Monday, June 12, 2017

My Only Grocery Haul This Week

We stocked up quite a bit last week because we had Dollar Doublers at Top's. So this week was just a quick shop.

The Diet Coke for Hubby was .63 after store coupon. The shower gel was $1.00 after coupon. The ketchup was $.50 after a $1.50 from Checkout 51. The goldfish were $.99 with store coupon. The Poptarts were free with a store coupon that I won from their Monopoly game.The Rice- A Roni was $.38 after coupon. The ravioli were on B1G1F and after coupon were $ 1.99 for both. 

The M&M's were on B3G3F so I paid $ .57 for all 6 after coupons. The butter was $ 2.49 with a store coupon. The 2 taco seasonings (free after coupons) were a moneymaker after Checkout 51 rebate of $ .55.

The hot dogs were on sale for $ .88 each. And lastly the Hillshire Farms cold cuts were on B2G2F so I paid $ 10.98 for all 4. 

This was not a normal shop for me. I mainly picked up the good deals that will keep for a long time in my stockpile and things that I can use while we have company this summer.

The shower gel, ketchup, rice-a-roni, taco seasonings, and butter will all add to my pantry and freezer stockpile.

The goldfish, ravioli(used for a quick lunch), M&M's (treat for the grandchildren), hot dogs, and cold cuts will be used for company this summer. My grandchildren love hot dogs and the cold cuts will be handy for quick lunches when we have company the beginning of next month. 

Don't judge. I know a lot of this isn't healthy but we eat healthy 99% of the time so I am choosing easy things for lunches and snacks when we are really busy. 

I should post pictures when I get a chance of my stockpile as I am building it if anyone is interested. 

So did are you getting any good deals at the market this week?

I will be back soon with my May Expense Report. I know it is late but if you only knew all that is on our plate right now, you would understand why.


  1. Judging someone's groceries by one photo isn't representative. I've seen your other posts, and you have lots of healthy stuff in there. :-) I had a stern talking to with myself, & I must stop buying goldfish crackers "for the kids". I love the pretzel kind, as well as the sweet ones. They are my nemesis when I'm trying to stay healthy & drop a few pounds.

    I used my $10 grocery coupons (earned from gift card purchases) to buy unusual things for M's birthday cake, as well as stock up on $.99 pasta - typically the cheapest you can find it around here. I should be well stocked on pasta for a few months at least.

    1. Hi Hawaii Planner,

      I love how you used those grocery coupons and the stock up on pasta. Happy Bleated Birthday to M.

  2. Great deals! I'm not going to judge! We all need quick and easy meals especially in the summer when it is so hot, and I know the grandchildren will enjoy the treats.
    Do hope that all the things going on are good things.

  3. Hi AD, this is Chris. I did pretty well with my grocery shopping this week. The thing I was most excited about was Kroger had the big bone-in chicken breasts for .88/lb. We love them cooked on the grill with BBQ sauce. I hope all of your busyness is for good things, and I thought your grocery run this week was good, no judgement from here.

    1. Hi Chris,

      I wish I could find a price like that for those chicken breasts. BBQ chicken sounds delicious to me.

  4. You had some impressive pick ups form the store this week!

  5. HI AD--It's Linda.
    I am also trying to stock up on fast/food/easy things, plus goodies for the grands for this summer. Great minds think alike ? ? :)
    I think we eat healthy about 75% of the time--and with the small backyard garden--we have organic. But--sometimes I also have quick meals/standby for lunches, etc. that aren't the healthiest--but I try.
    You have some great buys there--with savings. We have not had any sales like that, yet, in S. Texas. They will come, and I will be ready.
    96* degrees coming this week---it's going to be hot!

    1. Hi Linda,

      Yup great minds do think alike. LOL!

      I hope you get some great sales soon.

      96 is definitely hot. Stay cool.

  6. Hi AD. This is Debtfreedetermined. I have finally read ALL your posts here and am caught up. Thank you. I have a renewed energy toword frugality. One question: can you walk us through how you and hubby decide how to invest and what to invest in? I know that you don't want to give fund names, but can you walk us through the process? Thanks!

    1. Hi Debtfreedetermined,

      I don't give investing advice especially what to invest in. Sorry. The only I can tell you is we research at Fidelity and Vanguard and then invest in their mutual funds. The process is just looking at the prospectus online for each fund and determining what the managers record is and what companies make up the 10 ten in the mutual fund.