Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy Fourth of July

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I hope you all have a fun and safe Fourth of July celebration. We are looking forward to spending today with our granddaughter and my son and West.

My son, his wife, and West just returned last night from a 3 week vacation to China, Hong Kong and Japan where they went sightseeing and visited all three Disney Parks. We missed them but they are coming to spend part of today with us so we are looking forward to hearing all about their trip.

We have been extremely busy taking our granddaughter to places like the zoo and aquarium,  to the yogurt place, and Five Guys. The rest of the time it seems is taken up with washing and braiding her waist length hair, cooking meals, doing dishes, grocery shopping, laundry, playing Monopoly and Uno, etc.

To update you, My DIL is having surgery on this coming Friday. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I will be going to the Eastern part of the state on Sunday with my granddaughter to take care of her next week and my DIL while my son works. He just started a new job so it is tough to take time off. Hubby will keep the home fires burning here. I do not know when I will be returning but when I do I will be back blogging. I miss all of you.


  1. Sending good thoughts to your DIL, and for all of you as you step in to help out the family. Enjoy the 4th of July!

  2. OH, AD, I've had you in my thoughts and prayers. Prayers for D-I-L.

  3. Hi AD, this is Chris. We got home safely from our trip, and had a good time, but not sure we would go back to Las Vegas unless there was a good reason to. So glad you have been able to have some fun with your grand daughter. Thanks for the update on your daughter in law. I have been praying for her and will continue. I am sorry she has to have surgery, but hope that will be what she needs to get well again. It is a real blessing you can go and help afterwards. My mother in law is a retired nurse, and she came for a week to help us when I had my illness, and I was so glad she was there to help me. I know your daughter in law will feel the same. Please update us when you can. I miss you, but will be here when you are able to be back writing again.

    1. Hi Chris,

      So glad you got home from Las Vegas safely. I was in Vegas once and once was enough for me to see it too.

      Thank you for the prayers. I will be back as soon as I can. I am so busy and so exhausted but you do what you have to for family.

  4. I'll keep your DIL in my thoughts and prayers.