Friday, June 16, 2017

Why It Has Been So Crazy Around Here

First, in order for you to understand, I have to tell you a little about me. I will be 70 this year and I am not moving as fast as I was even 2 years ago. Part of the reason has been that I have been sleep deprived for a few years due to a stomach issue that all the doctors kept misdiagnosing. They put me on every protonics and treament known to man and nothing helped. I had every test they make. All were negative. I gave up and decided that I would just have to live with it.  After four years of pain, the stomach problem just one day a few months ago went away. Why? Who knows. All I know for sure is the pain is gone and I am feeling like my old self again. I am so grateful for that!

So then it was time to work on the sleep problem. I was to the point where I was only sleeping 4 hours a night. That turned into falling asleep from exhaustion about 8pm and waking up at midnight and staying up all night. Repeating itself day after day.  I was always living life like I was in a fog. So I had to find a way to turn that around. I made myself stay up until 11pm every night and never took a nap during the day. I wouldn't even lay down for fear that I would fall asleep. Finally I started sleeping 11pm until 6 or 7am. That made me feel so much better than I had in years. I am starting to feel like 50 not 70 again.

With this renewed energy came lots of projects. We have hosted many people at our home in the past couple of months. We took our mini vacation. We have also done some sightseeing in our area which I used to always enjoy.  

Then I decided to reorganize the basement which I am almost done with. That was a lot of work. We got rid of anything that we knew we would never use or just didn't want. Every container got labeled with the contents.

I reorganized my pantry due to shelves buckling. Hubby and I have picked our steel shelving out and have added it to our to do list. When we get the shelving, we will have to transfer everything. 

We also reorganized and cleaned the garage really well from the filth and salt of the winter.

Next I went through every nook and cranny in our home and donated or threw out anything that we haven't used. I organized what was left so that both Hubby and I can now find things. Having Hubby know how to find things and put them back in their place has taken a huge burden from me.  

In the middle of all of this, I was on jury duty for three weeks. When it was over, I was even more exhausted. I had to recover from that. 

The past number of weeks I have felt well enough to go over our entire portfolio with Hubby and do some buying and selling to put us in a position that we are more comfortable with. We sold some property in another state and that was time consuming dealing with a buyer and lawyers there. Once that was taken care of, we leased some other property for four years which produces income for us. 

We also took some cash that we had been holding in a money market account and purchased more index funds. Then we looked over every fund and investment we own and decided to sell some and invest in others. All of the researching for this was very time consuming!

Next my son was in a car accident and that really upset me. I was happy when he bought a Ford Transit Van with 6 bucket seats to replace it. It's huge and will hopefully protect my son, DIL, and grandson when they are in it. 

Hubby and I are getting ready to do some painting of the front door and some porch painting. We have picked out the color and gotten the paint. We are waiting for a free dry day to do it. Meanwhile, Hubby pressure washed the entire outside of our home. It wasn't easy for him but he is stubborn and he did it.

Yesterday, the landscapers came and not only did the monthly weeding, trimming, etc., but they planted 5 new bushes that we had ordered and 6 new flowering perennial plants. That took most of our morning watching them and agreeing to placement of all of these things.

Our cherry tree is producing fruit that is almost ripe. It is loaded with cherries this year. So we will have to climb a ladder to pick them when they are ready. I see lots of pies in our future. 

My granddaughter is coming very soon to stay with us. We are so looking forward to her stay and we have loads of things that she wants to do planned. They include a hair salon day for Grandma and Granddaughter which will be loads of fun. She is old enough now to bake with me too. She loves all kinds of animals so I can't wait for her to see the baby bunnies that have taken up residence under our shed. They are so tiny and come out to eat and play a few times a day.

Then our entire immediate family will be here for a celebration.  It is going to be wonderful. I will tell you all about that after it happens. 

So we have been extremely busy and the blog posts had to take a back seat for a while. I am an organized person but as I age I need to concentrate on one thing at a time. And when I dive into any project I have to focus 100% of my time on it.

Even meals during those times become very simple. I don't have the time to make fancy food so rather than purchase food out, I just go simple. I will make things like hamburgers on the grill and we will load them up with cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes. That is our meal! Or Hubby will make a taco salad or Chef's salad like he did last night. We love different salads and will eat lots of them once the local produce is in season here.

We already have two invitations to parties this summer which are always fun. Plus my grandson wants to come and stay for a week in August. So you can see that our summer is going to be very, very busy.

Besides all of this I am making the arrangements with my son for my trip with them to Disney World in January. They have booked their timeshare at the resort at Boardwalk. I am so excited because of the restaurants and shopping that are right there. Plus we can easily get to Hollywood Studios and Epcot without driving. I should also update you on how my savings from rebates has helped me accumulate Disney gift cards to use for these things. I now have  accumulated $ 500. in gift cards. I will continue to save the rebates and buy the cards until we go.

Does all of this make your head spin? Well, it does mine. So hopefully you understand when I am absent. When I can fit it in to my schedule, I will blog. Blogging is a passion of mine among other things. So when I disappear for a few days at a time, it is because I am really busy or really tired. That will occur next when my grandchildren, sons, and DIL's are here to stay which will be soon. But know that I will be back blogging as soon as I can.

I hope all of you have a fun and productive weekend.
Enjoy your families because that is what life is all about. We will have a quiet one just enjoying the beautiful weather here at home.


  1. So glad that you are feeling better with no pain, and I'm glad that you are sleeping better too. Sounds like you have been busy with some fun things and getting organized. Hope that you have a great weekend and Happy Fathers day to your hubby

    1. Hi Kathy,

      Thanks so much Kathy. Happy Fathers Day to your Hubby too.

  2. Hello friend,
    Yes you have had a lot on your plate. I have also had trouble sleeping for months. What seems to of helped me is I'm walking on the treadmill an hour every day and we bought and adjustable bed so I can sleep with my head elevated and my husband can elevate his knees. It was expensive but it was one of those things that was worth it.
    I'm glad your son is ok after the accident and bought a bigger vehicle. We had an accident about 2.years ago and our brand new little car wash totaled. I am fine now but was in awful pain for 2 months. My brother was just sitting at a stoplight when a stolen car crashed into him. He's fine too but was all drive bigger, more protective vehicles now.
    Hope you have a wonderful visit with your granddaughter. I know you love her so much.

    1. Hi Rhonda,

      I often wondered about an adjustable bed. Thank you for sharing. We have a sleep number bed which is very comfortable and we each can do our own comfortable sleep number. But perhaps it is time for a change.

      So sorry that you and your family were in accidents too. I am glad that you are no longer in pain. I never really worried about the small cars until his accident. It certainly does change your perspective.
      My son and DIL were all about fuel efficiency until the accident.

      My granddaughter and grandson are the biggest joys of our life. Of course you understand that well being such a great Grandma.

  3. You have been busy! I am so glad that your stomach problems have gone away, what a blessing that is. :) As for sleep problems, I have then too and am trying to work on finding a way to get into a more regular routine, which can be very difficult since I have both Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.

    I am smiling as I read about your grandkids coming to stay with you. You will have so much fun with them! My own children are grow and 2 of my sons have families of their own now. I am blessed to live close to them, so I get lots of time with my grandkids. One of the things that I have loved watching is the close relationship that my children share with my parents. They would spend a week with them at a time during the Summer growing up and we would try to spend as much time together as a family as possible also. As my kids became adults, they made sure to still go and spend time with my parents and now the 2 that are married also take their families and my unmarried son will fly into the airport near them when he is on leave and spend some time there before we go over and pick him up so he can also have some time here with the rest of the family.

    1. Hi Debbie,

      CFS and Fibromyalgia are tough to deal with. My Sister has Fibro and she has some really bad days. I hope you get into a regular sleep pattern.

      Your children are so lucky to have grandparents that they care about. I think it is so wonderful when families are close.
      Enjoy all of those grandchildren.

  4. Hi AD, this is Chris. I really feel you on the sleeping, since my illness I have trouble also and only have relief when I take some OTC meds. I try not to do it every night.

    I am so happy for you that your stomach issues are better and especially that your grand daughter is coming soon for a visit. I know how much you love spending time with her and your grandson. It is the best, isn't it?

    1. Hi Chris,

      I hear you on the OTC meds. I don't like taking them either.

      It is the best.