Monday, May 1, 2017

April 2017 Expense Report

This is every penny that we spent in the month of
April. We had a very good month and I believe that is because we stayed home almost every day. 

Gas & Electric                          $180.21

Alarm Monitoring                         30.90

Cable, Int. TV                            138.20

Netflix                                          9.99

Medical                                     371.34

Automotive                               107.40

Gasoline                                     22.10

Gifts                                          60.79

Clothing                                   186.38

Restaurant & Takeout                  82.83

Home Maintenance                      13.00

Groceries                                  295.87

Personal Care                            110.00

Total Expenses                        $1609.01 

I believe our gas and electric bill was high because I never submitted our reading for the month and the company estimated us. It should catch up this month.

Now that our cable company has been bought out by another, I am expecting that our bill will go up this coming month. We'll see.

Our medical this month was for our health insurance premium, 3 co-pays for Doctors visits, and 4 prescriptions.

Automotive was our annual inspection and to have the snow tires removed and the regular ones put back on. 

Gifts was for Easter gifts for the grandchildren.

Clothing was for 10 tops and 1 pair of shorts for me and 2 pair of jeans for Hubby.

Home maintenance was for 2 hooks to hang something in the shed and our dryer balls.

Groceries was for every bit of food we purchased including my large Easter candy haul. 

Due to extra income in March that didn't come until April and extra money that has been sitting in our  account (Hubby was considering a purchase for our home and changed his mind) since January, we were able to invest $10,000. in stock last week. That brings our total savings and investment to $20,000. for this year. We are $1,000. ahead of what our total was for April 2016. 

We are hoping to have another really good month in May. However we have dental appointments and that is never cheap. We will do our best.

I hope you all had a really great savings month for April or managed to pay off a chunk of debt. If not, try again in May. If any of you care to share how your savings plans are going for 2017, feel free to tell us in comments.


  1. Hi AD, this is Chris. I was waiting for you to report your expenses, because I am so excited to report that we got our tax refund and used it to pay extra on the principal of our mortgage. We started paying on our house in June of '15 and have now paid off 45% of the mortgage we took out by paying extra. I was also able to add to our savings account by $1500 in April. I am trying to build it back up after buying our new van for cash in Feb. We spent some extra money last weekend when our family came to town for our granddaughter's first birthday party, but I had planned for it. We had such a good time, I can't believe she is 1 already. I hope your finger is feeling better.

  2. Hi Chris,

    I am so excited that you have paid off so much of your mortgage. Congratulations!

    Happy Birthday to your granddaughter. They are so much fun to spoil.

    My finger is sore but healing.