Monday, April 24, 2017

Fashionista-Not Me

I will never be accused of being fashion friendly. We wear our clothing until there isn't much life left to those threads. Our clothes wear for years. Some I have and still wear are over 20 years old. Of course they were purchased back in the day when clothing had some weight to it not like the thin clothing they are selling today.

The reason they last so long is because I don't put them in the dryer. All of that lint you clean out from your lint trap are the threads breaking down in your clothes. However I am considering drying my clothes in the dryer these days but only for the ease of it. I do realize they will wear out faster.

We like to be clean and presentable so we don't wear clothes that have seen better days unless we are home and working on a dirty project. We save our best looking ones for going out in public.

I do keep a few dressy type outfits for going out to fancy restaurants which only occurs once in awhile. And I need a decent outfit for weddings and funerals. But most of my clothing is casual.

However, when I started to unpack and wash my spring and summer clothing, quite a few were looking old and tired so it was time to retire them. They were clean and without holes so they were put in the donation bag. 

Ninety nine percent of Hubby's wardrobe is from LL Bean. Their clothes are classic, fit him well, and wear like iron. He is very happy to just place an order when he needs something. He did a week or so ago because he needed two pairs of jeans. The two pair that he has been alternating now have patches on them so they still have life but aren't good for going anywhere. He found two pairs that he liked for $39.99 each and earned a $10. promotional certificate and 2% back from Ebates .
He also put it on our credit card and earned 1% back.

I buy my clothing where I can find a good sale. I like Kohl's and JC Penneys. I love their clearance racks and shopping for clearance online. 

Recently I found tops on Kohl's online clearance for great prices. I liked the style for the spring and summer and the colors. Did I buy just a couple? Nope!  I bought 8. When I see a great sale, I buy in bulk. These replace the 8 that I am donating. They were all the same style but they only had 4 colors. So I bought 1 purple, 3 light blue( my favorite color), 2 yellow, and 2 peach. I saved $ 33.58 using a 30% off coupon code. I also earned $10. in Kohl's cash. My total came to $81.47 including tax. I went through Ebates for 6% back. It doesn't bother me one iota that they are all the same top and some are the same colors. I don't care if someone thinks that I am wearing the same clothes a couple of days in a row. I know better. Of course I will alternate them with my other clothing. Paying $ 9.60 per top after rebate is the reason I can justify so many tops that are alike.    

When I ran errands last week I stopped at Kohl's and used my $10. Kohls cash, a 15% off coupon, and store merchandise credit( this was over a year old) to pay for a new pair of shorts and two more tops. The merchandise credit more than covered my purchase. I love the shorts so much that I am going to watch for them to go on a great clearance and buy a few more pairs. That is when I will use up the merchandise credit.

This, my friends, is how we buy all of our clothing. When I see socks for Hubby on sale I buy 20 pairs of the same white athletic socks. That way he can mix and match them and I don't have to throw one away when he gets a hole in one. Believe me when I say that he is hard on socks, so I am always looking for a great sale. We also buy all of our underwear the same way. Right now we each have a stockpile of underwear and socks that are still in the packages.  

I will do the same with shoes. Hubby has two new pair of sneakers on the shelf waiting for the ones he is wearing to be worn out. I have one pair.

Once a year, I would need a pair of black flats to dress up. That usually occurred when we would visit family and old friends back in the Albany and Saratoga area. For years, I have borrowed a pair from my DIL who gladly allowed me to use them for the evening. It's always nice when your DIL wears the same size shoe. Recently I found a nice pair on clearance at DSW so I no longer have to borrow hers. I also bought a red pair and a brown pair. This is just another example of when you find a great price buy more than one. 

Granted when Hubby and I worked we had to have a more varied wardrobe but we still purchased our clothing on sale and with coupons. For hanging around the house I would buy in bulk.

How do you save on your clothing purchases? Feel free to share.


  1. These are great tips. And not to mention finding LL Bean or other great bands in the thrift store. Some of my favorite things are from thrift stores. I get to try different brands and makes me less hesitant to purchase from those brands in the future!

    1. Thanks PigPen. Out thrift store here is expensive and mostly garbage. So we buy new at LL Bean when things are on sale.

  2. Hi AD, this is Chris. I get a lot of our clothes at Kohls also, and do like you. You really can't beat their prices on clearance, especially with the 30% coupon and free shipping sometimes. I also like JCPenney. Last year when I was sick I needed some big shirts that buttoned down, I got them at the thrift store, and wore with some leggings I got on a good sale at Kohls. It made some of the treatments I had to have more comfortable. Sometimes I get hubby's dress shirts at the thrift store also. I try not to pay too much for them, b/c he has been known to put a 3 corner tear in the middle of the back the first time he wears one. I need to find some new shorts this summer, mine are getting pretty old.

    1. Hi Chris,

      Thanks for sharing. I was impressed with the shorts at Kohls.

  3. I like shopping at JCPenneys when they have coupons. But sadly the JCP in our town will close soon.
    I've also found some good deals on clothes on Amazon and a new app called Mercari. It's like eBay but simpler

    1. Hi Rhonda,

      Oh no! We are lucky that our JC Penneys is staying open. I will have to look at Mercari. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Your comment about borrowing shoes from your DIL made me smile. My mother came over to stay for a few days and attend the baby shower for our newest grandbaby and mentioned that her dressy shoes hurt her feet so she would wear them to the shower and then change out of them afterwards before we went out to dinner. I told her to try on my black suede Sketchers and see if they would work for her. She loved them and wore them! We wear the same show size and are always giving each other recommendations for comfy shoes. I'm thinking she may be buying some of her own now and getting rid of her other shoes. ;)

  5. Hi AD,
    This is Linda.
    Well, I learn so much from you.
    I have always been frugal with my money, and bought things on sale/clearance/coupons/Mgr. specials, etc. I buy quantities on the sale prices.
    However, I NEVER thought to buy quantity with clothing. I am retired, and mostly need casual clothes. I needed a few new t's for summer. Kohl's has them on sale for $4.99.
    So, I bought 8--duplicate of some colors--but I will probably put 4 or 5 of them up. Wahoo--I also got Kohl's cash. What a great deal--makes me smile.
    Thank you again for showing me the "way". It helps me, and I'm sure others, immensely--more than you probably know.

  6. If I find a black blouse I like, I go back and buy another. I always buy a black blouse and a red or pink of the same style. Red, black, and pink are my colors all year long. I buy my winter wardrobe in the spring and summer since I never wear anything but short sleeve or sleeveless blouses. Cardigans work over them for winter. If I find a sale with colors I refuse to wear, sometimes I buy them for working outdoors. Those have become holey and threadbare, barely decent. Right now, I have two dressy, buttonup blouses, both in hot pink. I didn't want to ruin one and not have another. Sure thing, the first thing I did was to get a stain on one that refused to come out completely! It is wearable but I have a good one to wear, also.

    I love sales, but there is no Kohl's or Penneys here in this small town. I do, however, find sales elsewhere.

    I buy shoes in multiple, also, and in the same color! I am just now wearing the last pair of sandals I bought ten years ago--8 pair on sale because the style was discontinued! I still have a few pair of them to wear in yard in rain or in chicken yard. I must own 50 pair of panties and several bags of socks.