Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Yesterday's Savings and Today's Shopping

This was our dinner last night before I plated it. This pork tenderloin was roasted to perfection and the leftovers will make a big pan of pork fried rice tomorrow night. Pork fried rice is easy. I just add the diced up pork to some cooked rice along with sauteed diced onions and celery. I scramble a couple of eggs in a different pan and add them to pork and rice. Then I drizzle in some sesame oil and some soy sauce, toss, and heat everything through. I use up leftovers this way all of the time.

We had potatoes and onions that I roasted in the oven in a pan next to the pork and fresh asparagus that I purchased about 10 -12 days ago. I like gravy on my meat so I made a little pork gravy. The leftover gravy will also get added to the fried rice pan.
Hubby loved it all and I can tell you there are no potatoes or asparagus left in the pans. Hubby ate most of the potatoes and I ate most of the asparagus.  Fortunately I have about the same amount of asparagus left in the fridge for another meal.

Because of my arthritis bothering me yesterday, I had a light day. I ordered $ 24.18 cash from a grocery rebate site.  I cashed out for 2 gift cards on two other rebate sites. I also got a $3.00 rebate in the mail. It was a good money accumulating day.

We got confirmation yesterday from our attorney and a large check for the sale of the surface rights on one of our properties in another state. We still own the mineral rights on that property. That money will go into the education fund for the grandchildren. 

This morning I was up and out early to do my grocery shopping. 

I spent $11.23  total at Top's. It was 6% off senior citizen day also. We have never purchased these 20oz. Hormel Culinary Pairings before. They are normally $13.99 each. They were on sale for $ 5.99 which I am told was a price mistake in their ad that they are honoring. I printed 3 -$3.00 manufacturer's coupon on coupons.com and got them for $2.99 each. I was not passing up such a great deal! They have salami, asiago cheese, walnuts and dry fruits in them. These will make quick lunches or dinners for Hubby and I when we have busy days. They are packaged separately inside each package so the meats could be frozen. The cheeses, walnuts, and fruits will keep a while. They don't expire until March 31 so I am sure they will get eaten by then. I was going to buy Sargento provolone cheese but it was not on sale so I got Top's which was on sale for $ 2.50.

The Al Fresco chicken sausages were on sale for $ 3.50. I had a $1.00 manufacturer's coupon on each and a Top's printable Dollar Doubler coupon for each. So I paid $ 1.50 for each package. They will make 3 meals for us.

The sour cream was on sale for $1.50 and it was a necessity since we were out of it. Lastly the taco seasonings were free after doubled coupons.

My next stop was Aldi's. As you can see on the receipt above, I paid $11.43 or $2.49 a lb. for a flat cut corned beef. I could have gotten the point cut for $ 1.99 but they did not look good and we really do like the flat cuts.

I was going to go to Save-A-Lot for cabbage on sale for $ .29 a lb. However Aldi's had heads for $ 1.49 each. I picked up a heavy one and knew instantly that it was a better deal than Save- A- Lot's price. When I got home, I weighed it and it weighed 7.58 lbs. or $ .196 a lb. I also purchased some half and half for $ 1.99 and the tortilla chips for $ 1.19. My total was $ 16.10. As you can see I paid with a rebated Visa gift card for $12.00 and $ 5.10 in cash. I thought I had used part of this Kohl's rebate gift card a while ago. I was surprised that it had the entire $12.00 on it. When I told Hubby about it he reminded me that I had purchased gasoline last week using a gift card that he had gotten from a rebate months ago. I was wrong and he was right. 

So I spent $ 16.33 out of pocket on groceries this week. Even if I hadn't had the free gift card I would have only spent $28.33. I am very happy with the deals I got.

My last stop was at Fast Cash to return bottles. I got back $ 4.80 for them.

Well, I got a huge surprise in the mail yesterday - a jury summons.
So I am letting you know in advance that I could be serving on a jury starting on March 20th. If that happens, it will be long days and I will not be posting. I will let you know when I know more.

Did you do any great shopping today?


  1. Great shopping! Thanks for the tips on pork fried rice; it sounds good.
    Hope you have a great week, and I hope your arthritis feels better. So many changes in the weather have triggered my migraines, so I haven't done much this week.

    1. Hi Kathy,

      You are welcome. I am still aching today but trying to ignore it. I hope your migraines go away and you feel better.