Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Frugal Things We Have Done Over The Past Few Weeks

These are the frugal things that we have done over the past few weeks:

- Used very little gas by only going to the courthouse every day and back.

- Errands were run on the way home when I needed to.

- I packed a lunch, snacks, and a bottle of water(which I refilled with my water at home) every day for three weeks while I was on jury duty with the exception of three days. One day we ate lunch out as a group at a reasonably priced restaurant. Two days while we deliberated the court paid for our lunches to be brought in.

- I made the morning coffee every day when I got there with coffee, creamer, etc. provided.

- Every day I walked up the stairs to the second floor and then back down again sometimes multiple times. I ignored the elevator. We walked outside after lunch when we had time. One day I walked with two other girls to the 7-11. However, I didn't buy a thing. This was free exercise to keep me healthy.

- Parking was a problem some days so I would go early to get a space. That way I didn't have to ride around and waste gasoline looking for a parking spot. I brought a book to read in the car while I waited for the building to open.

-  I have very few things with the exception of games around here for when the grandchildren come. They have outgrown most of what I had. Those things I will pass along to the families with babies that live on either side of me. So I purchased two new things for under $10. total and surprised my grandson this past weekend.

- I didn't buy a fancy Easter dessert for our dinner. I made chocolate chip cookies and we also had ice cream in the freezer.

- Hubby made chef's salads some nights for dinner. Others I would throw a crock pot meal in before I left in the morning. I would fill it so that we got a few meals from it. We did eat out some nights but I kept the price down by getting takeout most of the time.

- I don't have a lot of clothes so I mix and matched outfits that were different every day to make my wardrobe stretch those three weeks. I even wore things that had been hanging in my closet and that I hadn't worn in ages.

- I would throw a load of laundry in the dryer when I went out in the morning. If Hubby forgot to switch it to the dryer, I would do it when I got home. Yes, I gave myself grace and used the dryer while I was on jury duty. We will see how much it upped my electric bill. 

- My DIL's birthday was this weekend. She has never worn matching socks since she was a little girl. I got her 5 pairs of really cute different owl socks for only $11.99 which I purchased way back in October. She always loves different socks. I also got her a shopping bag for shipping costs only with a picture of my grandson on it. Then I added some cash for her to buy something she wants.

- I did very little shopping those three weeks. I was too busy. That shows me that when you are really busy you spend less money. So I will try to repeat this pattern again this month and spend very little.

- Hubby got our landscape company to reduce the bills for this year by $1100. He got both the spring cleanup and monthly maintenance bills reduced.

- I earned $ 560. for my three weeks of jury duty. When the state finally pays me, I will put it into savings. This is before taxes. Yes, I do have to claim it for 2017.

- We sold the surface rights for 10 acres of property that we owned and invested that money. We have kept the mineral rights. The company that has leased the minerals rights from us before just renewed the contract with us for three years. That money will be invested. 

- First the first time, I did not read our electric and gas meters last month and submit it to the company. This was because of a huge snowstorm that he had and because I was on jury duty. It was too difficult to get to the meters. So I let the company estimate our bill. Big mistake because I am pretty sure they overestimated us. It was the largest bill that we have had in years. So I read the meter yesterday to make sure that they read it correctly this time. We only have to read and submit every other month. We will see if the bill is out of whack when I get it. It should be low.  

- Hubby installed a new energy efficient shower head in our shower. We didn't hire someone to do it. Hopefully this will save us on our water and sewer bill.

- We have been eating down our stockpile in our pantries and freezers. We are going to continue to eat down the freezers. However, North Korea is making me nervous with all of their rhetoric. I don't trust their "crazy" leader. I have said for years that the countries we have to worry about are Iran, North Korea and Russia(this one not as much). So I will be spending the money over the next few months to bulk up our canned and dry storage. I will also be adding more water to it.  

- We ran our washer and dryer and dishwasher only with full loads.

Here is hoping that you all have a frugal few weeks. If you would like to share what you did frugally recently, please leave a comment.     

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