Thursday, June 22, 2017

Frugal Things The Last Few Weeks

These are the things we have done to save us some money the last couple of weeks:

- Small grocery shops for our stockpile. We continue to eat from it. So large shops would be spending just to spend.

- We received $ 14.50 in rebates which I deposited into my savings for my Disney trip.

- Purchased rechargeable batteries instead of buying 5 new telephones. The batteries are charged and have been installed and they are working well.

- I continue to use my dryer balls when I use my dryer. Love them.

- I continue to use my laundry eggs to wash our clothing. Everything is clean and bright. 

- Our electric and gas bill came yesterday and it was low even though we have had the A/C on for about 10 days and had the heat on for part of the month. Our KWH electric usage was the lowest ever, just 398 for the month. Plus we only used 9 CCF's of gas for the same month.

- We have been cooking most of our food on the grill since we turned on the A/C. We don't want to cool the house and then heat it back up by cooking indoors. 

- We have also been making lots of cold salads when we aren't using the grill.

- I won a coupon envelope that had a beer (in NYS you don't have to buy the beer) $5.00 rebate form. I sent it in with my strawberry receipt. The same envelope had a lot of pad coupons which I rarely see in my store.

- We went out to dinner and used a gift card that we have had since last Fall to pay.  

- I mailed in a $4.00 rebate for a bottle of wine that I purchased for a gift.

- We have only had to water our lawn three times so far this year. Hopefully this trend will continue.

- We picked all of our ripe pie cherries from our tree. I froze them to make pies this summer.

- I received a coupon in the mail for a free bottle of Nestea iced tea. 

- We have an electric air pump so we filled up the tires on the car to the recommended psi. Tires seems to lose air when it is really hot. Keeping our tires on the proper psi saves money on gasoline.

- I hard boiled a dozen eggs at once for breakfasts and snacks.

- I baked some cookie brownie's in the toaster oven to brighten someone's day.    

- I have been using a root spray on my gray roots so that I could lengthen the time between coloring and highlights by almost 3 weeks. 

- We played monopoly with some friends which was cheap entertainment. I served some iced tea and  banana bread (from the freezer) for a snack.

I think that is about it for the money saving the last couple of weeks. Every little bit helps bolster our net worth. It is so nice to watch that grow month to month.

So what have you done to save some money recently? Feel free to comment and share yours with all of us. 


  1. I've been using up gift cards to offset summer expenses, using Uber vs parking for trips to the airport, maximizing our date nights while the kids are with my parents (no childcare costs), in addition to menu planning & keeping the grocery costs super minimal while it's just the two of us.

    Also, LOVE Monopoly! I'm sure I'll be getting in a few games with the kids next week on vacation. :-)

  2. Hi AD, this is Chris. We are going on vacation next week, so I have not bought a bunch of groceries. I did stop and get a few fresh things, and a few things to add to my stockpile from the Meijer 10/10 get the 11th item free sale. One thing they had on sale was the Nestle Toll House baking morsels for $1. That is the cheapest I have seen them in a long time.

    1. Hi Chris,

      Wow! That is a terrific price on the Nestle's. Enjoy your vacation.

  3. Encouraged by your success with the laundry egg and dryer balls, I bought both from Amazon last week. So far both have been great; the real test for the egg will be the load I have in right now. I have a really stinky diaper in with the normally dirty diapers (which it worked fine on), so we shall see! Thanks for the heads up about this product. I looks to be a real money saver.

  4. Hopefully they worked well on the dirty diaper.