Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Frugal Things

Here are the frugal things we have done the past two weeks:

- We had 2 stones come loose on the front of the house. Rather than spend a fortune to have a contractor come and repair them, Hubby did it himself with gorilla glue. Worked great!

- My grandson and granddaughter love Pringles so I get some once in a while as a treat. I found the cans for $ .79 each on sale at Save A Lot last week and purchased a case of each. As you can see my grandson has already been into them.

- Hubby and I went flower shopping and Hubby planted them himself. Usually the landscape crew does them but that is expensive.

- We had company for dinner and Hubby grilled NY strip steaks from a whole loin that I purchased at rock bottom prices last Fall. We had our leftover steak sliced up and cooked it in butter and minced garlic for breakfast the next day. It was so good with our scrambled eggs. I sent our company home with their steak leftovers and they were planning on doing the same.

- Our company brought us a beautiful flower bouquet that we will enjoy for a week or two.

- Thanks to Mother Nature we have not had to water our lawn once this year so far which is a huge saving on our water bill.

- I continue to use my dryer balls in my dryer. They are saving me about 20 minutes of dryer time per load.

- I am using my laundry eggs to wash our clothes. They are always clean and I no longer have to purchase laundry detergent.

- I am rebuilding my stockpile for this winter at rock bottom prices.

- We have dropped our monthly electric usage into the 400's for KWH, down from the 600's just a few months ago by watching our usage very carefully. 

- We have tons of cherries on our cherry tree this year. I will be picking them when they ripen to make pies.

- I purchased 16 on sale storage tubs for $ 5.97 each and I have been reorganizing our basement storage with them.

- I mailed the rebate forms and POP for 3 liquor rebates totaling $ 23.00.

- I have been getting multiples of freebie items for our stockpile. Today I purchased 4 pasta, 1 Suddenly Salad, 2 Very Berry Cheerios, and 2 Yoplait Dippers all for free. I also got 5 lbs. of Smithfield All Natural Bacon for $ 7.98.

- I received 2 - $ 1.00 Mt. Olive coupons in the mail just for asking. 

- I now have $ .60 off a gallon of gasoline so I will be filling up the car in the next couple of days. 

- My granddaughter is learning about money from the book I sent her. She has been sending me links to buy used books that she wants so that it will save me money. These are on her birthday wish list. I just love that she is learning to be money conscious at 9 years old.

Have you done anything frugal recently? Please share in comments. I love reading your money saving triumps.  


  1. I bought $300 in Shell gift cards at Rite-Aid for our road trip this Summer. While it didn't save me $ on the gas, it did give me $30 in Plenti points which I'll use for free toiletries.
    I also had enough points with my Choice Hotels card that I sent away for a $50 gift card off a motel night stay, which will be used on the road trip to reduce one night of lodging.

    I also stocked up last week on T-Bone steaks at Weis while they were $5.88 lb. We've eaten 1 meal of them and have 2 more tucked away for grilling later this Summer.

    We used our gas points at Weis for 40¢ off 20 gallons before they expired last week. Took 2 cars up to the station and got just short of 18 gal. worth.

    College Boy needed black pants for his Summer job so we took my Kmart gift cards I had left(from transferring Rxs 2 years ago to their pharmacy)and bought him 2 pair for free.

    Other than our usual frugal stuff that's about it for me. 8-)

    1. Hi Slugmama,

      Nice deal on the gas cards and Plenti Points. YHou are definitely the coupon queen. I have that Choice Hotel card and it has helped tremenedously over the years with free night stays.

      I love T-bone steaks. Save a Lot here has the best T-bones for $ 4.99 a lb and when they do I also stock. We are still working off of the two whole strip loins that I had cut into steaks last year. I food savered them and they are still perfect.

      You are so lucky that they allow two cars to get the full value of those gas points. Top's here quit doing that a while ago.

      Yeah on the free pairs of pants for College Boy.

      Wonderful frugal things for you!

  2. Hi AD, this is Chris. I love it when you do your frugal posts. I looked at our latest electric bill to compare with yours and we used 517 KW hours last month. I think that is pretty good. My best frugal shopping recently was when I went on Memorial weekend with our daughter to the outlet mall nearby. I bought a new purse from the Vera Bradley store. Since my illness I have been carrying a crossbody style and it works well for me now. The one I bought was originally $58 and with the sale they were having I got it for $21 with sales tax. I also got a few clothes for our grand daughter at the Carters outlet. They were having the rompers for $5 each and also got her some cute long sleeve bodysuits with lace that were on the clearance for next winter for $10.99 for 4. They will look so cute with blue jean overalls. :) I spent $32 at the Carters outlet. We went right when the stores opened and just stayed a few hours so we didn't have to eat lunch there. ;)

    1. Hi Chris,

      Yeah! Your electric bill is fantastic. Vera Bradley for that price is terrific.

      Nice deals on the clothes are Carters too.

  3. Hi there!
    We try to save on food also, so when we have coupons or know that the store is having promotions on something we need, we buy larger quantities.
    Also, we're having some work done in our house, so with the exception of replacing the windows (that is being done by professionals), my husband and I are doing everything: painting, plastering, etc.
    Have a wonderful week!

    1. Hi Paula,

      That is the way to do it. Buy in bulk when the prices are rock bottom.

      I love hearing about a DIY family.

  4. PRECIOUS!!!!!!! (imagine and old, long-lost friend screaming this) I have missed you. I read Frugal Makes Cents religiously up until you took it down. I finally asked Slugmama if she ever heard from you. She gave me your new site. I am do excited. You have helped me so much over so many years. Thank you.

    1. Thank you even though I don't know who you are or I might have an idea.

    2. Interesting that it did not put my name on here. My post name is usually Debtfreedetermined. You were an integral part in helping my family make it through the down turn. Just reading your frugal efforts every day kept me focused. Thank you.

    3. Welcome back! And thank you for your kindness.

  5. Well done on all fronts! I was curious about the laundry egg and dryer balls, so looked them up on Amazon. Do you use the wool dryer balls, or the plastic?

  6. I'm so glad to see that the dryer balls are working so well for you. I have been really busy with a family emergency, new grandbaby, the garden and some fibromyalgia flares that sidelined me so I have not been good about keeping up on reading you wonderful blog. I missed it! :)

    1. Hi Debbie,

      I understand busy. I hope your fibro is better now.