Thursday, March 9, 2017

We Feel Really Blessed Today

Yesterday we had sustained winds in 50's with gusts close to 69. Almost every neighbor's home who I can see from my windows has roof damage in the form of shingles off. Some have trim blown away and siding down. Houses across the street from me are damaged as are the houses next to me. There are about 8 homes that I can see from my windows and they all have damage. Our school district is closed today because part of the roof on the high school blew off.

The tractor trailer truck pictured above was blown over on the roadway just a couple of miles from me. A train in a nearby city was blown from the tracks. I am going to venture out soon to look at the rest of the damage in the neighborhood and town and city. The pictures that I have seen of the city makes it look like a war zone. Huge signs blown down at shopping centers, large trees uprooted, roads blocked by debris, trees down on cars and houses and power lines down. As of 11PM last night almost 135,000 homes and businesses were without power. The power company is saying it could be a few days before everyone is restored. This was a cold front that blew through so it is very cold to be without power.

We have no damage to our home nor did we lose power. Why when I look at everyone elses' home, I don't know. We are truly blessed. My son lives near Rochester where they had hurricane force winds at 90 miles an hours yesterday. At lunchtime yesterday they had two doors blow off their building. He lives about 3 miles from work and it took him 35 minutes to get home because of all of the trees and limbs and power lines down in the roads. Fortunately, his own  home was not damaged. Seventy five percent of his neighborhood is out of power because of a major downed line. His street is the only street with power there. We are both truly blessed.

I have to admit when those winds were blowing from about 10am yesterday until about 8pm last night, I was truly frightened. Our home sounded like it was going to fall apart. It was creaking badly. We have lived here 7 years now and we are used to wind. But this is the worst that I have ever seen in all of my decades. We live in an area where the wind forms a tunnel between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario and comes smack at us. 

I am going to venture out soon and see what things look like. I may write later.


  1. We are in E. Amherst, and we were hit as well, but I did venture out today and the damage around here not too awful. My neighbor's siding ripped off and there were a lot of tree branches all over my lawn. Cleaned it all up, checked siding and roof, all good. But I was home alone as well, and thought our house was going to fly away, very scary. The winds around western NY have been awful the past several months. We are both lucky to be safe and without damage! Sherri

  2. Hi Sherri,

    So glad that you are fine and had no damage. About 60 %of my neighborhood has some kind of damage - roof, trim or siding. I drove around my son's old neighborhood and the damage there is even worse. His old house has roof damage. I hope we never experience wind that bad again.

  3. Good news that you are OK. Mother Nature certainly can get our attention!!