Tuesday, April 11, 2017

March 2017 Expense Report

This is every penny we spent this month. We had some large expenses this month for homeowners insurance and a yard spring clean up.

Gas&Electric                 $221.94

Alarm Monitoring              30.90

CableTV,Int.Tel                138.15

Netflix                                9.99

Water&Sewer                    47.13

Medical                           445.51 

Spring Clean Up              994.68

Attorney Fees                 250.00

Homeowners Ins.            556.00

Contributions                  150.00

Gasoline                           24.35

Gifts                               100.00

Groceries                          96.71

Rest&TakeOut                  163.14

Clothing                            37.43

Total Exp.                    $3265.93  

Our gas and electric was high this month due to Hubby always being cold. But I have to keep him warm.

Water and sewer was our quarterly bill. It was a little lower than normal due to less water usage.

Medical was health insurance premium, 4 Dr. and Hospital Co-Pays, and 3 prescriptions.

The spring cleanup is for the landscape company to come the end of this month and clean up our yard, put down more mulch in our gardens, trim bushes and trees, etc. Hubby got the original bill reduced. 

The attorney fees are for the sale of our surface rights on one of our properties in another state.

Homeowners insurance is paid yearly.

The contribution was paid to our local volunteer fire department. We pay for their services in our property taxes. However what they collect is not enough to fund them for the year. So on their fund drive we always donate.

Groceries were low because we are mainly eating  out of our stockpile. They also included some non-food items because I was too busy to separate them out this month. Being busy is also why I barely looked at the sale flyers.

Restaurant and takeout was for donuts for everyone at jury duty one morning, fish fry dinners on Fridays, lunch out with the jury for myself and one juror who could not afford to go with us. I told her someday to just pay it forward. Dinners out for Hubby and I when I just couldn't cook because I was exhausted.

Lastly the clothing was for a really nice long sleeve blouse for me.

This was an expensive month in some categories but cheap in others.

We were able to save $5,000. this month. We actually put a lot of cash into investments but that is because of the sale of our property surface rights. The sale is not included in our monthly report.

I am getting back to a routine around here and slowly but surely getting caught up. It is nice to have my freedom back. 

I hope you all had a good money saving March and did a great job on saving and investing or paying down your debt.                              


  1. You did well in March. Our bills were on the high side due to property taxes due and annual sewage charges.

    1. Hi Slugmama,

      Thanks. Those annual bills get you!

  2. Hi AD, this is Chris. It is interesting how the regular bills are different depending where you live. Our gas and electric was less than yours, but our water and sewer were a lot more, partly b/c our town puts the trash collection in with it. Our homeowners insurance is due in April. It is more than yours, but we still have a mortgage and have to get replacement value and have a lower deductible, I am guessing. Good job on the food bill.

    1. Hi Chris,


      It is a function of where you live and what discounts you get from your insurance company. We have an alarm system and glass breaks in our entire house. We also get a lot of discounts for homeowners for the things. We are insured for 100% replacement value on our home. As the value of the house goes up the insurance goes up. We have a $1000. deductible. Our trash collection is an annual amount billed on our property tax bill.

      There are so many variables that you really can't compare.

      Thanks for sharing.

    2. Chris again. Those safety features do help with the insurance, that is for sure. I forgot I wanted to ask if you know anything about umbrella type policies and when we would need to get one? I was wondering how big our net worth would need to be? We are getting to where I am wondering if we need one yet? Our homeowners does have good liability.

    3. Hi Chris,

      We had an umbrella policy when we had inground swimming pools. We no longer carry one. I think it is up to you as to how much net worth you need to get one and why you feel you need one. We carry huge liability on both our homeowners and auto insurance policies. My advice would be to talk to an insurance agent but always keep in in mind that they are in business to sell insurance.

  3. March & April have both been expensive, but in a relatively planned way. We are working on upgrading our new home (and, many of the upgrades are electrical safety issues, a few are definitely cosmetic), and also getting ready to spend some money to prep our rental house for sale. The return on that investment will be significant, so worth it in the mid to long term.

    Your food bill was super low! Nice work.

    1. Hi Hawaii Planner,

      I love that you are taking care of the safety issues and other things so that you can enjoy your home. Enjoy prepping your rental home too. The ROI is almost always worth it.

      I would love another super low food bill this month. I am working on that.