Saturday, April 1, 2017

Weekends Are Precious

Well, jury duty is still going and the judge is hoping that this will all be done by next Friday. We'll see.

I feel like I am back working at a job. I can't wait until the weekend during the week. I am getting very little done during the week except cooking meals, packing my lunches, and keeping the laundry caught up. I have been using the dryer for every load because I am just too tired to hang the laundry. Up goes the electric bill. But I have to give myself a little slack or I would just collapse. I am in bed very early and still wake up exhausted in the morning. I was curious as to whether there is an age limit for jurors. But alas there isn't.

The best part of jury duty has been the fact that we all get along really well. There is a lot of laughter when we aren't actually in the court room. Eight of us went out for a nice lunch at a local restaurant last week. We had a great time and wonderful food. Other than that, I have been bringing my lunch and water every day. 

Hubby has been a great help keeping things done on the home front. He does dishes, general picking up, and the cleaning. He also is taking care of bills and any phone calls that have to be made.

Remember that horrendous spring cleanup and monthly maintenance bill that we received recently for this spring and summer. Well he met with the company and got them to reduce the total bill by $1100. So we have hired them and paid them for the spring clean up. They will bill us monthly for the maintenance. Of course, I had Hubby charge the spring clean up bill and advise the company to put the monthly maintenance on that charge also. By doing this we get rewards for cash back. Then we just pay the bill in full when it comes due.

We had another surprise yesterday. Our town reassesses us every year. They raised us again. In the past 13 months they have raised our assessment by $20,000. My taxes will be going up again for the school taxes in the fall and the property taxes next January. Once I am done with jury duty, I am going to do some research and see if we have a basis to fight this assessment. A quick look at the other homes in the neighborhood shows me that we have the second highest assessment in the neighborhood. We only have a three bedroom home and are assessed higher than many 4 bedroom homes. I need to do some calculations based on square footage. We have another month or so to research for grievance day. So that will be my project when I am finished with jury duty.

Today, I have so many things on my plate. Tomorrow my son and grandson will be here most of the day so I won't get anything done then except to play with the little one. I hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. I often thought there should be an age limit to jury duty. Years ago my husband's grandmother was called at the age of 95. Our assessment went up a whopping $100,000! We were probably a bit under-assessed, but this is nuts. Our home is one of the smaller ones on a street of 18 homes, yet the assessment is the 4th highest. We hired an attorney to do the appeal for us, and he thinks he can definitely get it reduced. Will see. Hope your trial is done by Friday, if not before! Sherri

    1. Hi Sherri,

      Sorry about your assessment. We have been at 100% assessment since we built this house. So because of that they reassess us every year based on sales in the neighborhood. This time I believe they went too far.

  2. Hope you have a great weekend, and a special time with family.
    Congratulations on getting the cleanup/maintenance bill reduced; that is great news. Ouch on the assessment though. Hope your research and appeal will help reduce taxes.
    Hope this will be your last week for jury duty. That has to be exhausting and stressful.

    1. Hi Kathy,

      Thanks. It has been physically and mentally exhausting.

  3. Hi AD--
    It's Linda-
    My heart goes out to your weariness. I thank you for doing your civic duty, but--wow---another week of Jury Duty.
    We have a max age for Jury Duty in Texas--I would have to look it up--65 I think--and other conditions--i.e. child care for young ones, elderly care, disability---I've forgotten what else.
    A good rule, I guess.
    Take care of yourself. Thinking of you-

    1. Hi Linda,

      Thanks for your kindness. I wish we had an ending age here but alas we don't.

  4. Here's hoping you get a chance to relax this weekend, and just have fun with your visitors.

    1. Hi chipmunk,

      I was able to relax. Thanks.

  5. I hope jury duty ends early this week for you. And that tax assessment is crazy!!! I would be looking into that, too!! Hang in there!