Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Starting March With a New Goal

I am an early riser so imagine my surprise when I actually slept until 7:30AM this morning. As I am starting my day with a cup of raspberry coffee, I am resolute to be mindful of every little thing we do today to spend as little money as possible so that we can help fund our granddaughter's education. After making my coffee from a free sample with my reusable cup, a squirt of raspberry coffee syrup, and a little half and half, I turn the Keurig machine off until Hubby gets up and makes his. No sense wasting electricity.  

The temperature is 55 but it is raining and dreary. However as Hubby is still sleeping, I need no light but the one over my computer. The heat won't kick on until 8AM. It automatically turns way down at night. When Hubby gets up he will use the light next to his great room chair to read his newspaper and do his crossword puzzle.

I love the silence in the house while I write to you, read a few blogs, and do some research on my computer. When I make or serve breakfast, I shut my desktop down and mostly use my tablet the rest of the day to conserve on energy.

Yesterday, as I ran seven errands in a circle using the most gas efficient route, one of them was to stop at Panera Bread and get their $ 6.99 deal of 13 bagels. I have them give me 4 freezer bags so that we can split them up: some for this week and some for future breakfasts. I wash out and reuse these bags when they come out of the freezer. I paid with a gift card that I purchased on a deal last year: a $ 50. gift card for $ 40. I have enough gift cards to get bagels all year. 

So breakfast will be a bagel toasted in our toaster oven and served with our choice of cream cheese. I stockpiled on sale cream cheeses about two months ago and froze them. They are a little crumbly when they defrost but still perfect for spreading on bagels. Hubby will have 4 oz. of juice with his. Me, I am a water girl.

I looked for free samples a few minutes ago but there was nothing I could use. I did sign up for a Free coupon for an Organic Valley Balance Protein Shake earlier in the week. That coupon will come snail mail in about 6 weeks. It also gets me on their mailing list for coupons.

I also saw a great deal for disinfectant wipes - 4 - 80 ct. for $10.49. Before I clicked on the link, I realized that my microfiber reusable cloths and my stockpiled  disinfectant cleaner would be so much cheaper. I have to always think of an alternative before I click that buy button. 

Hubby just finished with his shower so I am off of here to go get dressed. No shower for me today because I took one yesterday. My skin is so dry this winter that I don't need a shower every day. I just wash up at the sink. I also do not plan on going out of the house today except for a walk so no make up either. 

The sun has now come out so I have opened the blinds and shades on the south and east facing windows. I will follow the sun around the house opening and closing them as necessary. So all lights are off.

We have eaten our bagels and I put the few dishes in the dishwasher. I have a full load so I am running it on the quick wash cycle. I refilled the rinse container with vinegar from my gallon jug.

Next it was time to prepare for dinner. Looking at my recipe, the only thing that needed prepping was 1 cup of chopped onion. I still had some chopped up green onion from the weekend so I added some diced regular onion to it to make one cup.

This past Sunday afternoon I picked up 2 huge packages of Italian sausage on sale B1G1F. I paid a total of $ 12.96 for 5.97 lbs or about $ 2.17 a lb. I was totally out of this sausage. This morning I took them out of the refrigerator, divided them up and used my food saver to prepare most of them for the freezer. I saved three out for our recipe tonight. Then I ended up with with 5 bags of 3 to freeze for future meals. My recipe for tonight calls for 4-5 sausages. However these sausages were almost double the size of the ones I usually buy, so I am only using the 3. Our dinner recipe will feed us for two nights and possibly some lunches. When I use the ones in the freezer in homemade spaghetti or alfredo sauce or lasagna, I will get about 15 meals from them plus some lunches. So $.72 a meal + some lunches is a great price for meat for the two of us.

Next, I made our bed and mopped the kitchen and breakfast room hardwood floors using my Don Aslett mop and water. Hubby steam cleans them once every other month but in between I do them with the mop. After mopping I dry them with an old fluffy towel going back and forth with my feet which gives me some exercise. This all takes less than 15 minutes. 

Then it was time to put a load of wash in the HE washer using my Eco Eggs instead of detergent. I used the express cycle with cold water. Then I hung the shirts to dry. The other smaller items are on my drying rack. 

I received a doctor bill in the mail last week and I knew that Hubby would be getting the same co-pay bill because we each had an appointment and had gone together. I waited until his bill came yesterday so that I could write one check and use one stamp to mail both.      

I picked up this morning's newspaper and emptied our recycle container into the can in the garage and put that mail in our mailbox for the mailman to pick up on my way outside to walk a mile and a half in the neighborhood. I soaked up that sun while I could. It is supposed to turn windy and rainy later today. That walk was my daily exercise. 

I am back home now and working on cleaning a closet until it is time to eat leftover chicken and tater tot casserole for lunch.

Hubby and I just finished lunch and emptied the clean dishwasher. Lunch dishes have been put into it. All the window shades and blinds have been closed since we seem to have a storm brewing. Hubby is answering some  e-mails on his computer.

It is now time for me to do some research by watching some You Tube videos on my tablet. I am looking for some new to me back to basics recipes.

I found a new bread recipe for my bread machine. I have to try it before I will share it with you. I have bread right now. However I will make a loaf when my bread is almost gone.

Hubby is shredding some old tax returns and back up data right now. I am going through a box of old papers in our basement and making two piles. One pile for those that need to be scanned into our computer and one pile to be shredded. This should take most of the rest of our afternoon.

Time to start making dinner. I am making this delicious Creamy Sausage and Tomato Pasta . It is so easy and I will be making it in the electric fry pan because that uses less energy than my stove does. This will give us two dinners and some leftovers for lunch. I will serve it with leftover sugar snap peas. 

After I did the dishes and Hubby did the pans, I scrubbed my sink out with baking soda so it is clean and shiny now. I will make a quick run through the house to make sure everything is neat and picked up and ready for another day.

Hubby will be watching some sports tonight and I will be watching You Tube videos and playing some Words with Friends on my tablet. This will be the first time that our TV has been turned on today. After the 10PM news, it will be bedtime. 

We spent no money today by not going out and by doing no shopping online. No bills came in the mail. We used no gasoline today either.

So that is how this money saving day went. I hope you saved some money today too!


  1. A productive and frugal day!! Well done!!

  2. Hello, yes I think I did save some money today. I did just a little smart shopping, a bunch of bulk cooking and I cleaned our home. How much would it cost to pay someone clean? A bunch I'm gusssing, and I'd rather do it myself.

    I just wasn't up to commenting on your first post about your granddaughters new school. I think it's wonderful you can help and are willing to help.
    This is one situation though where it is easier with your 2 grands instead of our 8.

    1. Hi Rhonda,

      You did great! When my Hubby hired a woman to clean once a week for me in the 1970's when my children were little, we paid $ 200. a month. I can't even imagine what it would cost today.

      I totally agree.

  3. Love hearing about how others spend their days. Super inspiring! I spent nothing yesterday (work, made dinner, got everyone showered & finished with homework, and then took the boys to boy scouts). Came home & went to bed! I only wish I'd had time for a workout.

    I'm off today (using my last holiday comp day), to finish packing (the house) & packing for myself for my international work trip on Saturday. Tomorrow I'm at a 12 hour meeting in the city, so I need to have everything done tonight. The timing of this trip & my move couldn't be worse, but the trip was planned super far in advance, and the move date has shifted. C'est la vie.

    Hope it's another great day!

    1. Hi Hawaii Planner,

      I loved reading about your no spend day. Thanks for sharing.

      Enjoy your trip. I hope your move goes well.

  4. I was just wondering how are you liking the Ecoeggs? Do they work well?

    1. Hi Suzanne,

      I love them. They get everything very clean. They are going to save me a lot of money.