Thursday, April 20, 2017

My New Experiment

As you age, there are just some things that need to be done easier. I have hung my laundry for years. Then while I was doing jury duty, I took the easy route and put it in the dryer. It saved me a lot of time and things came out smooth and not needing to be ironed. So I decided that I might start using my dryer.

While I was using the dryer I purchased 6 wool dryer balls for $10.97+ tax on Amazon. I decided I would use them and see if they cut down on my dryer time. So I timed what my loads took to dry the weeks I was on jury. I now have a pretty good idea of what each kind of load takes.

So yesterday, I dried a load of darks including jeans in my dryer with all 6 balls in it. I thought it would be noisy. It made some slight noise but I couldn't hear it in my kitchen nor the family room.

I timed this load using a setting that I could set the number of minutes. The load took only 60% of the time of when I dried a similar load while I was on jury duty. Wow, that is awesome. I was not expecting that. But I am not ready yet to say that these save dryer time until I have experimented doing each kind of load - whites, darks, towels, sheets, etc. I will do each a number of times and document it and then I will make up my mind. I also want to see how much this ups my electric bill. But if they work, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and pay a little extra to make things easier on yourself. I will let you know how my little experiment turns out.

If anyone uses wool balls in their dryer, I would love to hear if you have had success or failure with these. Please leave a note in comments.

I also got a surprise yesterday. A check for partial payment of my jury fee came in the mail. It was for $ 360. They still owe me $ 200. but that is being held up because the budget for April was passed late. Eventually, the $200. will come. This money was hard money to earn being that it took my freedom away. But hallelujah, I don't have to serve again for 6 years.

Tonight I am making a lamb ragout with lamb leftover from Easter. This will be the end of the lamb that we have eaten all week. It was so good.   


  1. I'm intrigued by your wool dryer balls. It sounds like you sure cut back on the amount of time it took to dry that load of darks by using them. Do you know if they help with fluffing the clothes in the dryer? The reason I ask is because sometimes I wash a small load and when I put them in the dryer, I have to put a towel or two in there with them. Otherwise, they bunch up and are very wrinkled. Do you know if putting the dryer balls in with a small load instead of a towel would prevent them from bunching up? Thanks!

    1. Hi older and wiser,

      Mine came out wrinkle free. Here is the info on the product from:

      Just cut and paste.

  2. I have been very remiss in coming to visit you here on your blog for awhile now as life got very busy for me. I am curious to know how those wool balls work out for you. :) As for Jury duty pay, that was a nice chunk of change. You must get a much better daily rate than we get here. I think, if I remember correctly, that we get $20 a day.

    1. Hi Debbie,

      It is so good to hear from you. I will give an update on the wool balls when I have used them more.

      We get $40. a day in this state.

      I hope life calms down a little bit for you.