Thursday, July 20, 2017

A Busy Day

Today I am doing odds and ends. Things like cleaning all the mud off my shoes that I got taking my granddaughter to camp. I scrubbed them and then gave them a good coat of polish.

Hubby and I both had check ups with our primary today. All is well. I love my doctor though. The first thing he says to us when he comes in the room is, "Hi Kids!  How are you doing?" It made our day.

Right now we are staying put because there are severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings. Lots of trees and power down south of us. So far we have just gotten some rain and rumblings of thunder. They are now saying there is a tornado on the ground south of us on the news. I hope people took shelter in their basements or interior bathrooms.

Since I have challenged myself to make all baked goods from scratch, I made homemade cranberry orange muffins a few minutes ago. The recipe made 18. Since I only have one muffin tin, I used 6 silicone muffin cups on a flat pan. It worked well. They smell so good. They will be used for snacks and for breakfasts. I had cranberries in my freezer that I froze last November. I think I have enough to last until this November. In August, I will be concentrating on freezing blueberries for pancakes and muffins for the coming year.

Hubby and I will have hot dogs for dinner tonight. We don't have them very often because I don't really like them. But we are trying to use up everything in our freezers, so I pulled them out today. If the weather clears, we will grill them outside.

I just threw a load of towels in the HE washer and will dry them in the dryer using the wool balls. 

Other than those things, I am just going to relax the rest of the afternoon. I was so busy for 3 and 1/2 weeks that it feels good to just do nothing.

I hope you are all having a great day!     

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Never Say Never

I hadn't planned on shopping again this week but I was not passing up this cheap deal. On the way to an appointment yesterday, I stopped at a brand new Dollar General that just opened. They had Dial Body Wash for $2.00 each. I used 2 - $3.00 off 2 printable coupons and paid $.50 each for them plus tax.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Monday's Happenings and Hubby's Surprise

Before I tell you all that I did on Monday, I want to tell you how Hubby surprised me when I came home from Albany.

Our shower in our master bathroom was not sealed properly(by my standards) when we purchased this house. They used cheap caulk. We knew at one point or another we would have to redo it. So while I was away, Hubby stripped the shower of all caulk and replaced it with a good quality microban caulk. Then when that was dry, he steam cleaned every tile in the shower along with the floor. 

Our shower looks better than the day we moved in our home over 7 years ago. To keep it that way, we are using Method Daily Shower Spray whenever we take showers. Also Hubby figures that he will steam clean it twice a year. The steam cleaner we own is not a particularly easy one to use and it was slow to heat and had to be refilled constantly. It took Hubby 3 days to steam the shower. So I am keeping my eye on the prices on this one: Steam Cleaner . It will make it much easier for Hubby when I purchase it.

Yesterday, I unpacked my last suitcase and threw all of my laundry in the washing machine. I dried it in the HE using the dryer balls. It was then hung or folded and put away. So all clothing is now clean.

I made us sunny side up eggs and bacon for breakfast. After the dishes were done, I ran the dishwasher on the energy saving cycle.

Then I got showered and dressed for the day. After making my grocery list, I went to Top's to get a few things that were on sale and that we needed.

Whole roasting chickens were on sale at the cheapest price that I have seen since we moved here. They were $ .68 a lb. so I bought two. We needed hot dog rolls($.79) and the 18 ct. large eggs were $ .99. Three lbs. of onions and 5 lbs. of potatoes were $ 1.99 each. I was totally out of them. The orange juice was $ 1.00. I only needed a little to make homemade cranberry orange muffins. 

Hubby loves peanut butter and raspberry jam on crackers. We were out of the jam so I got 2 jars of Smuckers at $2.99 each. Hubby also had no creamer left so I paid full price for two Baileys Irish Cream at $3.79 each. He also had finished the apple jacks cereal so I purchased the Top's brand for $1.99. And lastly the Washington State cherries were on sale for $ 1.99 a lb. which is a great price here so I bought a bag. I also purchased 4-12 packs of Diet Coke for Hubby on a B2G2F sale. My total grocery bill for the week was $57.20. I will not be shopping again until next week and only if we need something.

My loafers came home in a plastic bag from Albany. The reason being that one day that I took my granddaughter to camp it had poured rain overnight and I had to walk up the hill from the parking area. I sunk in the mud. So I spent about an hour cleaning them and polishing them. They are my favorite shoes. 

Lunch was assorted cheeses on crackers. We had so much food leftover from the spread the kids put out for our anniversary that we are still enjoying it. Hubby never had to cook the entire week that I was away. 

Then it was time to write some bills. My son and DIL purchased my airplane tickets and 7 day hopper pass for Disney in January. So I sent them a check for $ 804. for those and a check for their anniversary which is this Thursday. I am hoping they will use it for a nice dinner out.  

Hubby was saying that he thought he would need his Green Mountain Decaf K cups soon. So I checked and they will be shipped on subscribe and save in mid August. I counted what he has left and he has plenty until then.

About 1PM, I loaded the crockpot. I put in two very large chicken breasts, an envelope of Lipton onion soup mix, and 2 cans of cream of chicken soup. I cooked it on high for 4 hours and it was just perfectly cooked but very moist and tender. I grabbed an envelope of Idahoan mashed potatoes and made those and cooked up some green beans as sides. It was so delicious that Hubby kept raving about it. We only ate a 1/2 of a breast each so there is plenty for dinner tomorrow night. I love getting two meals out of one cooking session.

After dinner dishes were done, Hubby and I relaxed with our after dinner coffee outside in our front yard sitting area. The baby boy next door came over to visit with his Mom and Dad.  He was walking unassisted in his flip flops through our grass. He just turned 9 months old a week ago and has been walking for 3 weeks. I have never in all of my years seen a baby so young walk. He is just adorable and has a beautiful smile. 
I went to bed early and could not sleep so I am posting this. Hopefully now I can get to sleep.

Monday, July 17, 2017

June Expense Report

This is every penny that we spent in June 2017. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in comments.

Groceries                   $  467.81
Restaurant-Takeout        201.14 
Household Goods           189.27
Gasoline                        101.30
Medical                          540.10
Beer                                11.87
Netflix                               9.99 
Alarm Monitoring              30.90
Gas & Electric                 135.33
CableTV,Int. Tel.              138.20
Gifts                               124.94 
Entertainment                 146.00
Personal Care                    78.07
Yard Maintenance             390.00
Water & Sewer                   47.37

Total Expenses             $ 2612.29

Groceries were high this month because we had lots of company eat this us and stay with us.

Restaurant and Take Out was a meal for us and some outings while my granddaughter was here.

Household Goods was 2 toner cartridges for our printer which are cheaper when you buy them in 2's. We also purchased batteries for the cellphones and other items, car mirrors and a massager, etc.

Gasoline was high because of our trip to Albany for my granddaughter's birthday and some day outings with her while she was here.

Medical was health insurance, prescriptions and some co-pays for doctor appointments.

The gas and electric bill was very low considering we used both heat and A/C during that period.

Entertainment was for outings with my granddaughter such as the zoo and aquarium.

Personal care was my haircut and some body wash, floss and toothpaste.

Yard Maintenance is a monthly cost during the summer.

Water and sewer was low and is billed quarterly.

Considering all the extra people we fed and took care of, we were happy with these expenses.  

But the best part is that we were able to save and invest $7500. this month due to higher quarterly income. So we have now saved and $ 34,000. in 6 months for the year. We are very happy with this total.

I hope to have the July expense report out on time now that I am home. 

Although I am very tired from helping out in Albany last week, it feels good to be back blogging.    

Saturday, July 15, 2017

This is the First Opportunity that I have had to Post

Sorry that I haven't had a chance to write. It has been a very busy week starting last Saturday with our 50th anniversary celebration which was a huge surprise. My children had the best day planned for Hubby and I.

It started at 9 in the morning when everyone was at our home. We left for Canalside in Buffalo where we went for a ride on a Pirate Sailboat which the grandchildren and all of us enjoyed immensely.  Being out on the water on such a beautiful sunny day for a couple of hours was just perfect. 

Then we went back to our home where my children put out quite a buffet of cheeses, crackers, chips, dips, veggie platters, meats, fruits, etc. They had also brought a variety of alcoholic refreshments. Since they had rented a stretch limo service for the day we didn't have to worry about having a drink. No one had to drive.

Originally they had hired a photographer to come in the afternoon and do a family portrait of us. However they cancelled the photographer when my DIL got sick. Everyone wanted her to be in the portrait so that is postponed until later this year when she has recovered and we can all gather at our home again.

So we just enjoyed each other's company until it was time to dress for dinner at our favorite restaurant,
Russell's . We enjoyed everything from drinks, appetizers, entrees, to desserts. Hubby and I had delicious filet mignons and lobster tails. This is a five star restaurant where the food is top-notch, the waiters and service people are in tuxedos and they give superb service. No detail is left undone. If you go to the restroom, they fold your napkin for you. My children knew how much we love going there and made sure we enjoyed it on our 50th.

After dinner the limo driver took us on a wonderful sightseeing tour of Buffalo and then to Niagara Falls.
Hubby and I spent part of our honeymoon there. When we got home, we finished the evening off doing sparklers outside on one of our patios. Some of the neighbors stopped by having seen the limo and wished us a Happy Anniversary. It was a wonderful day that Hubby and I will always cherish. Spending time with family is just the best! And my sons and DIL's planning and paying for our celebration was just wonderful. We thank them with all our heart.
The next morning I rode with my son and granddaughter back to their home near Albany. I have been here ever since taking my granddaughter to camp in the Helderberg Mountains every day all week, cooking meals, doing dishes, grocery shopping, and taking care of my DIL while she recovers. We are planning a yummy take out dinner tonight which will be my last night here. My son will drive me to Syracuse in the morning where my other son will pick me up and drive me the rest of the way home near Buffalo. I so miss Hubby and can't wait to get back to him.

I hope to be back posting regularly on Monday or Tuesday. I have missed it. I might even post some pictures from last Saturday for you to see but only for a couple of hours since my family likes their privacy. Hopefully I can post the July expense report this week too. Until then.....

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Thanks To All of You and a Celebration

My daughter in law finally got to the operating room at 6:15PM last night(Friday). Her surgery and the recovery room took a little over 4 hours.

We got great news and I know that all of your prayers helped. Her oncology team were very concerned that she had ovarian cancer. All of her tests showed numbers in the thousands instead of the 0-20 that they should have shown.

Her initial biopsy tonight shows no cancer. She had what they believe is a pre-cancerous tumor which they have removed. Further testing will take 2 weeks but they are very optimistic and so are we.

I have been so stressed for two weeks worrying about her and trying not to let my granddaughter see any worry.

My daughter in law is ecstatic over the news. They are keeping her overnight and perhaps until Sunday because of the surgery. She kicked my son out of her room about 11PM and told him to head here. Her sister is by her side. 

He never would have left right now but he knows she is great and the news is good. 

Today is our 50th Wedding Anniversary!  And he and his brother have planned a celebration for us here. So we will be partying with them, my other DIL, and my two grandchildren. We feel bad that my DIL can't be here but her health comes first. I will see her  tomorrow(Sunday) when I go back to their home with my son and granddaughter for a week or so.

My son is on his way so I had better get a couple of hours of sleep. I have set an alarm to wake me up around 3AM to let him in the house.

Just wanted to say thank you to all of you who prayed for my daughter in law. I am very appreciative.   

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Random Thoughts

I am sitting here enjoying a cup of coffee and so many random thoughts are racing through my head.

I am praying and thinking about my DIL who will be operated on tomorrow and who can't join us on Saturday. Please Lord let everything turn out well for her. 

I am wondering if the baby bunny will come out so that my granddaughter can watch him this morning. She has really enjoyed doing that.

I am pondering making homemade apple cinnamon waffles with 100% pure maple syrup for breakfast. My granddaughter loves them.

I plan on cutting up a 2 lb. container of fresh strawberries so that we have fresh fruit for the rest of the week and weekend. 

I have to sit down and make a grocery list of things that Hubby will want while I am helping my family next week. Then I have to find some time to actually grocery shop.

I have to pick up the house, vacuum and dust, clean and sanitize the kitchen and bathrooms really well. Everyone will be here for a celebration on Saturday. I also have to make sure the guest room is all set for company.

I was told this past weekend not to lift a finger to get snacks, alcohol, or anything else in for the celebration because it is all being taken care of. However I am going to make sure that we have paper plates and plastic cups for snacks and beverages so that I don't have to wash any dishes later on. So they are going on my grocery list.

We had sparklers on July 4th and we just laid the ends down on our pavers in our seating area out front. We did not want to put them in the garbage that night for fear of starting a fire. We were so busy yesterday that I forgot to clean them up so that is on the agenda for today.

All of the laundry needs to be done so that I can pack mostly clean clothes in my granddaughter's luggage for the trip, clean clothes to take away with me for a week, and I want to leave clean clothes for Hubby.

I need to make sure that our clothing for the celebration is clean and ironed. That includes my granddaughter's outfit. 

My granddaughter and I have a morning at the salon tomorrow to get our hair done for Saturday. Then I am going to surprise her and take her to lunch. Today, I have to find some bows for her hair.

I think I will serve leftover pizza or fried chicken for dinner tonight. That will be easy after a busy day.

I am late posting the June expense report but it is just going to have to wait.

So many things racing through my head and I am sure more will. It's just been really busy around here with so many things to accomplish including so many day trips of enjoyment for our granddaughter.

When I get back from Eastern New York, I will be exhausted and happy to just sit and write this blog. Until then..................

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

How I Buy My K-cups

We have a Keurig K- cup machine. It is one of the  luxuries that we enjoy. We only make one cup of coffee a day for each of us. Sometimes I have 2 or a cup of tea but that is rare. Most of my liquid refreshment is tap water.

This works for us because Hubby drinks decaf and I drink regular. I watch for good deals online for bulk purchases. Most of the time we order our K-cups from Amazon or buy them at BJ's warehouse club. However BJ's usually does not have the best price unless they are getting rid of a particular brand on clearance. When that happens, I will buy a lot. Amazon has the lowest price on Hubby's decaf. 

But on June 30th I ordered 3 boxes of the above pictured coffee from Walmart. I rarely order from Walmart. However I had a cup of this coffee at a friend's home. I loved it. She told me that she buys it all of the time from Walmart online. So I ordered 3 of the 48 count boxes. Shipping was free and they said it would arrive today via Fed Ex which it did.

I paid $ 14.98 for each box for a total of $ 44.94 or about $32. a K-cup. However I ordered them on June 30th while Ebates was paying 15% cash back for an order at Walmart. So I am getting $ 4.49 cash back which brought my total down to $ 40.45 or $ .28 a K-cup. This was definitely a great buy price for me.

For those of you who buy K-cups, I would love to know how you save money on this purchase. Please feel free to leave a comment and share with all of us.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy Fourth of July

Image result for free flag pic

I hope you all have a fun and safe Fourth of July celebration. We are looking forward to spending today with our granddaughter and my son and West.

My son, his wife, and West just returned last night from a 3 week vacation to China, Hong Kong and Japan where they went sightseeing and visited all three Disney Parks. We missed them but they are coming to spend part of today with us so we are looking forward to hearing all about their trip.

We have been extremely busy taking our granddaughter to places like the zoo and aquarium,  to the yogurt place, and Five Guys. The rest of the time it seems is taken up with washing and braiding her waist length hair, cooking meals, doing dishes, grocery shopping, laundry, playing Monopoly and Uno, etc.

To update you, My DIL is having surgery on this coming Friday. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I will be going to the Eastern part of the state on Sunday with my granddaughter to take care of her next week and my DIL while my son works. He just started a new job so it is tough to take time off. Hubby will keep the home fires burning here. I do not know when I will be returning but when I do I will be back blogging. I miss all of you.