Monday, March 6, 2017

My Shopping Plans This Month

As I told you prior I have $30. per week this month for grocery shopping. So I have to be very careful when I make my list and get the necessities that we need like milk, 1/2 and 1/2, fresh produce, etc. We are mostly eating from our stockpile.

This week I was going to go grocery shopping on Thursday or Friday. However I will be taking my $30. for the week tomorrow to shop. The reason is that it is senior citizen discount day at Top's. That gives me an additional 6% off and I am not one to turn down saving money. But tomorrow will be the only day I will shop.

So I plan on purchasing corned beef, cabbage, strawberries, 18 ct. large eggs, a couple of free items with coupons, provolone cheese, sour cream and sausage. The corned beef is on sale but depending on how big they are and the total cost, I may have to knock some of the items off my list. I do have part of a gift card so I may use that at Aldi's for the corned beef. Hubby loves corned beef and it looks like we may be entertaining company on St. Patrick's day. The cabbage is only $ .29 a lb. this week and will keep until the 17th.

I just opened a quart container of half and half this week. I believe that will last us until next week. If it doesn't I have plenty of dry milk and I can make homemade half and half. Our milk is also good for another week. We only use it for cereal and baking or the infrequent recipe. We can always make liquid from dry milk if need be.

I have 20 eggs left after cooking breakfast yesterday for my family. Due to their schedule we will not see them again for 3 weeks. So I probably don't have to buy eggs this week. However the 18 count is on a coupon sale for $.99. That is hard to pass up around here since we go through so many eggs.

Hubby loves provolone cheese for grilled cheese sandwiches and on his chef's salad so that is a necessity. He finished the package we had on chef's salads last Thursday. We use sour cream on lots of things. We used it on our tacos last night that we had on homemade Navajo fry bread instead of taco shells which I didn't have enough of. 

The strawberries are on sale for $1.49 this week which is a great price here for fresh. The sausage is also a sale item but I also have a $1.00 of coupon and a $ Doubler coupon which will make it $ 1.50 for a package.  

So that is what I will be looking to get this week.

The rest of the month I will be dissecting my list just like I did this one and making substitutions where necessary because I do not plan on going over the $30. amount. If I don't spend that much, then that money will go to the grandchildren's education fund. After St. Patrick's day if I find corned beef on a clearance price, I may buy another to put in the freezer to have later this spring or in the fall. 

I am aching today so I will be doing some easy things like paperwork and reading. I hope you all have a great day.

What are your plans this month? Any special things you are going to purchase like corned beef?


  1. We are not fans of corned beef, I'm a Texan and prefer my brisket cooked on a grill or smoked.
    I do hope somebody has a bargain price for cabbage around the 17Th. One year I bought 8 heads when they were something like 9 cents a pound 😂

    1. Hi Rhonda,

      I love beef brisket smoked. Actually I think my neighbor has been smoking one outside all day. YUM!

      $ .29 cents a lb. is a great price for us. $.09 would be awesome. Hopefully you will find it.