hubby is working on re-doing our 20 year old deck instead of having it done. He is replacing the wood with the composite that we hope will be less maintenance through the years. It is a lot of work.

    1. Hi Chris,

      I have been replying to a lot of comments from you. They are on the individual posts that you left me the comments on.

      Kudos to your DH for doing all of the work on the deck. It is a lot of work.