Thursday, May 18, 2017

Our Grocery Shopping Plan

In case you haven't noticed over the last 12- 16 years the world has become a very unsafe place. While our past Presidents have been doing not much of anything about foreign countries who are making nuclear weapons, those countries would like to end the U.S. and have been building nuclear weapons. I have always said that North Korea and Iran were the countries to be careful of and that the U.S. should be doing something about their proliferation but alas nothing was done except to make a deal with Iran and give them back all of their money that had been blocked. Money that they are now using to build missiles and other weapons to kill us. I don't want to talk politics but I am getting to the point of why we will be having a new grocery shopping plan. 

Also I want you to know that I have always had somewhat of a stockpile but I am not a prepper or a survivalist. However when I see so much evil in the world, even in this country, I see an urgency to prepare enough food to feed my family in case of a SHTF situation. Just look at the hacking the last few days and the companies being held ransom because of it. It wouldn't take much for someone to take down our energy grid in this country or any other country. Can you live without food, water, medicine, etc.? Without electricity this country will come to a standstill. The store shelves in the markets will be empty within a couple of days. Drugstores will not be open.
If we are attacked by North Korea or Iran or some other country, are you ready? Or will you die within 3 weeks because you have no food, water, or life saving medicine? Any attack from a foreign entity could affect you.

Well, then I think it is time for my family to prepare. Water is easy to stockpile and so is medicine(do your research online folks)  but food to last for a long time for a large family takes time to accumulate at the best prices. Besides buying at the rock bottom prices will cost you less and you will have the stockpile that you need quicker.

Am I panicking? Nope. Just looking to get prepared since so many people are worried that something is going to happen soon. I have had that feeling in my gut for quite a few years now and it is getting stronger daily so it is time to take action.

So we have overhauled our shopping plan. We are going to stockpile as many dry goods and canned goods as we can. 

Dry goods like rice, all of kinds of dry beans, oats, barley, sugar, and soft and hard wheat can be kept for 30 years if you store them correctly. You need a dry, cool place without moisture. You also need food grade BPA buckets to store these items. Don't use those orange buckets from Home Depot. They are not food grade or BPA free. I mention soft and hard wheat because you can grind your own flour. But get a machine that will grind it without electricity. Something like what is pictured in this article:

Already ground flour only lasts about 6 months before it goes rancid. By buying whole wheat you can grind only what you need when you need it for baking bread and other items.

You can buy 25 lb. bags of sugar, oatmeal, barley, dry beans, rice, dry milk (or 10 lb. bags if you can't find 25 lb.) and soft and hard wheat for very little money at warehouse clubs, health food stores, and other places like Gordon's Food Service or WinCo if you are so lucky to have them. Even Walmart is carrying some of these items in bulk. I have purchased most of these items this way for years. The soft and hard wheat are new items that we will be buying. Macaroni and spaghetti keep for years. We are still eating boxes that I purchased when we lived in AZ.   

Buy dry spices when they are sale so that you can put some flavor into your food. They keep for many years past the expiration dates. Any dry gravy mix or bouillon cubes are another option. They keep forever.

Canned goods will make up the rest of my stockpile. Best buy dates are put on cans to get me to buy more.  Think about how long your home canned foods last. If a product is bad, you most likely will know it when you open it.  If the can is bulging, rusted, or smells bad or has mold in it chuck it. Use your own judgment. Don't be stupid and eat it if it is bad. Do your own research and make up your own mind. I am not an expert and this is not advice. This is just what I do. 

So when I find a great price on a canned good, I am not going to buy one or two. I am going to buy a case. This goes for all canned goods. Yes, I did go back and get a case of tuna.  I want a great stockpile of fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, etc. I will also buy dried fruits because I don't have a dehydrator at the moment.

I will buy any item that will sustain us. However, I will go heavy on the fruits, vegetables, and meat. I want to lean toward foods that are healthy because in an extended crisis staying healthy will serve us well. Yes we will have some carbs. But the emphasis will be on the former items.

We are also stockpiling wood and sterno because without electricity those will be our two sources of cooking until I buy a solar oven which should be soon. I am researching one to buy and there are plenty of homemade ones with directions online like the one above.

So we will continue to eat from our frozen stockpile of food to get it down to a month or two month supply. If we end up with no electricity for any extended period of time, the freezer food will go bad. We will continue to buy fresh veggies and fruits but only ones that will last a month or two.

Most of our money will be spent stockpiling food that will sustain us without having to use electricity. 

We will also stockpile other necessities like toilet paper, peroxide, bleach, bandages, matches, water purifying filters, etc.

Don't expect that our government will step in or that relatives, neighbors, or someone else will feed you. They won't. They will be feeding their families for as long as they can. 

So if you have no pantry, this is the time to start building it. Protect yourself and your family. Watch for those great deals and stockpile them.

One caveat: Buy only what your family likes and will eat. Too many people go crazy buying things that are a good deal but they have never eaten. This stockpile will be our short and long term storage. Also we will buy some dried foods from the prepper type companies but only to use for long term storage. We will keep eating from our cans when we get the stockpile built and replenish as we need to. I never put all of our money into one investment, I diversify so I will do the same building our stockpile.  It is an investment because food prices keep going up. So we will take some of our cash that is only earning .55% in the bank to start building our stockpile. We will earn more by stockpiling at lower prices and protect our family at the same time.

If any of you own a solar oven, I would love to hear what one and how you like it. Thanks in advance. 


  1. Hi AD, this is Chris. I was wondering what was making you feel so uneasy about things that you feel you need to do more than stockpile? I listen to the local news here and hadn't noticed anything crazy alarming, but maybe I am naive? I do understand what you say about the power grid. My hubby works on big electrical power for his job, and he feels the electrical power grid in this country is definitely something that is vulnerable, both b/c of terrorism, and b/c it needs to be upgraded like so much of the infrastructure we have in the US. He has said this for many years. I will be interested to follow your preparations. I feel you are a pretty down to earth person and not someone who would do something like this lightly, so it gives me pause to think.

    1. Hi Chris,

      The power grid being taken down by cyber attackers is a huge worry. When I worked I worked with the utility industry so I know how bad our infrastructure is. It's scary. But N. Korea is the biggest problem. They worry me because the leader is so irrational. Iran is 2nd.

      I am a pretty well grounded person and have a lot of common sense so when I feel danger, I need to take care of our family. I didn't mean to scare anyone; I am just trying to control some preparation in case.

  2. Hi, I've been trying to bulk up my stockpile, but I didn't think about bleach.....does it have a shelf life or is it good forever?

    1. Hi coleen,

      Bleach has a shelf likfe of about 6 months before it starts loosing it's strength.