Monday, June 19, 2017

Sunday's Grocery Haul

Thinking that the grocery store would be quiet yesterday, I went to do this week's shopping trip. What a mistake that was. It was packed. But I managed to get it done so that I can concentrate on other things this week.

Some of the items that I purchased at Top's are shown above. I spent $ 53.75 this week getting some of the things that I need stocked for a lot of company within the next two weeks.

The best deals I got are pictured above. They had a wonderful deal on Breyer's ice cream so I stocked my freezer for the summer by buying 5 cartons. They were on sale here for $2.74 each which is a great price. I had a few Top's Monopoly coupons for $1.00 off that I traded for with a friend which made it an even better deal at $ 1.74 each. This will be handy for my granddaughter's visit and when West comes on Sundays.

I purchased 12 Snicker candy bars on B3G3F and after coupons, they cost $ .22 each. I put them in my stockpile for Halloween trick or treat. I always start working the good deals this time of year for candy for that purpose. 

The new Barilla product for 60 second pasta was on our shelves. I decided to try them to see if this was something I should put in my stockpile. I had 4 coupons that made them $.50 each. I actually used one last night and I have to say they are not very good. They also were a funny color after sitting for a few minutes. I will use these up but not buy them again. 

The loaf of Italian bakery bread was Free with a Top's monopoly coupon. I never did go get the click to card free sandwich bread on Saturday. I needed Italian bread for dinner last night so this will suffice for sandwiches or French toast this week.

I purchased 2 bags of Chi Chi's tortilla chips because Hubby loves them with salsa for lunch or a snack. They were $ .90 per bag after doubled coupons.

The last really good deal I got was my rain check for 5 boxes of Very Berry Cheerios. They were $ 2.00 each with the rain check and I had 5 -$ 1.00 off coupons plus they honored 4 Dollar Doubler coupons which cost me $ 1.00 total for all 5 boxes. They also honored the 200 gas points deal that was running the week they were out of stock. We love this cereal for a quick breakfast. 

The rest of my shop for company was tonic for gin and tonics, beer, milk, creamers, potatoes, carrots, lettuce and I stockpiled a deal on Kleenex which we were getting low on. 

I have no intention of setting foot in a grocery store for at least a week. 

I hope all of the Fathers' in your families had a great day yesterday. Both of my son's contacted their Dad which made him very happy.  I surprised Hubby by making him veal parmesan with real veal cutlets for dinner. I served a side of that Barilla pasta with homemade spaghetti sauce, made a tossed salad, and we had Italian bread with butter. The veal was so tender that we could cut it with a fork. I will be buying it again at the meat market we found a couple of weeks ago. I only bought two things there - the veal and a lb. of ground beef. Both were outstanding so next time I will try something else and stock on the veal and ground beef.

Hubby surprised me by bringing in some beautiful rose pink geraniums for our table from our yard. We had some wind yesterday which caused their stems to break so he cut them. 

So I think Hubby had a good day between the boys chatting with him, his nice dinner, and watching some golf.  


  1. Hi AD, this is Chris. Thanks for the heads up on the new Barilla product, we got the coupon also and it is on sale this week, so I will pass on your recommendation. I have plenty of dry pasta. Great deal on the Cheerios and ice cream. Glad your hubby had a good Father's Day, mine did also. Our son came for supper and brought a berry pie he made for dessert. Our daughter, son in law and grand daughter came over also. It was a good day. Hubby also is finally finished with the main part of the deck boards, and has the stairs almost done.

    1. Hi Chris,

      You are welcome. I am happy that you had such a nice celebration. Wow! He has been really working to get that deck done. You will s enjoy it.

  2. You got some great deals! I am so glad your hubby had a nice Father's Day. We had 2 of our sons and their families here along with my cousin for dinner. We also Skyped with our son Josh who lives in Virginia earlier in the day.

    1. Hi Debbie,

      Thanks. So glad to know that you had such a nice celebration.