Tuesday, March 14, 2017

My Grocery Haul This Week

As I sit here this morning drinking my raspberry sugar free coffee, I am watching the snow coming down. It will be interesting to see how many inches we get through tomorrow. I actually cancelled an appointment that I had for today yesterday. That's a good thing because the roads are not good and there is a state of emergency here. I am hoping to get it rescheduled for Thursday or Friday. We will see. With jury duty coming soon, I may not be able to reschedule for a month. 

Because of the impending storm yesterday, I managed to get out and get the groceries I needed this week. I was very frustrated when I shopped yesterday. I had many more things on my list but the shelves had been cleared on Sunday and Top's had not restocked according to a manager. I also made two purchases at Walmart but I can't find one of them. I purchased a lipstick that I know was in the bag when I left the store. It was not in the bag when I unbagged it. It either fell out in the cart or is rolling around the floor of the car. I will look when I get dressed later. I  paid nothing for it because the coupon overage covered the $ .07 tax so no great loss. The 32 ounce creamer was $ 2.98. At Top's my bill came to $11.81. So the total this week is $14.79. 

But I got the things that we actually needed to make meals this week. We are going to have hot Italian sausage sandwiches one night so I needed the hot dog buns. I am also planning an enchilada casserole so I needed the sauce. Hubby asked for the creamers and the stackers(they are so expensive) so I accommodated. I want to make a big crockpot full of spaghetti sauce this week and freeze some. But I needed more tomatoes so I picked up a couple of cans.

We are still happily eating the big pot of homemade chicken soup that I made on Sunday. This will be the third and last night. I also want to make a loaf or Italian or French bread this weekend so that I can make a meatball casserole on Monday night. 

Today since I am stuck in, I will most likely do some cleaning. 

Are you snowed in too?    



  1. I am not snowed in, but my hubby is. He is an over the road trucker, and is stuck in one of his company's operating centers in PA. The highway where he is delivering was shut down as of 10 p.m. Monday night. 20 inches of snow is expected. As of Tuesday afternoon, they already have 10 inches of snow!

  2. Hi Ellie,

    Sorry to hear he is stuck. My sister is in the Binghamton, NY area and they have 2 feet already!