Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Think Before You Act

Hubby and I have noticed the past few months that two of our home telephones are not working as they should. We have five cordless telephones. We keep one in the basement, one in the kitchen on my desk, one in the office, one in a guest bedroom, and one in our master bedroom. That way we can answer the telephone no matter where we are in the house.

These telephones are V-tech and have served us well. We purchased them when we lived in Arizona and they are about 12 years old. They are well worn and we have probably gotten our monies worth from them.

So the other day Hubby says to me I am going to look for another new set of phones. I let him go do his research knowing that he would have me order them.

Meanwhile I took one of the telephones apart and looked at the rechargeable battery number and got the model number of the telephone. I found a pack of 4 rechargeable batteries for $12.99 at Amazon .  Granted we have 5 telephones but only two are giving us trouble right now. If down the road, we need a fifth I will buy one.

Hubby comes out to me and says I found some new telephones that are AT&T for $110. They are not as nice as ours. If we want ones that are as nice as ours, I found them for $ 159.99 at Staples .  I am sure if we waited for a sale at a brick and mortar store that we could get them cheaper but they would still be about $80.-90. for the AT&T or $140. for the one at Staples.

Then I told him that I was sure ours will be good as new with new rechargeable batteries and that we can have them in 2 days from Amazon for $12.99. He says you are probably right. Since the phones are showing low batteries and cutting us off in the middle of a conversation, it is the batteries that are no longer charging well. He says to me that the telephone packages have really gone up. He says he thinks we paid $89.99 for our set.

So I ordered the new batteries for $12.99 and they will be here tomorrow. The moral of this story is to look at all of your options. Why buy a new phone set when you can fix the problem with new batteries? If we had gone ahead and ordered the phones, we would have spent $147. more than we needed to. So the phones are a little worn, who cares? We certainly don't.  

When something is is need of repair, look at all of your options. Don't just run and replace the item with something new. Most likely there is a better and cheaper way. If not, then at least you did your due diligence by doing all of the research.  

Taking the time to do the research is one of the ways that we have accumulated such a high net worth over our married years. We don't make snap decisions and waste our money. It really pays off in the long run. 


  1. We tried new batteries in our old phones and they didn't work any better. We ended up getting new phones anyway.

  2. Hi Rozy,

    Sorry to hear that you had a problem.