Friday, April 21, 2017

Top's Grocery and Stockpile Haul

My second shop this week was at Top's for a few things we needed and some items for the stockpile.

I purchased 3 cans of Bush's beans for $ 2.00 after coupon, 2 jars of Top's applesauce for $ 4.00, and 2 bottles of apple juice for $3.29. All of these were for my basement stockpile.

Next was the Condiment King's(aka Hubby) requests:
2 jars of olives for $ 2.19 and 1 jar of slice jalapenos for $2.00.

Now for my favorites: 3 cucumbers for $ 1.00 each,
2 cantaloupes for $ 3.99, and 2 containers of fresh strawberries for $ 2.99 each. All of the produce was a little pricey but I love all of these things and they are still cheaper than buying junk food for snacks. We love sliced cantaloupe for breakfast. The cucumbers and strawberries disappear as snacks. 

My total for this haul was $ 26.45. If I add that total to my Aldi's haul this week, I have spent $ 49.18 on groceries this week. However I did spend $41.49 on  Easter candy that will last for months for the grandchildren. 

Yesterday I did some weekly cleaning around here and I washed 10 windows in the house on the insides only. I still have 12 to do. It was easy to do them because it was a rainy cloudy day and I could see where the streaks were. Hubby will help me do the outsides with the pressure washer and squeegee on a nice day. Once my windows are done I feel like it is spring.

Tonight I am making Philly steak sandwiches for dinner.

I hope you all have a fun and productive weekend. See you on Monday.  


  1. Windows are on my list too! Good for you!

  2. Hi AD,
    It's Linda.
    Wow, what a worker bee you are. Good for you.
    I loved all your good grocery finds. I also hit the after Easter candy, for my grands.
    I did a frig cleanout, and it needed it. I worked on my garden, as rain is due. We have green tomatoes, and tiny cucumbers.
    Hmmm---gotta' think about windows.
    Love your posts--I always learn a lot. Thank you.

    1. Hi Linda,

      It's good to hear from you. Yeah on your Easter candy.

      I love that you have green tomatoes and tiny cucumbers. Planting season is just about on the horizon for us here.