Tuesday, June 13, 2017

May 2017 Expense Report

This is every penny we spent this month for expenses. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in comments.

Groceries                        $ 334.56

Restaurants&Takeout            44.47

Household Maint.                229.41

Gasoline                              52.01

Medical                            1117.16

Clothing                              20.94

Liquor&Beer                      144.94

Netflix                                  9.99

Alarm Monitoring                 30.90

Gas&Electric                      171.75

Cable TV, Int, Telep.           138.20

Vacation                           423.17

AAA -                                 77.00

Gifts                                103.40

Total                            $ 2897.90

Most of the grocery bill was shopping for the stockpile and company. Restaurant and Takeout was for a dinner out and 2 takeouts.

Household maintenance was for items to make a couple of repairs, flowers for the yard, and storage bins for the basement.

Gasoline was high because it included gas for our mini vacation.

Medical was high because we paid our monthly premium, got 5 prescriptions, payed a medical bill, and paid $738. to the dentist. The $ 738. was for cleanings, fluoride treatments, and exams for both of us, X-rays for Hubby and some teeth bonding for me. 

Clothing was for a pair of shorts for me. 

Liquor and beer was to replenish our wine, liquor and beer supply for the summer. We have already entertained some company and we have a lot more coming in the next month.  

We continue to use Netflix to watch movies. The alarm monitoring is for Guardian to protect us and our home.

Gas and Electric was high but it was cold this spring and the heat didn't get turned off until almost June. Cable TV, the internet, and telephone are a necessity in this house. Most of it is our entertainment.

Vacation was the mini vacation that I posted about. This included the cost of the Bed and Breakfast, some meals, and a couple of items we purchased for us. The gasoline for the trip I included in gasoline above.

AAA was for our yearly membership in case our car breaks down. Gifts were for my granddaughter whose birthday is next week.

This was a high month for expenses but with all we have been doing around here, we needed that little vacation. Plus our monthly expenses are always high when we visit the dentist since we have no insurance.

Our income was higher this month than most months for a number of different reasons( including rebates)  so we were able to invest $ 6500. which brings our yearly savings for 2017 to $26,500. Not too shabby for a 5 month total.  I am hoping to invest a hefty amount next month by slashing costs for June. For those that are new here, we continue to save as much as we can in retirement so that we never run out of money. That is our biggest goal but we also want to help pay our granddaughter's private school junior high and high school tuition. There is also a possibility that our grandson will be going to a private school for those same years. So we are making it a priority to help with this huge cost.

I will be back later this week with a post about why we have been so busy the past few weeks and what we have been up to. See you then......


  1. Good morning, yikes on the medical expenses but your grocery total is great.
    We have just been busy here too, I'm ready for some lazy hazy days of summer.

    1. Hi Rhonda,

      Thanks, It has been hot here and we are enjoying it.

  2. How with is you aaa so cheap is it only for one person? Also cable is it a lower plan and who is it with? We are still looking for ways to cut costs on these? Thanks and I really love your blog. Joyce

    1. The AAA is for both of us. We only have one car. I am sure that AAA cost is determined by where you live like everything else. It is the same with Spectrum which also charges according to exactly what programs you subscribe to for the TV, what internet speed you have, and what telephone service. It is very hard to compare rates service to service.

    2. Thanks a lot I will do some more exploring on costs.

  3. Hi AD, this is Chris. I appreciate you sharing your financials with us, I think it gives a good idea of how things will be in retirement for us. I especially try to pay attention to things I didn't think of, like no dental insurance in retirement.

    1. Hi Chris,

      You are welcome. Dental costs are a huge cost for us.But we knew they would be. I have checked out buying dental insurance and the cost is about the same as if I pay out of pocket. I suppose if you have a dentist(are there any left?)that will take the insurance payment as payment in full, you could make out. But there are no dentists around here who do that.

  4. We had AAA for a few years but then we found out our auto insurance policy covers a lot of the same things AAA covered so we dropped AAA. Your grocery amount is very good. I spend $450 per month for just my husband and me which I think is too much. My goal is to get that down to $400 or less. The amount you spent on gasoline is really good too. We were paying over $200 for satellite, internet and phone but made some changes and got our cost down to around $123/month. My husband and I are retired and are constantly trying to find ways to cut costs while still having a good quality of life. I enjoy reading your posts!

    1. Hi olderandwiser,

      Thanks for that tip. I am going to call my insurance company and see if they have anything like that and what they charge for it.

      I think $ 400. to $450. is a fine amount for groceries. You have to remember that I am pretty well stocked especially on meat even though we have been eating from our freezer. When our supply is gone, it will be expensive to replace it. But I will do it a little at a time when I see a rock bottom price. We don't drive a lot unless we go on a trip. Everything we do is pretty much close to home. Plus I am always conscious of not wasting gasoline by running my errands all at once. Good job on lowering the satellite, internet and phone bill. That is a huge savings a year. I am a big believer that you can have a great quality of life without breaking the bank.

  5. I wonder if I'll have the nerve to list all our expenses once Hubs is retired? ;-)

    1. That is totally up to you. I have nothing to hide except our income which I don't feel is anyone's business.