Friday, May 19, 2017

A Little of This and a Little of That

It's been a great week in our FIMC household. I hope yours has been terrific too. We got a few things accomplished like cleaning the garage in 80 degree temps. It gave me a good sweaty workout. 

While I was doing that Hubby was trimming a few lower branches off trees to raise the canopies. There are a few trees that he won't let the landscape company touch!  He got the outside water turned on (we shut the spigots off in the winter so they don't freeze) and hooked up the hose reel on the side of the house. We have a sprinkler system for watering; however we need the hose for things like washing the car, watering hanging baskets, etc. Since I plan on washing the car today, I am glad that it is all hooked up. I like having a clean car so I  always wash it in the nice weather. I detailed it a couple of weeks ago.

My hip is almost fully recovered from whatever I did to it and it feels good to be getting my exercise doing things. So today, before I start washing the car, etc., I am going to take a walk and just enjoy the beauty around me. 

I don't think I told you that the robins this spring decided they owned my outdoor grill. In all the years we have been married, we never had this problem. Hubby opened the grill a few weeks ago and there was an empty nest in it. We watched and the robin would come and go adding material to the nest. So Hubby went out and got rid of it before the robin layed eggs in it. In NYS, it is illegal to disturb nests with eggs. I did not want the robin taking over my grill for most of grilling season. So we watched and the robin came back and started building another one. Hubby looked and saw that where the robin was getting in. He was getting in through a vent hole in the back of the cover. So Hubby got rid of the nest again and then cleaned and sanitized the grill inside and out. We even put the grills in my dishwasher on the hottest cycle we could after soaking them in antibacterial cleanser in the sink. 

But we still had to find a way to prevent the robin from getting back in. So Hubby took an old thick towel that was in the rag bag and stuffed it in the hole. But when we used the grill we had to remove  it and then remember to put it back when the grill cooled off. What a pain! We knew we had to find a permanent fix.

My older son mentioned screening and Hubby mulled that over in his mind. He wasn't sure that that would be strong enough. Finally, on Monday, he said to me, I know how to fix it. Up to Home Depot he went and purchased a piece of gutter guard big enough to cover the entire vent all the way across the back of the grill. He felt he could cut that to fit and hopefully it wouldn't interfere with the cover opening and shutting nor would it interfere with the venting.

When he got home, he cut the piece to fit and I helped hold it in place while he made sure that the cover opening and shutting wasn't affected. It was perfect. So Hubby using his drill and metal bit drilled 4 holes and then screwed the gutter guard on. The entire repair including the gutter guard, washers, etc. only cost us $ 12.29. It's perfect and we have seen the robin trying to get in and he can't! Yeah! I love robins and we actually have a nest with eggs in the gutter over my front porch. But I was not giving them my grill! 

We have already grilled our first T-bone steaks of the season which Hubby did for me on Mother's Day. But we will be using this grill a lot. I hate to cook in the summer so grilled meat and salad or a grilled veggie is on the menu a lot. 

Would you believe that it is almost a year since Hubby was so sick in the hospital? Well I am happy to tell you that he is still back to normal with all of his blood work. He had his 6 month check up with his kidney doctor this week and he says he is doing remarkably well and does not want to see him for 6 months. We count our blessings remembering that he almost died. 

My son is still very sore from the accident last week. He went to the doctor and he has sore muscles in his rib cage and stomach area that the Dr. says will take a while to heal. But each day he seems to get better. The driver of the car that hit him was driving on a suspended license using someone elses car. That someone had insurance. There were no skid marks made by the car that hit him. So why didn't the driver see two cars stopped in the roadway in from of she or he? My son's car which is only 3 years old is being totaled. He is looking at his options for buying a new one but you can bet that it will be something more substantial than a Prius. Every time, I look at the pictures of what happened to the back seat and the car seat where my grandson sits, I thank the Lord that he wasn't with him. Ninety five percent of the time he is. But he was home getting ready for bed because it was a school night. 

All of my family will think twice about putting their grandchildren in any small car again. My Dil has a Honda Fit and she is trying to avoid putting him in her car. It's been really scary for them and all of us.

I have a busy day of a walk( JoAnne, I wish you were here to walk with me every day), car washing, and a bathroom to clean. Remember, all of those gift cards that I purchased at discount on the Top's deal last year? I plan on treating us tonight with dinner from either Panera Bread or Applebee's. I will let Hubby choose and then I will get the food To Go. 

My son and grandson will come on Sunday for their usual breakfast here and for some fun. But other than that we will stay home all weekend. I avoid stores and crowds like the plague on the weekends. I hope you all have a wonderful one. Till next week......


  1. I, too, miss our daily walks ... you are much better at keeping this up than I have been recently. It was a great way to start off each day. Have a great weekend.


    1. Hi JoAnne,

      It's great to see you on here. I feel like I can take on anything all day after getting my walk in the morning. You have a great weekend too!

  2. We had our first ever collision about 2 or so years ago. We were driving a brand new Nissan Juke and it was total in a 30 Mph wreck.
    We won't ever drive small cars again either. Thankfully the driver that hit us had insurance and we actually got back more than we paid for the Juke. My injury did get me some "pain and suffering" money from her insurance too. Not much and there is truly no way to put a fair dollar amount on being in pain for 6 weeks.
    That is just wonderful your husband has recovered. I do remember how sick he was.

    1. Hi Rhonda,

      Yup, small cars are definitely dangerous. I am glad that you weren't majorly hurt.

      I hope you and Hubby have a great weekend.