Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Walmart Personal Care Trip

My very favorite place to pick up personal care items is Walmart. I hadn't planned on making a run there yesterday until Hubby asked me if we had more deodorant. He threw the container he was using in the recyclables. Being absolutely sure that we had more, I went to the stockpile in the basement to get one. I was shocked to find that we had none. Not wanting him to go without deodorant today, I got my list together and off I went.

My haul and receipt are pictured above. I picked up two deodorants so that he will have a spare. I also got unscented hairspray, foundation, mascara and conditioner for color treated hair for me. They had been on my errand list for a while. The only coupon I could find before I went was $1./2 Old Spice.

While I was there I stumbled upon the Louisiana Fish Fry breading mix on clearance. For $.25 each I got two. We use this for fish quite a bit.

I also picked up a Marie Callendar's prepared dinner for me. Hubby and my son are doing a father and son night out and are doing dinner out soon. So this will be quick and easy for me to prepare. Plus I picked up the creamer for Hubby.

I checked my prices before I made this trip. The deodorant was the same price on Amazon. The foundation was $.48 cheaper on Amazon. The conditioner was $.07 more expensive. The mascara was $ 1.49 cheaper. So if I had ordered them on Amazon I would have saved $2.04. Next time I will but I was out of foundation and mascara and dangerously close on the conditioner. I have to keep better inventory control of my personal care items. 

I know that so many of you use coupons and do the drugstore deals to get these things cheaper. However my stores sell out of the deals on Sundays.  I spend my Sundays with my son and grandson and that is more important to me. So that is why I usually shop Walmart or Amazon for these items.  

I know that the creamer is $.02 cheaper all of the time than buying it at Top's. The Marie Callendar's is also cheaper there. 

The rest of the day I spent with Hubby getting rid of the clothes that don't fit him or that he doesn't like. He won't do this on his own so I have to coax him into it. It was worth it to get the master bedroom closet pared down. I also bagged up a few of my things for the donation bag.

We had a horrendous wind, rain and thunder and lightning storm yesterday just before dinner. We also had tornado watches. We came out of it unscathed except that Hubby had to chase a chair from our patio that was blowing away and I spent about 30 minutes keeping an eye on the sump pump. I have never seen the water rise so high in it. It was raining so hard that the pump was having trouble keeping up with it. However it never quite reached the point of the back up kicking in. Finally when the rain became gentler it caught up. But it had me a little nervous for a while. This is one of the reasons that I like to keep things off the floor in the basement.

Finally, in the mail yesterday, I got the rest of my jury pay ($200.) from the state. That check will be part of the money that I invest at the end of this month. Yeah!

I may make a trip to Save - A- Lot today. They have some pretty good deals this week.

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